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GOP Has Record Lead Before Elections

A new Gallup poll shows the GOP leading the Democratic Party by 10 points in a “generic ballot” test, which asks whether the voter prefers a Republican or Democratic candidate. That’s the GOP’s largest lead in the 68 years that the generic-ballot question has existed. Should Democrats panic? Well, a Newsweek poll showed voters split evenly 45-45 on the generic ballot. Pollster.com says the average lead according to polls for the GOP is 5.2 percent; still, some experts say a 2-point GOP lead would translate into a pickup of 50 House seats.

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Obama to GOP: ‘Drop the Blockade’

President Obama returned to the White House ready to get back to work, giving a brief speech on Monday about the U.S. economy. Obama said that his administration is planning to kick-start the economy with several quick measures: extending tax cuts for the middle-class, redoubling the government’s investment in clean energy, adding further tax cuts, and “making it easier for our small business to grow and hire.” A bill that’s been “languishing in Senate for four months,” as Obama put it, would help put these plans into motion. But the biggest obstacle, of course, remains garnering Republican party support. “I ask the Senate Republicans to drop the blockade,” he said.

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Tuesday, 8/31/10, Public Square

Tonight President Obama addresses Americans about pulling combat troops out of Iraq.  It was a time table set by his predecessor, but never mind that, since the world began on January 20, 2009, it is his responsibility.  I agree.  President Obama is the commander in chief and this ultimately is his decision and his responsibility.

Are the costs of war finally ‘on the books?’  Do we actually know what is being spent, where, how…?  Is the Military Industrial Machine still making huge profits at the expense of our soldiers and every American?

My opinion, shared by some, is that we should have never been in Iraq, and that the world is a less safe place since America invaded.

I’ll listen tonight, will you?



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