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  1. How bad is the so-called enthusiasm gap, which predicts that energized Republicans will turn out in droves in November while dispirited Democrats will sit at home? One early indicator: Voter turnout in Republican primaries exceeds that in Democratic primaries for the first time since the 1930s. Nearly 4 million more Republican ballots have been cast than Democratic ballots. However, overall turnout is consistent with where it’s been for the past several midterm elections, with less than 20 percent of the voting-age population participating. Nate Silver at FiveThirtyEight says the main reason for the decline is that closed primaries have made fewer voters eligible.

  2. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) isn’t playing it safe before his reelection bid: He has scheduled several tough votes before his colleagues depart for heavy October campaigning, the most potentially explosive being a measure to repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell that he added to a defense authorization bill. Senators will also vote on extending the Bush tax cuts only to people making less than $250,000 a year, and scaled-down immigration reform, which will help children of illegal immigrants become citizens. Reid traded tweets with Lady Gaga Tuesday, when the singer star urged fans to ask the Navada senator to end DADT. Reid responded, “There is a vote on DADT next week. Anyone qualified to serve this country should be allowed to do so.”

  3. tosmarttobegop

    I think it is a good thing to do Fnord if you are losing anyway at least go for broke!

    who knows?

    Maybe something will be the turn around for the opinion and the midterm will be turned to stay the course.

    • I agree. Go for broke! The democrats will always be able to say they accomplished the legislative agenda they ran on. It’s what they told us they would do while they were campaigning, and we elected them expecting them to get her done.

      What was the latest legislative agenda passed by Republican majorities? Did it solve a problem, help America and Americans? It must not be something any Republican is very proud of because they never talk about it. I haven’t heard a Republican ‘toot their parties horn,’ only criticize. If they had something / anything to be proud of, wouldn’t they be reminding voters of what they’d done?

    • wicked

      I was familiar with about half of them. Those I’m not, I try not to use. (That doesn’t mean I don’t, I just try. 😉 ) But for some insane reason I started pronouncing the word epitome as ep-i-tome, instead of e-pit-o-mee. Hey, I’m old. I have brain farts.

      My mother pronounced Penelope as penny-lope. My daughter, when she first started reading Harry Potter at the age of eight or nine, thought Hermione was pronounced her-mee-own. (I remember Hermione Gingold and corrected her. 😉 )

  4. My little sister just called from the Chicago airport. There’s a party going on as all the race teams and production people are on a chartered flight to Japan leaving soon. She is usually more excited about this trip but if she wasn’t having to work she could be in Wash DC with her hubby enjoying a different kind of excitement.

  5. tosmarttobegop

    What a morning, yesterday I thought the battery in the bike had went bad.
    I bought a new battery and put it in this morning.

    It appears it was not the battery could be the starter! One down side of these new and fancy motor cycles. NO kick start, the battery gets weak or the electric starter goes bad you is walking!

    So I have been cleaning out the garage because one it has needed it for oh 16 years. Two is someone gave my wife an old singer pedal driven sewing machine. There is no place in the house to put it so it goes in the garage for now.

    LOL the trash people are just going to love me tomorrow morning! But hey they have a bigger truck then I do…Not to mention all my kids, but if that stuff was all that important to them it would have been at their house not my garage right?

  6. Many long years ago my Dad announced he was going to do some remodel work in his basement. He made it very clear to each of his children (one of those would be ME!) that he was putting up a wall that would seal a portion of the basement where some of our ‘stuff’ had been left for long years after we made our own homes. This wasn’t the first time he complained about this ‘stuff,’ but he said it would be the last.

    My parents sold that house in the mid 80s, and I’ve often wondered if any subsequent owners knocked down that wall and discovered my childhood salt and pepper shaker collection. Me and my siblings have also often wondered what else was in there??

  7. I got the mowing finished this morning. I’m shot, and probably won’t be much good for anything else today. Didn’t I used to have more ‘git up and go?’ 😦

  8. For my blog friends, who may have become a bit more acquainted with the computer service tech than desired; take a look at

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  9. paulasayles

    I think this is an accurate depiction of what has occurred to cause our current economic woes and who should be held accountable.

    • I think it is partially accurate, to say the least. Its inaccuracies are due, imho, to omissions rather than commissions. There is a substantial degree of fault to be found regarding securities holders who invested in the various derivative products; not just bankers, but insurance companies, pension funds, mutual funds, and other entities whose customers, shareholders, beneficiaries, etc., wanted even greater returns and “voted with their wallets” by switching (where they could) to such entities who would invest in these things (either more heavily or do it at all), and managers noticed. Second, there were those who “bought the house”; I don’t know how home ownership became a part of the “American Dream”, but it never should have. Home ownership is not a necessary part of provision of shelter, and generations of gullible Americans have been misled to believe the contrary. From a strictly economic perspective, it is a very inefficient use of capital.

      Those named therein are surely blameworthy. I suggest that the blame is not theirs alone.

      • paulasayles

        I would tend to agree with you there. There is plenty of blame to go around–unfortunately, most of those that have really been held accountable have been the homeowners, and I think their blame is low on the percentage scale. Yes, some were greedy. But, there was testimony before Congress by mortgage brokers who were told by their bosses to steer people who normally should have qualified for more conventional types of loans toward the high-risk type of loan. This does not entirely excuse the ignorance of the victims of this practice. We are all taught, “Let the buyer beware.” And the kicker of it is that these brokers were steering people toward these loans PRECISELY BECAUSE the insurance companies, mutual fund companies, municipal pension funds, etc. found the derivatives to be such an attractive investment. HOWEVER, in that scenario, I weight the motives and find the greedy mortgage brokers and brokerage companies to be the bigger sinners. My judgment, not legal judgment, but there it is.

      • We’re in agreement there, paula, as to the ‘bigger’ sinners.

  10. Study: Bush Tax Cuts Cost More Than Twice As Much As Dems’ Health-Care Bill

    The Bush Tax Cuts Cost Two and a Half Times as Much as the
    House Democrats’ Health Care Proposal

    Click to access bushtaxcutsvshealthcare.pdf

  11. Everyone safe?

    Some big hail here. Our grand daughter insisted some be kept so we have a few pieces larger than golf ball, smaller than baseball, in the freezer. For prosperity? (shrugs shoulders) 😉

    • wicked

      We had pea to billiard ball size and everything in between. My son-in-law works out at the airport and sent a picture from his phone of the softball-sized hail they had there. I haven’t checked Facebook to see if he’s posted it.

      Amazing, but I still have my badly cracked windshield. LOL

  12. Budget Deficit in U.S. Narrows 13% to $90.5 Billion on Rising Tax Receipts

    The U.S. government posted a smaller budget deficit in August compared with the same month last year, helped by rising tax receipts.

  13. wicked

    My oldest brought up something tonight while we waited for the storm to move through. How many of those “tea party” votes may have been democrats who switched registration for the primaries? I know that might depend on how many states have closed party primaries, or whatever it’s called that we have here. But even open primaries could apply.

    I guess we’ll see how this all plays out.

    • Well, a few of us Kansans made sure our registrations allowed us to participate in races that were contested. Could be.

      I think it’s the economy. The old folks who are trying to live off the interest of their nest egg are pissed. They haven’t paid a bit of attention to politics until their monthly income was drastically reduced. They talked about this at the pot-luck dinner and then tuned in to Fox News…

      Remember, it wasn’t until late summer of 2008 that the shit hit the fan. It took a while for those who just plain don’t pay attention because they aren’t interested to start wondering and who was in office? Who was being criticized? Who was creating death panels, and spending all our money on stupid health care reform (their Medicare was fine so there was no problem)? And, he is young and black and from Chicago and maybe not even an American and definitely not a Christian — why, he defends those folks that attacked us on 9/11…

      It isn’t even just all older Americans. There are many of all age groups who don’t pay attention. They simply aren’t interested. By the time things were so bad even they started listening it was obvious it had to be those democrats fault — they had the presidency, and Congress. There weren’t any of these problems BEFORE the elections!

      • wicked

        I know. 😦 I have enough conservative friends to have seen it up front and personal. It’s really hard not to smack people you care about. LOL

        I got over a half dozen requests for contributions today. That’s average for every day. I want to tell them that considering what they haven’t done but should have, especially if they have a quart of sense left, they don’t need any of what little I have.

  14. Zippy

    Score one for the good guys.

    White House Taps Warren To Set Up Consumer Financial Protection Bureau”

    But brace yourselves as well: This is likely to get quite ugly.

  15. Zippy

    P.S. I think?

    Sigh. Mark Twain says go to bed and wait for the truth. . ..