David Koch is steaming

The Koch Brothers have been bankrolling the Far Right for decades, including Tea Party and anti-science front groups. Now that the monster they’ve created is burning books and slandering Muslim Americans, they’re not so keen on taking credit.

“It’s hateful. It’s ludicrous. And it’s plain wrong,” says David Koch as he begins the defense of he and his brother against recent articles that have said the two men are spending a fortune to secretly fund an anti-Obama insurgency.

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5 responses to “David Koch is steaming

  1. paulasayles

    Koch is pissed off because he is being attacked? Well maybe now he might have some empathy for the people being attacked by groups funded by his family.

    But, for me, here is the crown jewel of the apology peice, ah article:

    “I have been living with this [prostate cancer] for 20 years after being told I had only a few years to live. It is not pleasant, but I am alive. I am surrounded by love and support, the best wife and partner any man could hope for, and children who delight me every day. I’m a grateful man.”

    As well he should be. I’d be willing to bet that he is receiving the best care that money can buy. And the more money you have, the better care you can buy. So he is, indeed, a very lucky man.

    One who funded a campaign to deny coverage to working class people in this country who currently can’t even afford care, nevermind “the best” care.”

    I’ll trade places with ya’, Davey boy–I can take the heat.

  2. They flew under the radar for decades! It is sooooo good they won’t be able to do that as easily or with as much success in the future.

    I like this age of information!

  3. Defending himself by telling us how much money he contributed to cancer research, while sobbing about his battle with cancer doesn’t seem self serving, now does it? Nah! He wasn’t serving his own self interests there!

  4. Zippy

    Where did you get that great image?

    Perhaps David Koch could go all Lee Atwater on us, and apologize on his deathbed. What little it was worth (I never met Lee Atwater), I forgave him.

    But the Kochs are funding everything that is wrong in America, and are literally killing people—by virtue of the circumstances they’ve deliberately created–every day.

    So I find it a bit hard to feel sorry for him, the poor billionaire.

  5. indypendent

    It always amazes me how much people loudly protest when the head of their nail gets hit dead-on target.

    Sounds like someone’s knickers got in a bunch – doesn’t it?