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  1. prairie pond

    Good morning all. It’s cloudy and smells like rain here, so I hope we get some today. We haven’t got any of the rain you all have had.

    With wheat prices skyrocketing (they’ve doubled since harvest!) I’m worried about next year’s crop. It is nearing time to plant, and we are so friggin’ dry (with all due respect to the loon) I don’t know what is going to happen.

    Farmers do what they do. They’ll “dust it in” if they have to, but damn, we went from record wet to record dry in just a few months. The corn crop has literally been toast this year, burning up in the field. If we have a bad wheat crop, I fear we will be looking at record jumps in commodity prices. Again, after just three years ago setting new records.

    Anyone else notice the prices in the grocery stores and restaurants skyrocketing? Of course, they’ll blame the world wide food shortage going on now. But given that there is still only 4 or 5 cents worth of wheat in a loaf of bread, it’s just another profit grab by the corps.

    I worry. I worry too damn much!

    • tosmarttobegop

      Perhaps I should come there to have a yard sale, it happens every time we have one that it rains.

      It happens so often that the local farmers ask when we will be having another one!

      • prairie pond

        Come on up, tstb, and bring the Mrs. I have enough crap to sell for ALL of us!!!!

        Hell, I might sell bbq and tacos as well!

  2. I find myself rooting for a tea-party candidate. I think I should go back to bed, I must be very tired or maybe coming down with something or…

    “It was a $250,000 pledge from the Tea Party Express, that vaulted Republican Christine O’Donnell from dark horse to contender in the Delaware Senate primary, reports CBS News correspondent Nancy Cordes.

    A former marketing consultant, O’Donnell has never held public office, although she has run for Senate twice before (and ran a write-in campaign after losing a primary).

    She has crusaded for abstinence and against porn in an article that her opponents claim paints her as a fringe character.

    In a November 1998 article for Cultural Dissident called “The Case for Chastity,” O’Donnell wrote, “When a married person uses pornography, or is unfaithful, it compromises not just his (or her) purity, but also compromises the spouse’s purity.”

    She has also faced media firestorms over her statements that she fears for her personal safety from political enemies hiding in the bushes, and a financial disclosure form which reveals she declared her earned income between March 2009 and June 2010 was a mere $5,800.”

    fnord notes — Well, we don’t have to ask the usual question about why would you spend so much money to get a job that only pays_____?

    “If Christine O’Donnell wins the primary election, she’s going to have a very difficult time winning in what is still a very blue, very Democratic state,” said Reid Wilson, editor in chief of The Hotline.

    The stakes are so high in Delaware because Republicans must win this special election for Vice President Biden’s former seat if they want a real chance to reclaim the Senate (They need to win 10 Senate seats to do that). What’s more, because of the special election rules, the winner in the general election will be sworn in immediately, rather than in January, so his or her vote will matter in the post-election lame duck session.

    So Republican leaders are putting all their muscle behind Castle.”

  3. I’ve been talking up the ‘X Prize’ for a few weeks now, and although it’s still a secret until the prize is actually awarded, the VeryLightCar won! Oh, be still my heart!

    Here is an email from my brother in law with his schedule over the next few days. I’m so super excited and so proud of this rag tag group of old race car mechanics. And I’m excited too about the innovations you and I and everyone else who drives an automobile will benefit from!

    Tonight –
    VLC goes to Charlettesville, NC for technical award from State of Virginia
    Wednesday morning —
    VLC goes to D.C.
    Crew arrives D.C. early afternoon
    Wednesday night —
    dinner for 10 members (max) from each team that were at all the MIS events as a goodbye dinner
    Thursday —
    awards at 10:30 to noon at the Historical Society
    winning car VLC98 is then driven by Pirro to the Rayburn Building on the east side of the White House in a route that will take him past all the famous monuments that are recognizable. Media to follow
    At 2:30 Oliver testifies to Congress sub-committee on energy,
    after which members of Congress and media will view the cars. There are 3 classes in the X-Prize
    About 4 o’clock cars are trailed to NYC Rockerfeller Plaza arriving no later than 4AM
    Friday —
    Car will be on the “TODAY” show. Show is aired from 7 – 9 on NBC (everyone please check that as I’m going coo-coo)
    Also on Friday morning an interview and overlay of Edison 2 will be on NPR radio “Science Friday” that was taped here last month
    Sunday —
    There will be 3 articles starting this Sunday in the New York Times. The article will be about the X-Prize, but since the journalist has only been in our shop and to MIS we should be featured quite good. He spent a couple of days and lunches with us.

    I will keep everyone posted as I learn more
    As you can see it is getting hectic here


  4. indypendent

    Here’s an article about today’s most anticipated primaries and the key players:


  5. paulasayles

    Wonder what (if anything) will come of this? My opinion is, if they can agree on ANYTHING at all, it’s a good start.


    • indypendent

      Speaking of the Tea Party Express – I saw Richard Armey on MSNBC today spouting the Tea Party’s goals of limited government, fiscal spending and getting government out of commerce.

      Armey refused to discuss abortion, gay marriage, letting Bush tax cuts for the wealthy to expire and any other ‘social’ issues the interviewer brought up.

      Just based on what Armey did say- I would join the Tea Party.

      But what Armey said next was the kicker for me – he stated that the Tea Party believes the Republican Party can rehabilitate themselves into the type of party they want.

      Oh really? I am supposed to trust the Republicans that helped alot to get us into this mess?

  6. WSClark

    My apologies for not having a column today. I was headed out yesterday morning for an early appointment, when I got thunked. I was sitting at a greenlight because traffic wasn’t moving and a guy slammed into my back end.

    I wasn’t hurt because I had the presence of mind to put my foot on the brake and avoided being shoved into the vehicle in front of me. The other guy’s car was totaled; mine just had superficial damage, but my plans for the day were ruined.

    I’ll have a column for tomorrow, provided I don’t stop at more green lights.

    • indypendent

      Glad to hear you weren’t hurt – sometimes those rear-enders cause more damage than one knows at the time.

      Be careful and watch for any back and/or neck problems.

      Now – doesn’t that sound just like a mom and/or grandma talking to her kids?


    • No apologies necessary!

      Glad you’re not hurt, although Indy is correct that some injuries show up later so do pay attention and take care of yourself. Don’t let anyone tell you your reflexes aren’t as good as ever! Good defensive driving even when sitting still. 🙂

  7. tosmarttobegop

    I was watching special report on Fox news and they were discussing how many States had filed suit against the Health care reform.

    They played a clip where President Obama was explaining why the mandate is needed.

    That it is not fair that some get away without taking responsibility to insure they have health care and force others to pay for their care.

    BTW which sound similar to what a Conservative would say about those who do not work and depend on social services for their welfare and health care.

    The panel then went on to say that it is not right to force people to take responsibility and force them to do something they do not want to do! That it is unconstitutional!

    The paradox of the Conservatives ending up defending those who want others to pay for their care.

    To not take responsibility to see that they have health insurance and to take responsibility for themselves.
    Reverse physiology?

    Those insidious Liberals playing the Conservatives?

    The reality of if the Democrats were against child sacrifice the Conservatives would then come out in favor of it?

    I don’t know I just find it an example of bizarr-o world of partisan politics!

    • indypendent

      The trouble I have with the Conservatives’ argument that people will not be responsible and buy health insurance is when no insurance company will touch you with a 10-ft pole.

      I remember my son was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes at age 6. I was laughed at several times when I tried to purchase private health insurance for my child.

      And then there is a matter of how much does health insurance cost even if you are lucky enough to be able to buy it.

      How does anyone expect someone making barely above minimum wage to be able to pay for their health insurance when the premium would be half a month’s salary?

      Plus, there are alot of families who can barely make ends meet now – feeding, clothing, keeping a house over their heads, day care and then their kids get sick.

      High medical costs were not addressed – only the health insurance got the reform.

      • tosmarttobegop

        One day I spent almost all day looking for a insurance company that would cover my wife and I.
        Both type 2 diabetic and over 50 and she had open heart surgery.

        Like you said the vast majority of them would not give me the time of day and the two that would even discuss it. The cost was going to be over two thousand a month and barely covering anything.

  8. tosmarttobegop

    With such things Will we will see.
    Indy was right, that it often happens that it takes a day or two before suddenly there is something wrong.

    Now don’t suddenly go off every time it is hard to get out of bed… We are getting older!
    Just be mindful…

  9. tosmarttobegop

    Well they are saying that Fnord got her wish and O’Donald got Delaware GOP.

    • Do these Republicans have a single brain cell between them? Even if they get behind all these nutjob candidates they’re nominating and pour money into the general elections, they’ve elected nutjobs. Maybe that’s who they identify with.

      • wicked

        The funny thing is that the GOP announced that they would not fund O’Donald.

        I’m tellin’ ya. The r’pubs are gonna eat each other alive before this is over.

        I’d like to see more women in politics, but brainless twits?

  10. tosmarttobegop

    There is a double edged sword with the election of these loose canons.
    If common sense rules they will never get to Washington.

    But considering that it the voters who will vote, common sense it not always a factor in the decision.

    We could end up with a far worse situation then imaginable.

  11. http://www.theregister.co.uk/2010/09/14/web_apps_crypto_flaw/

    A bit technical, I freely admit. The information is sobering, especially for those who use (or, in light of ever-increasing bank fees feel forced to use) online banking services.

  12. There was a “Know Nothing” Movement in the 40s and 50s. They didn’t last long. Will the Tea Party Movement?

  13. Democrats seem to be equally stupid — Rangle won his primary. Ya know, there’s no question about why we have the representation we do. We deserve it! Stupid voters get stupid representatives.

    • wicked

      It’s past time for Rangle to retire. Yes, stupidity is rampant these days. I think it’s the stress of the economy and all the rest that’s doing it.

  14. Look! They’re eating their own just as wicked predicted!

    The Republican nominee for the Delaware Senate seat fired back at Karl Rove today for what she called “un-factual” accusations about her record.

    “Everything that he is saying is un-factual. And it’s a shame because he is the same so-called political guru that predicted I wasn’t going to win. And we won and we won big,” Christine O’Donnell told me this morning. “And again he is eating some humble pie and he is just trying to restore his reputation.”

    Following O’Donnell’s victory over Republican congressman Mike Castle – her third bid for the Senate seat– Rove questioned O’Donnell’s record and the reports of her financial troubles.

    “Why did she mislead voters about her college education? How come it took nearly two decades to pay her college bills so she could get her college degree? How did she make a living? Why didn’t she sue a well-known…conservative think tank,” Rove said on Fox News.

    Rove also took on her “checkered” background, “a lot of nutty things she has been saying” and predicted she would cost the GOP a Senate seat.


    • wicked

      The GOP is not happy, and I’m enjoying a few giggles. It’s like a circus, and I’ve grabbed my box of popcorn and some peanuts, and I’m going to sit back and watch.

      And George Stephanopoulos still looks good. Damn Greek men.