This is The President, This is the President Conservatives See


Any Questions??


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10 responses to “This is The President, This is the President Conservatives See

  1. paulasayles

    Got that second picture from The Fright Catalog. It is a new mask this year called Barackula.

    I thought it was pretty awesome. Maybe y’all could REALLY spook some folks down your way with that one!!

  2. tosmarttobegop

    I have been thinking about it, what is it that is the route cause of what I am really noticing now.
    It could be I am getting older or that I simple got more interested but the mental delusions that come out when its a Democratic President.

    Seriously looking back to those days I was caught up in it during the Clinton administration.
    How the accusations were so baseless and had no real facts to back them up yet the unthinking willingness to accept them by me.

    When the reality was that they were just as outlandish as the current one of President Obama being foreign born and a Moslem. I wonder if there ever has been a thought of serious study of the mental phenomena that seems to take over the Republicans when a Democrat is elected President.

    It rivals the Salem witch hunts in the delusions and paranoia, the willingness to accept as reality the outlandish and base-less totally mindless without a responsible thought to the processing of heard information.

    • paulasayles

      The longer I live the more I realize that we are all subject to our own reality a lot of the time. So many people are denial about things that are obvious to everyone around them. Yet they refuse to see whatever it is because they can’t handle it for whatever reason. The reason is usually a fear-based one.

      The longer I live the more I realize that fear is the root of all that is bad in society, government, community, religion, etc. The fears that we buy into and the fears that we create for ourselves cause us to look at things from a warped perspective. It’s too bad that we can’t all take a class in how to control our fear so that we could put fear aside and stop letting it control so much of what we do, individually, in our communities and as a society.

      I think that you can tell a good person from a bad one by whether they are trying to motivate you with fear or with security and confidence. But you have to step outside the fear long enough to recognize fear when you see it. That’s a tough one these days.

  3. Remembering how I reacted to bush the lesser has helped me understand. If it was rumored he was doing something I disapproved of, I made that a fact! I really truly hated that man and everything he stood for and fed that hate. I lived every day in fear of what he would do next and looked at the worst-case scenario as probable.

    What a crazy way to live.

    Thankfully, now that I see from the outside how crazy that is, I hope I never again live that way. It’s like a heavy burden has been lifted from my shoulders to realize the world keeps spinning, what I disapprove of someone else approves, what I prefer is another person’s worst nightmare… Life feels better when perspective is gained. Life lived in fear is crippling. So even if I should be afraid, I refuse to allow politicians to have that effect on me. 😉

    • paulasayles

      I do see some truth to what you are saying, fnord. When it came to Bush, I was the same way for awhile; kind of knee-jerk. But you know when I became truly repulsed by Bush and all his cronies is when I stopped listening to other people and started doing some research on my own about what was really happening. Sometimes there is a reason to be afraid (although I have a dangerous tendency to get angry instead of frightened sometimes); the people who courted Bush the lesser and brought him to the stage, the people who fought, cheated, bribed, lied and twisted laws to get him seated as President, are people with malicious intent. They accomplished most of the things that they set out to do and we are now living with the consequences of that. And those people are continuing to use the propaganda machine to consolidate their wealth and power to the detriment of our nation, its people and the way of life that our forefathers fought and died to provide for us. But I am not afraid of them, I am just freaking angry as hell.

  4. tosmarttobegop

    In a sense those feelings and thoughts can be used as a tool to get away with things.
    If what you are doing is so big and so bad that it can not be hidden from plain view.
    You know it will come out no matter what you do to conceal it.

    Then you let your worst enemy be the one to reveal it!

    Those who are your ally will dismiss it as spin and nothing more the your enemy is once again lying about you.

    Even those who ally with your enemy will not take it as seriously as it is.
    They too will be of the mind that it is more than likely your enemy distorting it.

    To give an example, if you heard from Jay that Paul is really a child molester.
    How much weight would you put into it? Wouldn’t there be at least a suspension in your mind of how truthful it was?

  5. Zippy

    This is the president too:
    “It is inexcusable for any Democrat or progressive right now to stand on the sidelines,” the president declared in a Rolling Stone magazine interview. He said that supposed supporters who are “sitting on their hands complaining” are irresponsible because the consequences of Republican congressional victories could be dashed Democratic plans.

    And he’s absolutely right. If we’re bummed by the current circumstances, sitting back and letting the architects of our disaster take over again is unacceptable.

    And when you consider that only the real popular voice–as opposed to the nutfringe amplified with corporate cash–will keep it from happening, we gotta keep the pressure on.

    (Yeah, that includes me. I wrote Gabby not ago urging a vote on the tax cuts before the election, and generally arguing against the selfish arguments disguised as “patriotism”)

  6. Zippy

    P.S. Aravosis and Kos are missing the point. It’s not about him. And we’re not compelled to support any candidate in particular.

    But these nutjobs are far more dangerous than the standard corporate Democrat. The bottom line, either we try to save this country, or we don’t.

    Pretending we can take our football and go home is not an option.