Sunday, 9/26/10, Public Square

Music is the only language in which you cannot say a mean or sarcastic thing.
– John Erskine


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  1. tosmarttobegop

    With today the preacher who has been accused of grooming boys to have sex with him once they become of age. He is said to be addressing the claims at his church, I keep coming back to something that was said by an attorney defending Crag when the news broke of the Men’s room arrest.

    “Just because two men decided to have sex does not mean they are Gay!”

  2. Very true.

    Gay, the attraction to same sex, is a normal state.

    Need of / using power to subdue (there’s probably a name for this, but I can’t think of it right now), pedophilia… are not normal, but aberrations. Those aberrations would be found among all sexual persuasions probably in approx. the same percentages.

  3. prairie pond

    “Need of / using power to subdue”

    Sometimes it’s called rape.

  4. It looks like the US Govt is coming after the Socialists, my friends.

    If that is so and our conservative friends are correct, how long before they kick down the door to the White House?

      • I don’t think we’re in America anymore, Toto. (At least not the one that I was taught to love)

        Add to this the story that I saw this morning on Yahoo about the bill that the Obama administration is trying to get introduced in order to make it easier to spy on people on the Internet and the situation becomes even more serious.

        The funny thing is that every day we become more and more like the country I was taught to despise–Russia. We were taught that Russia spied on its people and secret police kidnapped them off the street and subjected them to harsh interrogations and that they had no freedoms. It is sounding very familiar.

  5. prairie pond

    Heh, Paula. You know my grandparents, and the ancestors of most of the Volga Germans in Kansas, came here from Russia in the latter part of the 19th century and the early part of this century.

    The big reason? They were not allowed to practice their religions, mostly Lutheran and Catholic. The state took over their church buildings, spied on them with informants, read their mail, confiscated food and goods sent to them, etc.

    Ya know, kinda like we’re doing with those who practice Islam and are of middle eastern ethnicity.

    You are so right on target that we get more like Bolshevik Russia every day. Maybe not quite as brutal, but with secret renditions, etc. certainly, we are getting more like cold war Russia.

  6. Two things… Prairie Pond! Are you familiar with AHSGR? Are you in Wichita? The Golden Wheat Chapter is having it’s fall meeting on Oct 10 from 1pm to 4:30pm at Immanuel Lutheran Church, 909 S Market. Covered dish dinner to start and no charge to visit.

    2nd item… I have and old political article that I found at a family reunion this summer. I would like one of the blog authors here to check it out and do a post on it, compare it to current times and detail the comparison and outcome.