Governor Sam Brownback?

Unless Sam Brownback gets caught in bed with a dead girl or a live boy, he will Kansas’ next Governor, and all of us may come to regret it. Sam makes no bones about his “faith” and he has every intention of imposing that philosophy on the rest of Kansas.

Sam doesn’t believe in abortion – under any circumstances. That’s right. No abortions, no exceptions. That means no abortions even in cases of rape, incest, the viability of the fetus, the health or even the life of the mother. Let that sink in for a moment – even if a fourteen year old gets raped and is impregnated, Sam doesn’t want her to have the option of having an abortion. Even if the prospective mother is likely to die if she carries the fetus to term, Sam doesn’t want her to have the option of having an abortion. The same goes for cases where there is no signs of life from the fetus or if it is severely deformed or even brain-dead.

Sam also believes in the so-called “Fair Tax.” I used the term “so-called” because it is anything but fair. Under the “Fair Tax” program, lower-income people would see an immediate increase in tax rates of a monumental proportion.  One of the numbers I have seen tossed about is 22%, that is, everyone would pay that tax rate with no deductions. Pretty good deal, right? Then, of course, the higher income tax payers would see a reduction in  rates as much as 13% points, from about 35% to the previously mentioned 22%.

Sam has a lot of great ideas for Kansas – eliminating corporate taxes and drastically reducing regulations, especially those that affect the environment. “Protecting families” is another of Sam’s pet projects. Presumably that means taking what few rights they have away from gays and lesbians. Sam also says that he is going to create jobs for Kansans. Why he hasn’t done that yet is a mystery, never to be solved.

So, just when you think that Kansas could not be any worse off, along comes Sam.

Thank God for I-70.

William Stephenson Clark


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  1. If we didn’t already have a bunch of far-right nutcases in our state Congress, electing Brownback wouldn’t be as effective. Add ’em all together and Kansas could easily be back at the times of our founders inside a year.

    Wealthy white males making the decisions that keep them in power and everyone else powerless. Those white males who aren’t wealthy think they see the path to wealth so follow along and allow, even participate, in what keeps them where they are. Of course women just do as the men tell them.

  2. Maybe Brownback will join leagues with Texas and we can make sure our state’s student textbooks aren’t “anti Christian.” Maybe we can use The Bible for all subjects and save tons of money.


    It really won’t surprise me if this is suggested, and even gains traction. So, all the animals lived within walking distance… — in pairs, no less!

  3. So where’s our popular candidate to run against him?

  4. The thing called the “FAIR Tax” is, IIRC, a tax on consumption of new goods and services. Imposed at a flat rate, it affects everything (well, almost) purchased by consumers. There are a multitude of things wrong with the proposal, including without limitation, the “prebate” to be paid to qualifying taxpayers to ameliorate the regressive nature of the tax.

    The FAIR tax is promoted as being a replacement for the income tax, the estate tax, and the amounts withheld to fund Social Security (this all being at the national government level, of course). Promoted as a way to increase employment through the production of new goods and services due to a relief from the onerous burden of the existing tax structure, it ignores the obvious disincentive of not applying to sales/consumption of used goods. Think about it; if there is a tax applied to purchase of a new house, e.g., at a rate of 22% (or 28%, or whatever), and an existing house may be purchased without such a tax imposed, then won’t folks buy existing houses and not new ones? Yes, the supply of existing houses will eventually be exhausted, but if stimulation of the economy is what is desired, how long will it take for the demand for new housing to take effect? Same for cars, furniture, etc.

    I also understand that in projecting the revenue from such a tax proponents have the federal government paying the tax on purchases it makes. So, the feds pay the tax from the right pocket, collect the tax and put it into the left pocket, then transfer the taxes collected back to the right pocket to pay the tax… well, you get the picture.

    Will, I think what you describe is a “flat tax”, which is different from the FAIR tax.

  5. G-STIR

    After being embarrassed by Bush for 8 years, it won’t be so hard being embarrassed by Brownback, just closer!

  6. tosmarttobegop

    I am not opposed to a elective officer having religious faith but it is a personal faith not a mandate to impose those views on the country. The person has a duty to both of their office and to their God.

    But the two have there own duties.