GOP Has Record Lead Before Elections

A new Gallup poll shows the GOP leading the Democratic Party by 10 points in a “generic ballot” test, which asks whether the voter prefers a Republican or Democratic candidate. That’s the GOP’s largest lead in the 68 years that the generic-ballot question has existed. Should Democrats panic? Well, a Newsweek poll showed voters split evenly 45-45 on the generic ballot. says the average lead according to polls for the GOP is 5.2 percent; still, some experts say a 2-point GOP lead would translate into a pickup of 50 House seats.



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  1. wicked

    Why am I not surprised?

    Canada looks good right now…

  2. I agree, wicked.

    Last week when you said something about maybe never voting again, I wanted so badly to tell you we can’t give up, hang in there, we know how badly bush the lesser screwed everything up so let’s fight this. I couldn’t actually believe people’s memories could be that short!

    This week, I’m with you, and I am in agreement that voting does absolutely nothing.

  3. indypendent

    You know what the problem is, don’t you? The American people do not want to be told what they need to hear.

    And how dare Obama tell them they are not the ‘special ones’ and can do whatever to whomever and however they want to do it.

    Arrogance and ignorance is not in short supply along with those short memories.

  4. tosmarttobegop

    It is one of the dumbfounding things to anyone who pays any real attention.
    By and large the majority of voters do not think there is any real difference between the Republicans and the Democratic.

    All they will see or think about is that the current administration and the current Congress are not doing good enough. So they will vote them out and that is the only reason not that they think the other side is better or worse.

    They just think they are the same so it is not important which one is in control.
    It will not be a point to them that it was the Republican controlled White house and Congress that were the one when the house of cards fell. They just know it is the Democratic controlled White House and Congress in charge now and today sucks.

  5. I even heard some smokers who were greatly disappointed with the decision that Wichita would need to abide by the new no smoking state law blame President Obama and the democrats! Yes. They live in Kansas and they have no idea. They really don’t know anything beyond what dissatisfied them.

  6. When the Republicans take back the majorities how long will it take them to fix everything? Is six weeks long enough?

  7. tosmarttobegop

    I know that is in sarcasm, they will not fix anything they are clueless as to what to do.
    That is why the Republicans keep repeating the same old me-me of tax cut and deregulation.
    The ideas from over forty years ago when it was first thought of.

    Idea so old the explanation should start out with first you hook you horse to the wagon…

  8. tosmarttobegop

    Face it though guys, you all are not so warm and fuzzy with Obama.
    You do make every attempt to be understanding but there is also that element of being disappointed with him not even being able to bring about some of the more simpler things.

    Independents and moderates do not have that need to support him and the Democratic. Imagine their disappointment?

    I am willing to forgive his not being able to pull off the major things.
    But it is harder for me when he seems to not have even tried for the minor things that could be real change and for the benefit of the people.

    The health care reform is now being sold as a beginning and something to be built on. Well you can not start a house that you lose the land before it gets pass the foundation. For a foundation this bill ended up being made of twigs and gum.

    Financial reform ended up more that bail out will continue.
    Just now there will be no need for it to be in public.
    An embarrassment for those voting for it now will be still tax payer money being used but behind the closed doors of the national reserve.

    Don’t get me wrong, being a Republican does not mean I want or think they would be better and in fact it would be far worse. Too many Conservatives and their simple minded thoughts.

    At least for all their screwing up of wet dreams the Democratic is at least trying to do something. It just is not being thought out well…

  9. Zippy

    Democrats seem to be experts these days at snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, but what’s happening here is more than public ignorance. A lot more.

    Those who have been amassing power for an extended period of time pretty much control the electronic media, and fund the campaigns. Democrats who dare to stand for traditional Democratic issue face a money onslaught.

    Sold or fold? Take your pick. The result is the same.

    Russ Feingold, perhaps one of the most conscientious people to ever serve in the Senate, is struggling against a hugely-funded opponent.

    Obama changed the debate, for a while, but cut deals that didn’t have to be cut before they needed to be made. Hence the health-care bill that helps a relatively small number of people get insurance, while hoping the marginal reform will eventually bring down costs enough to help those stuck with crappy employer-based plans get a better deal.

    In the meantime, who can blame the selfish and ignorant for adopting a “get-mine” attitude and calling it “socialism” (well, I can, because that’s ridiculous–but in the absence of a compelling counter-narrative, the vaccuum will be filled.

    The urgency of the crisis allowed an inadequate stimulus bill to be passed. Then the iron got cold, and, again, the narrative got changed, under the crushing blow of corporate funding.

    Nine-and-a-half weeks is too early to write a post-mortem on the elections–remember Howard Dean winning in Iowa? Me neither. But Obama’s main problem is, despite his initial reluctance to “overpromise,” in the end, it was about squeaking through what ever could be put through the Senate, and that meant deferring to Reid–and Biden.

    Does anyone remember that prior to even taking office, he threatened a veto? I was cheering!

    Something happened. And despite the “no drama” title, the guy was no Mike Dukakis on the campaign trail. There will be drama.

    But that problem is credibility. The young people who expected so much have tuned out. Then there are the foul-weather voters, who don’t think much beyond “throw the bums out!”

    Manufacturing is making a slow–very slow–comeback. That’s the kind of thing we need to see more.

    We won’t. Nothing that improves the economy will get 60 votes. And the $39 billion to aid small businesses is viewed by those who lobby for small business as a drop in the bucket.

    Herein lies the Achilles heel for the nutbars who run the Republican party today. The argument that cutting taxes for rich people aids small business is about as dumb as it gets.

    (Tax cuts for small businesses may help though buried under an unsustainable tax burden, but the devil is in the details–a tax cut generally is only a small help to someone whose income is drastically reduced, whether a small business or individual).

    The real issue, as Obama said in a town meeting recently, whether America will start making things–whether goods or software or, hell, anything but McDonald’s burgers (actually imported from Mars)–or whether the Land of the Free will remain enslaved to someone else’s offshored, outsourced, international portfolio.

  10. prairie pond

    “Obama changed the debate, for a while, but cut deals that didn’t have to be cut before they needed to be made. ”

    Zippy, you are a great writer, and that is very well said.

    For lesser mortals 🙂 that translates into: “He isnt even trying.”

    And yes, I think the repukes, part deux, will be even worse.

    Ditto on the not voting. It doesnt matter in Kansas, anyway. You know the old saying. Voting only encourages them.

  11. I certainly understand the dissatisfaction with President Obama. And, I understand that doesn’t mean a desire to see a Republican elected. Yes, we want and expect more from Obama, and for informed voters we’re aware he is doing a superior job to what any Republican could do, it’s just that he is so capable of so much more.

  12. prairie pond

    I cant help but think that the conservative attacks on education, teachers, and especially public schools, is working.

    How much of this ignorance in connecting the dots between repukes and disaster is because most adults dont even have a passing acquaintance with a real, live, economics 101 class? Or a political science class? Or even a god damn class in basic logic?

    I think debate, and the accompanying logic lessons, should be required right along with a foreign language. Because logic in 2010 America IS a freakin’ foreign language!

    • Oh, they most definitely don’t teach kids to think anymore. They just teach them to spit back information for testing.

      However, the current group of adults can’t use the excuse of poor education, because most of us had the opportunity to get a fairly good education. It was just before I was ready to enter college that the right started its war on college grants and loans from the government. Still, tuition had not increased to the insane levels of today and there was still opportunity.

      It seems to me that the know-nothings thoughts and opinions are based on fear, jealousy and pettiness. They don’t care about facts because they don’t have to; their fear, jealousy and pettiness is sanctioned by the right wing propaganda machine.

    • Here’s the problem with debate, as it is currently taught and practiced (from my experience in judging tournaments): the “winner” is the team whose members can spout the largest number of “facts” the quickest, without regard to how the same are related, any distinctions that make a difference therein, and any attempt to place them in their proper context, or without any attempt to present a convincing argument based thereon. It (judging a debate tournament) is like being bombarded by 30 second (or shorter) sound bites the whole time. Y’all should be familiar with this technique, if you are a veteran of the WE Blog (think “Nathan”).

      My vote is on a course in rhetoric, which would necessarily cover both writing and speaking. Basic logic is an important part thereof, and would (hopefully) accomplish the end upon which Prairie and I agree.

    • Long ago memories of judging debate tournaments — I haven’t done that since Chad was ‘a master debater.’ He graduated high school in 1990 and didn’t do college debate. A long time ago. 😉

  13. prairie pond

    In other words….

    The dumber the electorate, the more the repukes win. And yeah, that makes me a liberal elitist. Never mind that it’s also true!

  14. prairie pond

    I found this over at Crooks and Liars this morning. Dont you know THIS will be appearing in one of my next columns?

    This is how majority voters in our society think. And have been thinking for generations.

  15. I have been hoping to hear Christians speak out and in this morning’s local paper there is a letter to the editor that is exactly what I thought all Christians should be doing in defense of, “…the greatest of these is love.”

    Start acting like Christians

    I am angry. I am heartsick. I am baffled. I am embarrassed.

    I watched the news and read about the latest attacks on a Muslim community in Murfreesboro, Tenn. Construction equipment at the site of a new Muslim worship center and mosque were set on fire Saturday. Coupled with the rancor over the proposed Muslim center in New York City, it has almost seemed too much.

    The hate and bigotry have gone on and, in my opinion, continued to escalate since Sept. 11, 2001. I believe it is a sad commentary, not only on our nation and culture but on the church as well, and it has gone on long enough.

    I am angry because people who identify themselves as Christians would continue to support this kind of violence and the venomous words directed at the Muslim community.

    I am heartsick because I see good and faithful peace-loving people of God who work hard, worship often, contribute to our country and defend our country being identified with extremist groups that do not speak for Islam.

    I am baffled that those who would claim relationship with Christ, who would claim to follow Christ, who would call themselves Christian, can have such disregard for others among God’s children and their sacred and safe place of worship. Christ said to love all, even those you may perceive as your enemy. He became angry not at those of another faith or understanding but at a few of those within his own faith who seemed to have lost sight of justice, humility and kindness.

    I am embarrassed because I call myself a Christian, and when I see and hear of these acts on the news, I find myself at times wishing for another name.

    We are a nation built on the freedom of religion. I refuse to let the extremists who would distort and destroy the Christian faith have that name. Christians claim to follow a God of love, mercy, grace and justice. It is time we start acting like it.

    the Rev. KENT H. LITTLE
    Senior pastor
    College Hill United Methodist Church

    Read more:

    • Why do I expect a response from someone labeling Rev. Little a “faux preacher”, a “CINO (Christian in Name Only)” or a similar belittling comment.

      Good for Rev. Little; shame on the Paulines that proclaim to be Christians whilst degrading the teachings of the Rabbi for whom their (alleged) belief system is named.

    • wicked

      I hope the Rev. Little has a tall fence around his parsonage, ’cause the sh!t is gonna fly.

      Good for him! Thanks to the money grubbing TV evangelicals, real Christians are heading toward extinction. I have a feeling he’s sharing these same words in his sermons and hope he’s able to keep his job there. Christians need more like him to spread the word of Jesus.

      • If he’s sharing the same words in his sermons, then (based upon my experience with CHUM) he’ll be fine. I’m aware of the flap there over Rev. Gardner and his departure, but IIRC that had a bit more to do with what was going on in his personal life and his somewhat more “activist” approach to his position.

      • wicked

        I’m not aware of a flap over Rev. Gardner, but I’m assuming you’re referring to George Gardner, who I remember fondly from my younger years.

        It was mentioned that CHUM “housed” Dr. Tiller. Definitely a church I give my personal unholy and dark-souled blessing. 🙂 🙂

      • wicked

        6176, you made me laugh. And every word was the truth. Too bad it isn’t really funny.

    • wicked

      Reading the comments dashes any hope that sanity will prevail. I can only hope their God keeps His word and gives them their just reward.

      • wicked

        And now that I get to thinking about this, I wonder what would happen if Jesus came down and said the same thing to them. Would they have an epiphany? Or would they tell him he isn’t a real Christian?

        I love it when people shout “Judge not lest ye be judged” while judging others.

      • The comments were, unfortunately, what I expected, except for the reasonable few that somehow were made (I wasn’t expecting any of those). Just further proof, imho, that the extremists, of whatever persuasion, will be the loudest ones, seeking and receiving the most attention.

      • No, He would not cause an epiphany. Regrettably, much of what exists in what is broadly called “Christianity” is based upon the Epistles of Paul, much of which (again, imho) perverts the teachings of Jesus as recorded in the Gospels.

        In other words, He would be told He “isn’t a real Christian”. He might agree with this assessment, given He died a Jew.

      • “In other words, He would be told He “isn’t a real Christian”. He might agree with this assessment, given He died a Jew.”

        First, thanks for the laugh. Secondly, thanks for the mind I can always depend on.

        It’s a joy to have friends like all of you!

    • Amen, Rev. Little, Amen!

      Well said, and about time!