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  1. Save the blastocysts from research!

    Another example of how you fool the masses. Many people don’t choose to spend the time it takes to get more than the talking points and headlines provide. They honestly buy into that ‘saving lives’ malarkey.

    You don’t even have to talk about the controversial question of ‘when does life begin’ to understand that throwing the blastocysts away destroys them! Nope, it does nothing more than save them from research, might prevent or slow down the treatment or cure your family or loved one needs. That truth isn’t in the talking points or headlines.

    • This certainly isn’t the only subject or area of political controversy where only the part they want people to believe is given. Sadly, there is no shortage of people who believe whatever you want them to. If it’s said often enough and loudly enough by enough people, how can it be anything but the truth, the whole truth?

  2. tosmarttobegop

    It was a former gun rights lobbyist who said it did not matter what the issue was gun rights or gun control. Pro-life or Pro-choice he finally stopped being a lobbyist when he realized that neither side of the issue wanted a final answer to the issue!

    For the issue to stop being an issue would mean that the money would stop coming in.
    As long as there is no final answer both side could when wanting more money to come in could simply claim they needed funds to fight the good fight.

    No matter which side of the issue, there is actual factual examples to support it.

    The phobia about gun control, there are actually elected Democratic officials that do put up and in legislation that is as extreme as that which is being used as the scare tactic.

    But the truth is that those extreme laws and amendments do not make it out of the committee. Or if they manage to squeak by the committee, they fail to get even close to a vote.

    But none the less they are factually there to point to as the gun grabbing Liberals are wanting to take your gun rights away!

    The same goes to abortion, there are women that do die after having an abortion.

    The abortion is seldom if ever the unusual cause of the death but you will never read or hear that when the account is being told by pro-life supporters.

    I asked a strict pro-lifer supporter about that very question of destroying the cells over using them for research? He was oppose to them being destroyed either way, he did admit that the movement is divided over the issue. There is not a 100 % sure answer within the pro-life movement.

  3. tosmarttobegop

    Take in to account two cases involving Dr. Tiller one was of a young woman who came to his clinic for an abortion. Then within days died from a condition that was in the end aggravated by the abortion.
    The pro-lifers had an example that justified their cause.

    The full story was she was endangered by the pregnancy from the other condition and was going to die if the pregnancy was allowed to continue anyway.

    The other of a under aged girl coming from out of state to the clinic for an abortion and state law required that Dr. Tiller report it since she was under aged and that would mean it was a crime.
    He did not file the report, but the rest of the story was that the girls had been sent by the state where she lived and it was there that the crime was being investigated and where the crime was committed.
    Kansas law did not require him to report it in that case.

    We all tend to be more in the mood to believe only the side we believe in.
    If you believe in a woman’s right to choose, more then likely you will not see any circumstance where you would see the need to deny her that right of choice.

    One of my cousins was sterilized with out her making the decision when that happened I was upset and did not think it was right! Now she was the sweetest person and to make matters worse she was a beautiful young woman. The problem was she had the maturity level of a four years old at nineteen.
    The same desire for attention as any four years old child has except for the body and the face of an attractive woman.

    But for her to become pregnant, she was not capable of caring for or raising a child.
    And to argue that if she were to become pregnant the baby could be given to a child-less couple.
    Is the same as her being nothing more then a mindless sow.

    She had reached the point where through training she was able to live on her own and work for her own support. To allow her to go out into the world without the supervision to stop her from being alone with any man and becoming pregnant was to subject her to a danger she could not understand or deny.

  4. “We all tend to be more in the mood to believe only the side we believe in.”

    Can’t argue with that truth!

    Sad story about your cousin. That was a situation of someone making a decision for her she wasn’t capable of making. Most women are capable of making their own decisions and deserving of being trusted to make the one that is right for them.

  5. indypendent

    But I could maybe understand the pro-lifers if they actually did save the embryos from the fertility clinics – but these are the same people who have absolutely no moral problem with discarding unused embryos into the trash dumpster from these same fertility clinics.

    I just don’t see the logic of their being so pro-life. What exactly is better about being discarded as trash than to be used as research?

  6. indypendent

    Maybe we should just do the pro-life movement a very big favor and stop all fertility treatments.

    After all, if God wanted these infertile people to have babies, he would give them babies – wouldn’t he?

    Isn’t it hypocritical to be against science but yet be all for playing God when making babies in a petrie dish?

  7. Judge Upholds Stem Cell Funding Ban

    A federal judge ruled Tuesday that the Obama administration cannot continue to fund embryonic stem cell research while they attempt to appeal an August decision that banned the government from supporting such research. The Justice Department has said that any ban on funding stem cell research will cause irreparable harm to researchers and taxpayers as well as delay the progression of the science. U.S. District Judge Royce Lamberth on August 23rd issued an order to stop government funding of any activity that uses cells taken from human embryos, citing the 1996 Dickey-Wicker Amendment that former President George W. Bush used in 2001 to squash stem cell research. President Obama overturned Bush’s executive order last year, but Lamberth said Obama cannot overturn the will of Congress, since they enacted the Dickey-Wicker Amendment, despite the fact that Congress has since approved funding. Following last month’s ruling, new projects have already been halted due to withheld grants.


  8. indypendent

    Have you all heard that Wink Hartman might be the Libertarian candidate for Tiarht’s old congressional seat?

    Seems the Libertarian’s candidate dropped out last week due to health concerns.

    What, if anything, will this do the Pompeo campaign?

    I keep getting emails from Raj Goyle’s campaign and the general consensus is that Pompeo is not very well liked by his own party. In one email it was mentioned that not one of his former primary rivals would endorse Pompeo.

    I have not paid much attention – so I don’t know if this is true or not. Of course, this was from an email quite awhile ago – so that fact may not be an actual truth anymore.

    Does anyone else know?

    Personally, I had to laugh when I heard Wink Hartman might be the Libertarian candidate. Man, what a hoot. It will take alot of money and Wink does have that going for him.

    • tosmarttobegop

      It would split the vote that is true, I did not like Pompeo at all.
      Hartman at least had people call in person to talk with you and discuss the issues.
      Pompeo only use mud slinging and not one idea put out there.

      • indypendent

        I got several phone calls from Wink Hartman’s campaign inviting me to a breakfast meeting at the nearby Jimmy’s Egg.

        Of course it was a recorded message – but at least he didn’t tweet something offensive and then claim it to be an accident.

  9. I haven’t paid a bunch of attention either, Indy. Tonight’s local news said Hartman was meeting with the Libertarians tonight and they should know by the 10 o’clock news cast.

    I think if Hartman runs it’s gonna cost the Koch brothers more money. If I remember correctly Hartman got around 25% of the primary vote. If some of those who voted for Schodorf in the primary cast their votes for Goyle, and Hartman draws votes away from Pompeo (it doesn’t seem as likely he would draw votes from Goyle) it could be a closer race than it will be without Hartman as a candidate.

    It will mean a bunch more money for any business having to do with advertising!

    • Guess I should have been more clear — if Hartman runs it will cost the Koch brothers more money in their support of Pompeo. He is one Congress Critter they have counted on owning! Wouldn’t it be a hoot if they didn’t succeed!? 😉

  10. tosmarttobegop

    I had forgot to mention it, yesterday when we got home mom filled me in on what happen while we were gone. One thing was that one of the cats caught a Garter snake.

    Later I walked out the patio door and when I came back there was the cat with the snake.

    When I was a kid it seem like in the spring through summer I did not go outside without seeing a Garter snake of course when I was a kid I was always hunting them.

    I knew that this species of snake could get much bigger then I was finding.

    Something like three or four feet long, but the snake the cat had yesterday has to be the biggest I have seen for quite awhile!

    Over two feet long and a little bigger around then a dime. It looked dead and the cat was just laying a paw over it. Ever so often it would kind of swipe at it but no reactions.

    I have been thinking it odd that I do not see many snakes in the summer?

    I am not complaining, I have a fear of snakes to a certain degree.

    If I know it is there I will watch it for a while, but seldom pick them up anymore.

    I rarely kill them, but if I suddenly come across them without warning.

    I am sure that P.P. would tell me that she will see too many of them.

    Being a city boy I have only seen Garter and once in a blue moon a Blue racer in town.

    It use to be if I lifted up anything laying on the ground like a board or the like they would be there.

    • prairie pond

      The only good snake is a dead snake! 🙂

      I know that’s not true, but that’s how it is on Downer Creek!

  11. I was born in Watonga, Oklahoma — a town not too many miles from Roman Nose State Park where an annual rattlesnake hunt is held. My Grandma lived on the edge of Watonga and, of course, had a cellar. She kept her canned goods there and if there was bad weather that was the ‘scardy hole.’ When it was rattlesnake hunt week the snakes were smart enough to get out of the state park where all the hunters were. The stairs in Grandma’s cellar were dirt and it was cool and there was always a rattler curled up on one of those stairs! My Grandma was quicker with a hoe than anyone I’ve ever known. 😉

  12. indypendent

    I don’t like snakes of any kind. My great-niece and her fiance have a boa constrictor for a pet.


    Even my niece who is an avid pet lover of all kinds admits she does not like this particular pet. I’m glad I live 700 miles away and don’t have to feed the thing when my great-niece is away on vacation.