Obama to GOP: ‘Drop the Blockade’

President Obama returned to the White House ready to get back to work, giving a brief speech on Monday about the U.S. economy. Obama said that his administration is planning to kick-start the economy with several quick measures: extending tax cuts for the middle-class, redoubling the government’s investment in clean energy, adding further tax cuts, and “making it easier for our small business to grow and hire.” A bill that’s been “languishing in Senate for four months,” as Obama put it, would help put these plans into motion. But the biggest obstacle, of course, remains garnering Republican party support. “I ask the Senate Republicans to drop the blockade,” he said.

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  1. Zippy

    This is same bill I was referring to earlier. It’s been derided as a “bailout” but generally speaking, small businesses need bailed out, and they are being starved for credit–deliberately.

    It requires an obscene degree of cynicism for people like Carly Fiorina to pretend they’re fighting for small businesses.

    Paging PT Barnum!