Tuesday, 9/21/10, Public Square


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  1. prairie pond

    Hi Y’all. We had wind gusts to 50 mph yesterday. Good thing I have big dogs or they would have been in Nebraska by the time I got home. One of our customers said it may have only been gusts, but it was “gusting” more often than not.


  2. tosmarttobegop

    Flipping through the channels this morning I came to the conclusion that Neither MSNBC or Fox is Adult programming. A mixture of the likes of a elitist rich girls snaking party and a one sided school yard argument.

    Picking on the slightest little things and ignoring what would be a major point or counter-point.
    All ending in nothing more then an exchange of who’s mother wears Army boots!

    Only if you would consider gossip or snaking about how you hate that girl’s hair or make-up as educational or news worth should you seriously watch either for enlightenment.

  3. wicked

    Where’s fall?

    I broke a little strap on my right shoe yesterday. The left was broken a few weeks ago. These are my knock around summer shoes, and I’m not buying another pair. I couldn’t if I wanted to, because these aren’t available anymore.

    So where’s fall so I’ll have an excuse to spend money on a pair of Reeboks that’ll last me for a year?

  4. Some days, I feel fall early in the mornings and late in the evenings. Is she trying to sneak up on us?

  5. tosmarttobegop

    The night it hit here I did not know how fast the wind was, but as I drove back to the house after picking up my brother-in-law. My Ranger I swear kept lifting to the down wind side!
    Power was out here for three days, it turned out it was a 88 mile an hour wind for about twenty minutes.

    A forest fall or so it seemed seeing all the limbs that lined the streets to be picked up by the city.

    There was a funny incident my wife witnessed at the local Dillon’s, A woman was waiting at the video counter till finally a clerk came to ask her if she needed something?

    Then by flashlight she selected about fifteen DVDs and rented them.
    The clerk mentioned that she must still have electricity and she told him no.
    But they were not able to get anything on TV so she thought she would rent some videos to watch while the family waited!

    Now before someone injects logic and said that perhaps they had a generator!
    Stop and think about it, if they had power to run the TV would they also be able to get reception?

    In a oddity the cable was not out either.

    • One of those battery operated combo TV/DVD things — I saw a kid with one in a car once. We were stopped for a train and I had time to look over at the car in the lane next to me. I felt sorry for that child who obviously couldn’t be away from television long enough to go _____. Where? Were they starting a long trip, or did this child need the video to make it to the store?

    • We have a portable, battery-operated radio / cassette player. Ten or so years ago when an ice storm left us without power for several days we listened to books on tape in the evenings when it was dark much earlier than it should have been. I wonder if books on tape are still available on cassette? Or have they too moved along in the world of changing technology?

      • 6176746f6c6c65

        I believe that one may still get books on tape (no, I’m not talking about the Library of Congress program for the visually handicapped); I’d imagine there might be “books on cd”, too.

        tstb, how did you know that the woman selecting the DVDs didn’t have a portable DVD player (rechargeable batteries) like 6c70 has?

      • wicked

        Wow, I’d completely forgotten about the portable DVD player, 6176! You know, it might be quite cozy for two to watch one of those. 🙂 Perfect idea for a scene in a book. 😉

      • Maybe L.L. Bean has come up with one that can run off being “cranked”, much as they sell radios and lights that work in that fashion.

        @wicked, that sounds good to me; in the world to be created, a little friction over the DVD player being a 7″ rather than a 9″ screen might be in order (depending upon your characters’ dispositions).

      • wicked

        I’ll use anything if it sounds plausible, 6176. It may be new, it may not. I don’t care. LOL

        fnord, I once had a 5″ black and white TV with radio that I thought I’d lost. One day, a few years later, I was in the office at the middle school, and there sat my TV on a table behind the counter. Apparently I’d left it at the school back when the theater groups was up and running and rehearsing. The school office staff wasn’t sure if I was the owner or not, but reluctantly handed it over. We ended up using that sucker at Cheney Lake the 4th of July weekend at Cheney Lake when the power was out all over the county and another nasty storm came through.

        Ahhh, technology!

  6. Gleeks; the long wait is almost over (although I’ve a meeting tonight, and shall watch it later “On Demand”).

    • wicked

      I never could get into Glee. The students are way too old to be in high school, and the harmony is always the same on every song. But that’s just me, and I know it’s a huge hit for most people. Average, normal people, not weird ones like me. LOL Enjoy!!!

  7. Remember our friend, Mary C? She is co-hosting a “Neighborhood Meeting With Raj Goyle.” It’s next Tuesday, Sept. 28th at 6:30 p.m., 11 Hopper Court (SW corner of Hooper Dr. & Hooper Ct., 1 block west of Kwik Shop) in Goddard, KS. The Quik Shop is on Kellogg/Hwy. 54, so it shouldn’t be tough to locate. I want to go! Anyone want to go with me?