The Beast Is Back!

(The thread photo is not an accurate likeness of the author.)

Well, my vacation was longer than I intended, but I am back, ready and willing to resume my nefarious career as a Pop Blog columnist. I enjoyed portions of my time away, enjoyed some of it not so much, but the sun rose every morning and I woke each morning breathing, so all was not lost.

I am looking forward to writing a new and improved column for your annoyance each weekday. My severely demented mind is churning with new and highly disturbed ideas for your perusal. My time away did nothing to change my warped view of the world we live in. It did, however, improve my outlook on life in general, so the desired effect was achieved.

By nature, despite a concerted effort to dissuade me, I remain an optomistic person, perhaps to a fault. The glass isn’t half full for me; it is overflowing. I felt that optimism slipping recently, hence my decision to step away for a bit to take a closer look at my motivations as I journey through this life. The failures that lead to my decreasing optimism were mine, and it required a new approach from me.

“I read the news today, oh boy…………………” (J. Lennon) Well, if you allow it, the “news today” can be rather depressing. You can watch the bee as he goes about his duties and be afraid of his stinger or you can smell the flowers that he pollinates. I choose the latter.

This past year has not been a good one for those of a progressive mindset. Part of that is due to a lack of optimism and belief in our cause. If you think that you are going to lose the game, you probably will see that thought realized. Truthfully, many of us worked hard to usher in a liberal Congress and President, then promptly proceeded as if the game was already won, when in fact, the coin toss was still in the air.

So, my fellow populists and progressives, your not so humble beast is back! I am recharged, motivated and filled with renewed optimism for the future.

And I am glad to be here.


(Thread photo by the author, Sedgwick County Zoo, September 6, 2010.)



William Stephenson Clark


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11 responses to “The Beast Is Back!

  1. wicked

    That’s a damn clear photo, Will. Well done! And very handsome, I might add. 🙂

  2. paulasayles

    Welcome back; you were sorely missed.

    I’m glad you took the time to refuel. It is something we all need occasionally.

    I am by nature an optimistic person and have of late been stymied by my inability to find the positives. So, I’m looking forward to whatever optimism might brush off on me!

  3. Thank everything that is good — you’re back! I am so bored with me! Everyone else must have been more so, we all look forward to the discussions you introduce. Don’t burn yourself out! Do threads when you have the time, inclination or inspiration. We’re all in this together and we’ll all pull a bit of the responsibility in return for the privilege of blogging with good people!

    Me, I’m a Pollyanna. I put off facing the negatives until I must, but even I have had a few days when I wallowed around in a puddle of pity, oh, woe is me and our country and her citizens… Those moods don’t last long with me. If we’re gong downhill even further as a nation there will be adequate times to feel negative, I won’t get there until the options are exhausted.

  4. The picture is excellent! Makes me wonder what that handsome brute is thinking.

  5. Freedomwriter

    You sound invigorated by your vacation! I can almost hear the chest thumping in the jungle from here! Welcome, back!

    There is nothing better than a change in routine, to give us a renewed sense of purpose. It reminds us of what we like and value, and it clears our head to move forward.

  6. WSClark

    For those interested in photo minutia, the thread photo was taken with my Canon EOS 7D with a Tamron f2.8 70-200mm at 188mm, f5.6, ISO 400, from about 80 feet.

    The photo was a full body shot of the gorilla and, just messing around, I cropped it down to this version.

  7. tosmarttobegop

    Welcome back.

  8. indypendent

    Welcome back. Got refueled just in time for mid-term elections. You’ll need it. LMAO

  9. G-STIR

    WSC- I sure hope you got a signed release from my ex-mother-in-law for your photo before you published it on this blog!

  10. Prairie Pond

    Hi Will. It’s so good to see/hear from you again.

    Fnord, you are ANYTHING but boring.

    All is well in blog world now that most of the gang is here.

  11. Zippy

    Welcome back, Mr. Clark.

    Count on me to be an avid (if sporadic and occasionally incoherent) reader of your writings.