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  1. Satire. Will it be effective?


    Mark your calendars. The Rally to Restore Sanity and the March to Keep Fear Alive will be held on Oct. 30 on the National Mall in Washington.

    And we’re pretty sure Glenn Beck has not been invited.

    Last night, Comedy Central faux journalists Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert each made a “big announcement.”

    First up to the plate was Jon Stewart.

    In response to “the loud folks,” such as the Hitler-sign making folks, Stewart asks, “Why don’t we hear from the 70-80 percenters?” – the majority of Americans who don’t have extreme political views.

    Enter the Rally to Restore Sanity.

    “A million moderate march…a clarion call for rationality!” Stewart exclaimed.

    With the motto of “Take it down a notch for America,” Stewart is offering to provide signs with the “appropriate” level of political emotion, such as “I disagree with you, but I’m pretty sure you’re not Hitler.”

    You could also go with “I am not afraid of Muslims/Tea Partiers/Socialists/Immigrants/Gun Owners/Gay…but I am scared of Spiders.”
    Colbert’s Counter Rally

    To counter Stewart’s Rally to Restore Sanity and to restore “truthiness,” Stephen Colbert announced his own rally: The March the Keep Fear Alive.

    Calling Stewart’s announcement “disturbing,” Colbert says he will “not take it down a notch,” saying that “Now is the time for all good men to freak out for freedom!”

    And, “Need I point out that ‘reason’ is one letter away from ‘treason?'” Colbert asks.

    continue reading and ‘clicks’ to the two men’s announcements —

  2. wicked

    It all comes down to money, not common sense, not intelligence, not anything but money. To be honest, I’m sick of it. Who spends the most money should not be the measuring stick to who wins an election. Who yells. and screams the loudest should not determine an election. Yet that’s where we are.

    “Send $5”
    “Send $10”
    “Send $50”

    I want to write back and say, “I’ll send my vote. If you can’t get the best candidate elected without my money, then you’ve already lost.”

  3. indypendent

    Personally, I suspect the Republicans want the poor income population to be uneducated and unemployed.

    Who else can these Republicans make fight the multiple wars they are planning?

    You don’t really think Republicans plan to send their own kids or lay their own butts on the combat line – do you?


      Personally, I suspect the Republicans want the poor income population to be uneducated and unemployed.

      Who else can these Republicans make fight the multiple wars they are planning?

      You don’t really think Republicans plan to send their own kids or lay their own butts on the combat line – do you?


      Talk about Hate speech. One reason I seldom even look (besides post) on these pages anymore….which I am sure is fine with you.

      As a Republican…..My father served in WW2 and Korea.

      As a Republican…I served in the military during the Viet Nam conflict

      As a Republican ……My son served In Iraq

      As a REpublican…. My brother has spent four tours in theater

      I know many more. Republicans, and military families…….have far less tolerance for war, and stupidity.

      You just like to see everything with a jaundiced eye. I frankly, could give a shit. But, this comment so fricking hatefull, I had to respond.


      • indypendent

        As an Independent – alot of my family members and friends have served in the military, currently serving and have given their lives for our country.

        So, let’s not try to pretend only Republicans are so patriotic as to be the only ones who have ever served in the military.

        And where in my commet did I say ALL Republicans never served?

        Re-read the comment and the Republicans I was referring to were Republican leaders who like to start these wars but don’t plan to send their own kids or volunteer their own butts for the front line.

        And let’s not try to pin all wars on Democrat presidents – that won’t fly in the real world of facts.

      • indypendent

        correction: currently serving OR have given their lives…

        I’ve told you before – your loved ones that have served in the miliatry are no better than mine or any other person.

        But several of mine were drafted and had no choice but serve.

        In the last few wars – joining the military was a choice. But alot of poor people have no choice if there are no jobs.

    • wicked

      indy, itolduso has a point. Most of the military I know are conservatives and vote Republican. It’s that “America, Right or Wrong” mindset. However, I am seeing a lot of those not happy with the current government, but they rarely are when we’re at “war” under a Democrat CiC, whether that CiC is doing exactly what any other would do or not.

      itolduso, you have to admit that more recently there were a lot of men and women who joined the military because there were no jobs. A high number of them “may” have been liberals/Democrats.

      Now please go to your respective corners and wait until the next round begins. 🙂

      • indypendent

        As I responded to itolduso – I was referring to the Republican leaders who like to start these wars.

        I feel the Republicans like to use the military as their own badge of honor – but there are Democrats and Independents serving in the same military but yet I don’t hear any Democrat leaders banging that drum to start two new wars when the last Republican president spent trillions on his war for profit.

      • wicked

        indy, I’m often the peacemaker, so it wasn’t personal. I was looking at it all from a different direction. You’re right when it comes to the offspring of congressmen and others who consider themselves and their offspring above that sort of thing.

        Eisenhower warned us of exactly what has happened. It’s even worse than he predicted, because it isn’t just the Military Industrial Complex. It’s corporations.

  4. wicked

    I have a complaint. Yesterday in the newspaper I saw that Gov. Parkinson had announced flags to fly at halfmast for a Mulvane soldier killed in Iraq or Afghanistan (whichever is Enduring Freedom). I know 3 soldiers who died in Vietnam from Clearwater when I was in high school, and there were no flags flown at halfmast for them.

    What makes the Mulvane soldier more important than the others? I’m not saying he wasn’t important. Of course he was! Everyone is important. But more than the 3 I knew?

    I can’t think of it without getting upset. If we do it for one, shouldn’t we do it for all? Or did someone have some kind of pull to get this?

    • 6176746f6c6c65

      Sadly, more of a commentary on the attitudes towards the members of the military in the Vietnam conflict vs. the current conflicts. Not fair, but that’s just the way it is, imho.

    • wicked does have a point. Is this the first soldier from Kansas to die in the current wars? If not, did the flags fly at half mast for any others? I would be in favor of our state flying all our flags at half staff for every death of every soldier from our state. They earned at least that much respect and thoughtful introspection. Every-day citizens sure aren’t asked for much sacrifice. If we didn’t have the financial crisis, partly due to the costs of these wars, we wouldn’t have many reminders, let alone sacrifices. We don’t even hear much news, you can find it if you search but is it in every newspaper every day…

      • indypendent

        The average American does not feel they have to sacrifice for anything.

        Bush told us the Iraqi oil would pay for the cost of the Iraq War. Trillions of dollars were spent on that war and we wind up with no rights to the oil AND Iraq has a surplus of about 50 billion dollars thanks to the US taxpayers.

        But yet nobody remembers which party was in total control when Iraq War got started and which party was in total control when the entire Iraq War was mismanaged?

  5. tosmarttobegop

    Did you know there was a wasp nest in the little garden shed on my patio?
    Neither did I when I started cleaning it out to paint it and repair some of the walls!
    Painfully I was made aware there was a wasp nest in that shed.

    Right in the middle of my forehead and through a wrap that was on my head.

    It was in 1988 was the last time I had gotten stung and forgot how painful it can be… Not like to forget for some time now!

  6. tosmarttobegop

    People we learned a lot since Vietnam, no longer are we going to equate the soldier with the war.

    It was the saddest aspect of that war, something that to today I make every effort and take every chance to try and personal atone for.

    I shake their hand and say “Welcome home… Job well done!” every time I meet a Vietnam vet.

    Then I started doing it with every war veteran I meet, the first WWII vet I did that to looked at me as if I was crazy. Tom’s story is one of many of the young men and women who served.

    His was exceptional, at 16 he tried to join the Army Air corp. but of course they would not take him.

    So he ran off to Canada and lied about his age and joined the RAF.

    He went to Britain and was in the Battle of Britain, he flew a P-40, a super marine Spitfire, a Hurricane and the last was a P-51 Mustang. Being a kid in the sixties I knew and had models of everyone of those fighters.

    Republicans and yes it is mainly the working class Republicans who sons and daughter go into the military.

    My own is due to be deployed to Afghanistan in March, a totally different situation then it was in Iraq.
    His baby is due shortly after he is to be deployed.

    Now to the point of education, I do agree that for reasons that at this point is speculative.

    It does seem that the effort is not to educate beyond the simplest level to function in a society of Wal-Mart and McDonalds.

    • indypendent

      tstbg – I commend your son for serving in the military and I apologize if you took my comment to mean that I thought no Republicans let their kids serve.

      As I have stated two times previously in my responses – I was referrign to these Republican leaders who like to start these wars. How many of their kids are serving in the military – or maybe a better way to say it is – how many of their kids are serving on the front lines in the combat zones?

      I’m tired of these politicians all sitting around and running off their mouths to start these wars and then expect other Americans’ kids to do the actual fighting.

    • Freebird1971

      Being the father of an Iraq vet I certainly empathize with what you and your family are going through. Tell your son thank you for his service for me and may he come home soon and safe

  7. indypendent

    Maybe the push behind to not educate all of America’s children boils down to one simple thing – to drive down payroll costs for all those poor corporations who are struggling so hard to make that extra million or billion in profit?

  8. indypendent

    This is an article about about how military is coming back after the Iraq War. Is this the future for our country if Republicans get back into power and go through with their plans to go to war with Iran and North Korea?

  9. Zippy

    “It’s the rules, not the soldiers, who are my real enemy,” Bob Seger, 1968