Rahm Emanuel for Mayor—of Chicago


I don’t think Obama needs Emanuel. As a matter of fact, I think Emanuel has lead Obama to wander from some of the promises that he made while on the campaign trail.

I think many liberals have blamed Emanuel for the disappointments that they have suffered under the Obama administration. If he were to leave, it would give the left an opportunity to see Obama for who he really is; and I think I know the answer, but if Emanuel wasn’t there to blame, we would all know for sure.

There was a period of time when I liked Rahm Emanuel. He was a tough Democrat, and God knows there doesn’t seem to be many of those. He often stood up for the Democratic platform when many other Democrats would not. He spoke out when others were silent. But, when it comes down to policy, Emanuel is hasn’t pushed the President to the left at all, but seems to be pushing him under cover.

When I campaigned for Obama, I knew I would not agree with all of his policies. He wasn’t my first choice and I didn’t think his platforms were liberal enough to fix the problems that conservative policy has caused. But I had so hoped that he would be a modern-day Truman and stand up for what was right and the things he campaigned on. I had hoped he would fight and let the buck stop with him. But too many times it has seemed as though he fought to straddle the middle in hopes of a second term.

So, is that Obama’s doing or Rahm’s advice? What do you all think?


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10 responses to “Rahm Emanuel for Mayor—of Chicago

  1. Some thoughts;

    1) The ‘blame’ is shared more or less equally;

    2) Emmanuel (or someone with congruent talents) was necessary. For the most obvious reason why, see Carter, Jimmy.

    3) Due to the nature of politics, and those who participate therein by seeking and holding elected office, reelection becomes a sort of “Holy Grail”, to be sought immediately upon entering office.

    • paulasayles

      I agree if there is ‘blame’ for not instituting more liberal policies that the blame does not lie with Emanuel alone. I think that is just wishful thinking on the part of some liberals that did not realize what a “centrist” Obama really is. My understanding is that the Chief of Staff is the muscle the runs the administration, but he takes his orders from the boss, not the other way around. Though there have been some exceptions previously.
      I understand the whole thing with Politicians and reelection, but I am not “understanding” of it in the current situtation. I would totally vote for someone that was willing to stand alone and fight and get whatever they can done in the first term, second term be damned. I think that is the kind of leadership this nation needs and is looking for and some folks thought they got when they voted Obama.

  2. Well, paula, I admire your idealism, my rough edges having become well-rounded over the decades.

    The first response that comes to mind is that one term won’t get it done, and if it occurs in climates such as are now existing, will “poison the well” for a period of time for those would-be successors who share the same vision.

    The next thing that comes to mind is “look what’s happening now”, with (essentially) a 60 vote bloc needed to get anything done. If a President takes the approach of “damn the torpedoes”, s/he stands a very good chance of accomplishing absolutely nothing.

    The nation may well need that kind of leadership; given where things political now stand, it’s not going to be showing up any time soon.

    • With respect; you seem to want the perfect. I have come to realize that one should not allow the perfect to become the enemy of the good. Not a response I would have tolerated “back in the day”, but one which to me (over time) has been shown to have a great deal of truth in it.

      Of course, the real trick is to define “the good”. 🙂

      • paulasayles

        I understand where you are coming from and I have been told this many times. And that I am: selfish, arrogant, naive…can’t think of the others right now, but I’m sure there are more.

        Thing is; I don’t care. I don’t care what the pundits say and I don’t care what the Republicans do and I don’t care what the Democrats do. The reason I say this is because they are all working for the same people, and it ain’t you and me. So, if there was a President elected on the platform of “I’m going to work for the PEOPLE and I may not get much done, but I am not going to CAVE,”–if that person managed to get elected President, they would have the majority of the people behind them. Like Obama did. And there is ONE portion of our government that does seem to be affected by the anger of the people, and that’s the Congress. And that’s who makes the laws. Now, yes, the Senate is another story, but can you imagine the mall filled with people, all clamoring to stand behind the policies being submitted by a President that will not brook any political gamesmanship?

        Yeah, it may be a fantasy, but to me, it beats the hell out of continuing to pretend that either party represents me. Cuz they don’t. I am much better at imagining than pretending.

        Imagine all the people, living for today. You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one…

      • I know some who see Sarah Palin as the person you describe: “I’m going to work for the PEOPLE and I may not get much done, but I am not going to CAVE.”

        6176 does have a point when he said, “the real trick is to define “the good.”

  3. I do think President Obama does give the orders, and is certainly more centrist than I recognized before his election. On the other hand, I am appreciative of his efforts to work together. I imagine there was much gnashing of teeth within his administration that we didn’t see. We saw how the far left voter was terribly disappointed, the more centrist liberal voter, although more understanding, also disappointed. Then there’s me, and I don’t think Obama could have gotten anything accomplished with a hammer and I think that was Rahm Emanuel’s advice. Maybe Mr. Emanuel is most disappointed!

    • paulasayles

      And I have often thought that maybe the whole “reach across the aisle” thing was a part of a larger strategy to get even more people behind him. I thought that he would do it for awhile, being sure to make a big show of it every time he got a bitch slap from the other side of the aisle, so, when he came out fighting in the tenth round, nobody could say he didn’t try to be reasonable.

      Maybe it’s only the beginning of the fifth round, or maybe he lost his way, I don’t know. But if he wanted to try to save a Dem majority, I think the bell already rang on the tenth and he’s down on the score card. And the Dems in Congress have done nothing to help him–specifically the Blue Dogs who should be sent to the pound immediately as they are off the leash (and have been for far too long).

  4. indypendent

    I remember when Obama came out and stated that he was going to do what was needed and if that meant he would not get a second term, then so be it.

    (or something to that effect).

    Did I really hear Obama say this or did I just dream this up one day for my own amusement?

    I knew from the start of Obama that he was a true legislator – and that is the art of the sausage making.

    Obama has proved that time after time – he truly believes in the sausage making process of Congress. And for people who wanted real change, real fast – sausage just isn’t made that way and neither are legislative policies.

    • paulasayles

      If we have to depend on the sausage factory, as it currently exists, there will never be any significant change. That makes me sad for this country which is headed down the tubes on a super-sonic jet engine.