Remember, never to forget.


One would think that Americans would remember the mess that Barack Obama inherited from the Republicans, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Given the average American’s attention span, perhaps that should not be surprising, but traumatic events usually remain in the forefront for more than just two years. Apparently, GOP-driven bad news has the life expectancy of tsetse fly.

Just two years ago, the global economy teetered on the brink of depression, led by a historic collapse of the American financial marketplace. During the Bush years, the National Debt doubled and job growth was stagnant. We were involved in two wars, neither of which was truly winnable and America’s future was ominously bleak.

Two long years down the road, the same band of characters claim that they have all the answers to solve all of America’s problems – it’s all very simple – more tax cuts and, ah, reduce spending.

In a GOP-tinted world, the answer to most any question is “cut taxes.” Times are good – cut taxes. Times are bad – cut taxes. Behind in the fourth quarter – cut taxes.

Cutting  spending is a bit more of a difficult task. It all sounds very good, but the bloom wears off the rose very quickly when it comes down to actually making spending reductions. Military spending – too many bad guys out there. Earmarks – just cut your’s, not mine. Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid – not a chance. 

Life can be rather frustrating, but nothing is more frustrating than trying to get a rational, straight answer out of a Republican candidate. Create jobs – sure, how are you going to do it now when you didn’t for years? Secure the borders – why didn’t you do that ten years ago? Defeat terror (sic) – what did Iraq have to do with terrorists? Protect families – huh? Is that code for banning abortion?

So, we stand at the crossroads once again, on the verge of handing power back to the very folks that led us down this road just a few short years ago. The struggles of the Bush years are now a distant, foggy memory. America seems to have chosen to forget the lessons of the past and is ready to give it another try.

When will we ever learn?


(Thread photo by the author – appropriate apologies have been delivered to the elephats of Sedgwick County Zoo.)


William Stephenson Clark



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7 responses to “Remember, never to forget.

  1. Great question that seems to have no answers that everyone will even consider.

    We know the Bush tax cuts have been in effect for nine years and if they were going to create jobs they would have by now. I’ve never heard anyone tell us why giving tax cuts is the panacea, the advocates aren’t looking at reality. The reality is that jobs have been leaving and many aren’t coming back. We’ve discussed the reasons here many times. In today’s world we must look for new jobs, as President Obama has been telling us since he took office 20 months ago. Upgrades to infrastructure, medical records keeping, clean renewable energy, improved and ongoing education opportunities, climate science…

    It isn’t an overnight assignment, but delaying the beginning assures no improvements. We can’t continue to do exactly what has failed and expect different results.

    • indypendent

      Obama has made changes but they are not immediately visible – and that is the problem.

      With the short attention span of the average American and the insatiable need of Republicans to play politics only to win is not a good combination – IMHO.

      That is why I don’t think our country will ever get back to any resemblance of being unified. There is too much corruption and way too much money in the politics of being divided.

    • I agree that President Obama has set in motion solutions that aren’t yet realized, but have been started (which is the first step!). It’s like trying to prove a negative and can’t be done. Even tho economists and experts of every persuasion have concluded that steps taken by both Bush and Obama staved off depression and made the recession less serious, some won’t believe that. In part, they’ve chosen not to believe the facts.

      If Republicans take over majorities in Congress, or even if they only write legislation and get it passed no matter who holds the majority, will their solutions make our economy stronger and reduce unemployment? I hope so! I don’t really care who is or isn’t in the majority, I just want to see the improvements.

  2. Another great photo! In both photos you’ve shared this week (the gorilla and this elephant) I see the animal thinking. You captured more than just how the animals look, and I wonder who they are, what are their thoughts and memories, do they have fears and joys…

  3. tosmarttobegop

    People live and think in their front room not in the world beyond their own living.
    And no it does not make sense to give the very same people that help the situation to go down another chance right now.

    They have showed no sign of having learn the mistake they made or that it was the very things they are saying need to be done that led to the fall.

    • indypendent

      But Dick Armey stated that the Tea Party believes the GOP is the party that can rehabilitate themselves into being fiscally conservative and limited government.

      Personally, I think Armey is full of baloney.

  4. Zippy

    I haven’t forgotten. People are drawing the wrong lesson.

    Clinton really laid it out on the Daily Show, though–to a degree. This is the perfect storm, and the fact that it could be much worse is cold comfort to the people getting crushed out there.

    We needed FDR, without his mistakes, and travesties, admittedly a tough call.

    But what really needs to be done, rather than exort people to imagine how much worse it can suck, is to aggressively–yet rationally and civilly–change the narrative, which has been taken over by the most flamboyantly nutty people.

    In the regard, Michael Moore recently called to have the Mosque/Community Center built on Ground Zero.

    I agree with Leonard Pitts: Screw him. He’s not helping (and by the way, that’s just as melodramatic and retarded as demanding it be moved from the original site–same thing, actually. They have a permit, already, fer Chrissakes!).

    Knocking down the Tea Party strawmen is not something we should take for granted. And conceding defeat for rationalityy is not an option.

    But rationality does have a political “spin” or a candidate. It just has a lot of determined enemies right now.

    And by the way, the Senate may well defeat a Defense authorization bill because it’s cognizant enough of national security concerns to end “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”

    A minor issue, unless it destroyed your career.