Saturday, 10/2/10, Public Square


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  1. wicked

    Wouldn’t it be nice to have a day with no news? Not bad news. Not even good news. Just no news.

    I keep thinking it’ll be better after the elections. That sounds reasonable. The problem is, I’m old enough now to know it won’t be.

    Honestly, I think I liked life better before I cared.

  2. Since I learned even what is considered ‘reasonable’ is different depending on who you ask, I’ve gotten better. I used to seek diversity of opinions and still enjoy any person capable of expressing themselves with civility and curiosity. Those who’ve made up their mind and either demean me because I don’t agree or seem determined to tell me what I think aren’t worth my time. The big difference is they are so easy to ignore today and that’s new for me, also very comforting.

  3. Remember my good friend, Gaye? Some of you met her at my house. She, Griffin and I went out Thursday evening for less than three hours. While we were gone someone broke into her house and stole her computer (a laptop). She is a widow, works really hard, is forced to be very frugal, has little but certainly doesn’t complain. Someone thought they should have her computer. It hurts and makes me angry and sad.

    • tosmarttobegop

      Me too, while a jailer I recognized someone who had came to the home to look at my mother’s car that she was selling. He was in jail for doing just that but when he would take the car for a test drive he would take it to a salvage and sell the car for scrape.

      He made a statement that people who leave their keys in their car was asking for it to be stolen.
      I did not respond kindly and to be honest less then how I was allowed to.

      Ahh without details, he ended up answering me through stifled breath he understood what I was saying.

    • wicked

      I am so sorry to hear Gaye’s house was broken into and her laptop taken. There’s too much scum-of-the-earth out there. Wish I had an extra I could give her. 😦

    • These situations are the only time I question karma. Where does ‘what goes around comes around’ come in? But, ya know what Gaye said? Well, I won’t have a need for internet so that’s one less bill to pay. And I’ll visit with a neighbor, call a friend, take a walk, keep the house and yard tidier with the extra time.

  4. Out of curiosity I tuned into MSNBC to see if there was coverage of the ONE NATION RALLY. Yes, they were covering the rally. It looks like an average crowd, certainly not a bazillion like turn out for tea party rallies. 🙂 The crowd appears to be made up of everyone who isn’t old and white, although even a few old white people were spotted.

    It’s the rally in late October I want to see! I really want to be there, riding the bus from New York to DC, but I’ll watch from home instead. Maybe pout a little bit…

  5. Nearly 3,000 Millionaires Collected Unemployment In 2008, IRS Data Show

    After the economy slipped into recession in 2008, millions of Americans received unemployment benefits to make ends meet — including almost 3,000 millionaires.

    • wicked

      As many said in the comments to the article, if the millionaires paid in, they have the right to receive those benefits.

      Many people topped out on the amount they could receive each month. Those people who made good wages and had paid in for some time without touching their benefits reached the limit. Somehow I’d think it would be the same for the “millionaires.” I also doubt it would pay even a fraction of the mortgage for those who owned 2 or 3 houses, but, hey, what do I know?

      While I understand they earned that money, unless it was really necessary to collect those benefits, I would have to ask why they did. I’m not saying they shouldn’t get them. If they qualified, they qualified. I’m just curious.

      • A few comments about unemployment “insurance”. The employer, not the employee, pays the tax. In Kansas, the tax is imposed on the first $8,000 of annual compensation. Federal, the 0.8% tax is imposed upon the first $7,000 annual compensation.

        If the individual meets the requirements to receive unemployment compensation, then s/he may receive it. I don’t know any more what the maximum is, but it strikes me it is a percentage of the weekly wage, capped at some amount as the maximum (less than $400/week, IIRC).

        Failure of a covered individual to draw UE compensation does not affect the amount to be received by anyone else. True, if a sufficient number of unemployed don’t draw, then the fund lasts longer, but no one gets more or less because a certain individual or group of individuals elect to not apply for benefits.

      • wicked

        My bad about the terms I used, 6176. I seem to recall that it’s figured on earnings during a determined number of quarters in a given time period, which is why I used the poorly chosen term of “paid in.” Hey, math is involved and my eyes start crossing, along with my brain.

        Ten years ago the cap was just over $400. I think it’s $480 now, but that would include the extra Obama had kicked in.

    • tosmarttobegop

      I have talked about my friend and the situation he grew up in.

      Another piece is during those times I read in the paper about Engineers at Boeing who were collecting food stamps and working full time. It was about the first time I came to realized that life is not fair.

      a pretty big thing to realize at fifteen and just about to start out in life in a few years.

  6. I’m sure you’ve all heard the recent news in Wichita. I’m nervous, Griffin seems not to be. I need to follow his excellent example and not worry about what I can’t do a damn thing about. There may be plenty to worry about in the future…

    • tosmarttobegop

      Am I guessing right its about Beech? Some idiot made a comment about go ahead and let these big plants go somewhere else. Since it is the small businesses that employ the majority of the people!

      We went to Lynwood park this afternoon with the grandsons.

      I went to one of the larger shelter houses and there were two homeless men sleeping on the benches in the sun. Both appeared to be in the twenties and relative clean, seemed fit but still sleeping in a public park shelter.
      One noticed me and nodded hello, I nodded back and we both smiled.

      The economy is not just about guys like me being old enough that the jobs are not there for.
      It reaches down through out the entire age and education levels.