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  1. Freebird1971

    I know that there will be comments about who knew what when and who didn’t do what was needed but IMO that is not what this day is about.

  2. I won’t make any of those kind of comments. We aren’t going to be able to go back and change anything, what’s done is done. As long as there is so much hate we won’t have a better future either.

  3. An interesting analysis of the upcoming mid term election:

    G.O.P. Has 2-in-3 Chance of Taking House, Model Forecasts

  4. An idea from a Republican! I’ve been waiting for one of those and here it is! Wonder if the leadership will listen?

    “But the more interesting action was on the Republican side of the aisle. On Thursday, House minority leader John Boehner released a “two-point plan for immediate, bipartisan action on jobs and spending.” Boehner’s proposal? Extend the Bush tax cuts and pass a budget that holds spending at 2008 levels. That’s a bit back to the future—or at least back to the Aughts. The worst economic crisis since the 1930s, and all we need to do is extend some tax cuts from 2001 and 2003 and hold down spending a bit? This doesn’t require any new thinking at all?

    The most stinging counterpoint didn’t come from Nancy Pelosi, though. It came, quite inadvertently, from Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels, a wonkish Republican who led George W. Bush’s Office of Management and Budget from 2001 to 2003, and who, that same Thursday morning, published a plan that put to shame the proposals from both the administration and the House Republicans.

    “A stagnant, impoverished America will not be a greener or safer or fairer place,” Daniels warned. “Grownups make trade-offs. Pass the brandy, then let’s get busy.” And get busy he did: Daniels proposed a one-year suspension in the Social Security payroll tax for workers. In an interview, he estimated that this would raise about $350 billion. He also envisioned a tax break allowing businesses to fully expense their capital investments for the next year. As it happened, the administration proposed exactly that this week, though Daniels noted that there was no word of it two weeks ago, when he first drafted his op-ed. “If they’re there,” he told me, “that’s good.”

    continue reading —

  5. I do remember nine years ago on this date. Clearly. Everyone who isn’t a child does, they can tell you where they were and what they were doing… Just like all of those old enough to remember the Kennedy assassination — we have our memories and our stories.

    I am very sorry about all the people that lost their lives on September 11, 2001. I am very sad for their families, and friends. I know we lost people who impacted someone’s life and they can never be replaced.

    Now I’m going to say something that will seem very wrong to some, but I honestly think our country has over reacted to what happened nine years ago today. As the result of that over reaction every American lost civil rights and our government expanded the powers they have over us. We have lost liberty, our tax dollars have been squandered on what was promised to make us safer and didn’t, and Americans now have a new target for their hate and biases.

    I’m not proud.

    • wicked

      I’m one of those people who doesn’t have a lot of strong memories of this day, nine years ago. I was at work and didn’t have access to news, although I did hear that a plane had flown into a building in NYC. The break room was packed with people, so I didn’t even try to go in to get a glimpse of the TV. I did listen to some news on the radio in my car during lunch.

      I remember all the flags displayed on cars, flying on new flagpoles and displayed across fences. Flags made in China. The extreme was almost to the point of being ridiculous.

      We were living at my mother’s house at the time, and all I saw on TV were old game shows. She didn’t share her TV, even for something that changed the world as we knew it. I didn’t see news footage of what happened until almost two years later, when I found videos on the internet. Maybe that’s why my perceptions are different than most everyone else’s.

      I wish we’d learned something from what happened that day, but all we learned was fear and hate.

      I’m with you, fnord.

  6. I’m going to borrow this question from the Newsweek article I linked to above, because I also want to recommend you read about a man who is bringing new thinking to the table and offers an idea I think has real merit for helping our economy and reducing unemployment.

    Here’s the Newsweek question —

    The worst economic crisis since the 1930s, and all we need to do is extend some tax cuts from 2001 and 2003 and hold down spending a bit? This doesn’t require any new thinking at all?

    Here’s some new thinking —

    Gene Epstein, Philanthropist, Will Donate $1,000 To Charity Every Time A Business Hires An Unemployed Person

    Read more:

  7. The prize will be announced and presented at the White House next week. My brother-in-law will be there, my sister’s job has her in Japan so she will not be able to join him. Whether they win or not, they’ve offered innovation that will have a positive effect on autos of tomorrow! American made!


    Boasting the lowest drag coefficient of any car tested in the GM wind tunnel or at the Chrysler Proving Grounds, this innovative Very Light Car demonstrated over 100 MPG on the test track under stringent testing conditions using a highly innovative 250cc turbocharged fuel injected single-cylinder engine fueled by E85. It requires only 8 pounds of force to push this vehicle. More like an airplane than a car, the Edison2 uses highly innovative light-weight, low mass hub-mounted suspension for its aerodynamically flared four wheels contributing to its sports car-like handling and braking. Its low total mass of 830 pounds is a tribute of engineering strength and packaging utility.

    Team name: Edison2
    Location: Virginia
    Car name: Very Light Car
    Class: Mainstream
    No. of wheels: Four
    Passengers: Four
    Drive type: Internal combustion engine (E85), rear-wheel-drive
    Power source: Yamaha 250cc, 27-50 hp.

  8. tosmarttobegop

    In remembering, it is hard not to let the emotions to take over every thought.
    To bring to the forefront all those moments after the attack that stood out.
    Once that moved me beyond measure, I went to the local theater and the National anthem played.
    On the screen was a waving American flag and without a moments hesitation the entire crowd stood.

    Every man, woman and child stood and covered their hearts all in total silence.
    As one and we were one then, not a country but one soul in the many people that felt that day.

    NEVER.. I REPEAT NEVER, had I seen these people as one!
    A single person called American, Lord know I thought this is how we should always be.
    There were none of the petty differences and all were one people.

    I could not resist feeling pride and sorrow at the lives lost and what bravery it took for those who rushed in while everyone else rushed out. I had been there, I know those thoughts as they rushed in.
    Not one for your own safety or what it could mean to be rushing in. Only a duty not just for the job but for your fellow human being beyond your duty to be careful for your own life.

    As emotions came out, I also could not help but feel something else.
    This morning I was listening to KFDI and they played “Courtesy of the Red White and Blue”.
    The first time I heard it, the feeling was right and what should be expected as the response to such an attack.

    This morning though it just seemed hollow, the mastermind of the attack has been caught but those who took credit are still free. Someone who did not attack us is dead, but the one who took responsibly is alive and still free.

    We abandoned the fight where they were and focused on where they were not to the point of belittling those who died on 9-11. Made it secondary the worst attack on the homeland in favor of following a personal agenda.

    But no it is better on this day to remember the later over the present.
    The present is far more painful then the feelings on 9-11-01.

  9. I hope KU brings the football team that is playing today to their next game. I enjoy watching them play more than I did the team they brought last week.

  10. indypendent

    I remember the WTC attack and the days/weeks following the tragedy.

    I have the same feelings as fnord and wicked. I know it was a horrible act of violence carried out against our country but why are the dead at WTC any more tragic than our soldiers that gave their lives on the false premise of invading Iraq?

    And when I hear all this hate-filled talk against all Muslims – I just want to scream.

    There was a guy on the Opinion Line today that actually advocated to make the religion of Islam illegal in America.

    This ‘real’ Republican proudly claims to be patriotic, Christian and advocates we return to our Founding Fathers beliefs and the Constitution.

    Where in any of the Founding Fathers’ beliefs was it okay for our country to make any religion illegal?

    When we have Americans who have no problem with engulfing our country into a Holy War with Muslims – then we have a problem from within.

    Who needs foreign terrorists to tear down our country when we have our own domestic terrorists willing, ready and all to able to carry out their Holy War by clinging to their guns and religion.

    I would like to note that most of these people who want to start a holy war with Muslims have absolutely no trouble with our country being dependent on that Muslim oil. In fact, they want our country to consume even more of that oil because they sit and mock global warming and any environmentalist that is trying to make a difference in our energy policies.

    • indypendent

      Thanks for the reminder of things bigger than me – 6176.

      9/11 has a two-fold memory for me. There was the WTC attack and then 3 days later my 48 yr old sister-in-law died suddenly of a massive coronary.

      When she awoke to get my brother off to work, she did not feel well and returned to bed to lay down. When my brother finished eating breakfast and filling his coffee thermos for work – he went into the bedroom to kiss his wife goodbye and she was dead.

      Then 6 years after that – my brother died after a 3-yr battle with liver cancer. He died August 28th.

      So the time between August 28 and Sept 11 is a grim reminder to me of how fleeting life can be. I am the lucky one that beat my cancer and I sometimes wonder why.

      So – thanks 6176 for reminding me that life is bigger than just one person.

      There are things in this world that are so beautiful and peaceful as pictured above. If we did not have trials and tribulations, then how would we know to appreciate the good things in life?

      But I still wonder why sometimes……

  11. And since I’m in a reflective mood tonight; to my wife, especially verse three:

    • indypendent

      My thoughts are with you as you reflect on your wife. You miss her very much, don’t you?

      We never really know why things happen as they do. But I believe our deceased loved ones watch over us and we can talk to them and they hear us.

      I believe that love is an energy and it never dies.

    • Cyber hug, 6176. I love you, and admire the great strength you’ve proven you have over the last few years!

  12. tosmarttobegop

    I left this at the other blog:

    Reading over these post, the conclusion is that there is more hatred and mistrust of this President and the one before then there is of Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda nine years after 9-11.

    That the enemy is not some fanatical group of extremists who justify their own actions by wrapping themselves in religion. It is ourselves.

    That the greatest danger to this country is not terrorism or Islam or Religious nuts it is these very people both Conservatives and Liberals. Equal in their destruction and both willing to fight each other rather then those who kill innocent people and fly planes into buildings.

    • indypendent

      While we on both sides spew and sputter, tit for tat about everything – the real threat to our country is just as you have said so eloquently.

      If all Americans do not decide to get together – despite out differences – the loser will definitely be America.

      We have already become a debtor nation with a service-oriented economy.

      That is why I am so concerned about our dependency on foreign oil. We are dependent and in debt – with that dragging us down – exactly when will our super power status be yanked?

  13. tosmarttobegop

    I live by it and believe it to be true, as long as someone remembers no one truly dies.

    • indypendent

      Agreed 100%.

      I think the veil between this life and the next life is becoming thinner as more people open up their hearts and minds to that possibility.

      When I was in the hospital and the prognosis was very bad, I felt the presence of my grandfather who died in 1971. He was the glue of our family on my mother’s side.

      I believe all our loved ones are simply somewhere on the other side just waiting for us to join them – when it is our time.

      And I also believe that when our number is up – it is up. There is nothing that can be changed about that.

      Like I stated above – sometimes I wonder why I survived my cancer. My son summed it quite well – it was not my time to go.

      And I know that I have had a helluva good time with my granddaughter and now my grandson is due in less than a month. I am just grateful for each and every day.

      But that does not mean that I cannot get riled up about politics from time to time – LMAO

  14. tosmarttobegop

    I heard this song and think about my dad. His words fill my head and I feel him standing there and I can almost see him…

  15. tosmarttobegop

    Some times it is easy for me to think all is lost, that the world is such a up hill battle that there is no one left to believe in. Alone in my thinking and perhaps I am the odd ball in this world.

    But then I listen to the song above, it so reminds me that in life there are those who come along just about when you need them most. A friend who calls just when I need them to tell me something or just to quietly listen.

    Like in the song, a total stranger happens to say just what was needed to be said.

  16. tosmarttobegop

    I guess since I am posting my “soul music” this one and “the Cowboy in me” so explains a lot of how I see myself.