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Rahm Emanuel for Mayor—of Chicago


I don’t think Obama needs Emanuel. As a matter of fact, I think Emanuel has lead Obama to wander from some of the promises that he made while on the campaign trail.

I think many liberals have blamed Emanuel for the disappointments that they have suffered under the Obama administration. If he were to leave, it would give the left an opportunity to see Obama for who he really is; and I think I know the answer, but if Emanuel wasn’t there to blame, we would all know for sure.

There was a period of time when I liked Rahm Emanuel. He was a tough Democrat, and God knows there doesn’t seem to be many of those. He often stood up for the Democratic platform when many other Democrats would not. He spoke out when others were silent. But, when it comes down to policy, Emanuel is hasn’t pushed the President to the left at all, but seems to be pushing him under cover.

When I campaigned for Obama, I knew I would not agree with all of his policies. He wasn’t my first choice and I didn’t think his platforms were liberal enough to fix the problems that conservative policy has caused. But I had so hoped that he would be a modern-day Truman and stand up for what was right and the things he campaigned on. I had hoped he would fight and let the buck stop with him. But too many times it has seemed as though he fought to straddle the middle in hopes of a second term.

So, is that Obama’s doing or Rahm’s advice? What do you all think?


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Thursday, 9/9/10, Public Square


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