Friday, 9/24/10, Public Square


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4 responses to “Friday, 9/24/10, Public Square

  1. Trivial gripes:

    Tomorrow is a day I’m not looking forward to. Race for the Cure; McConnell AFB Open House. Due to my geographical location, the noise of the race activities will interrupt my beauty sleep, and the T-Birds will disrupt my afternoon nap. Not to mention the clusterf*** in trying to get somewhere tomorrow morning, to which I add issues arising from dodging those who “park” to watch the air show from the streets causing traffic problems in the afternoon. Growl, grouse, sulk.

  2. prairie pond

    Awwww, 617, you are so cute when you “crowl, grouse, sulk.” hehehe. HAHAHAHAH.

    I hope you are doing well despite the trials of tomorrow.

    Me? I have to go pick out shingles for my new roof. I’m just now getting it replaced after the big hail storm last spring.

  3. tosmarttobegop

    Well back to wearing sunglasses to just watch TV or see the Computer.
    Left eye is still dilated so it does not take much light to hurt or make it hard to see.

    I am concerned that it may not react to light again, it was not doing all that well before the surgery.

    Talked to a Motor cycle mechanic today and as I was suspecting he thought it is the charging system.
    And the scooter is running off the battery and draining it. Take it Monday to be checked out.

    Got the grandsons tonight which it cool, except on top of the eye I have been feeling like I have a cold.
    I actually slept most of the day and did some dishes and laundry in between setting or sleeping.

    Hear that the weekend will be good so maybe take them to the play park tomorrow if I feel up to it.

    • prairie pond

      Hi TSTBGOP, I’m so sorry you’ve been having so much trouble. I guess it’s true that when it rains it pours. Here’s wishing that eye gets better quickly. Have a great weekend with the grandsons.

      Love ya.