Saturday, 8/21/10, Public Square

This August has 5 Sundays, 5 Mondays, 5 Tuesdays, all in one month.   It happens once in 823 years.

I’ll probably miss it next time!


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  1. I used to think there might be members of the GOP who cringed when their own went off on the most outrageous tracks. When Michael Steele or Sarah Palin represent the GOP so poorly, I thought, oh my, someone will repudiate that. Today, I don’t believe that any longer.


    Veterans Demand Apology From GOP & Fox News

    Regarding the so-called “death book” that supposedly encourages veterans to “commit suicide” is under fire from veterans. On August 25, RNC Chairman Michael Steele made this claim on Fox & Friends, which went unchecked and, of course, was not disputed.

    Now, veterans are demanding an apology from Steel and Fox News for the failure to report the truth and for creating “an atmosphere of mistrust “Let me be absolutely clear, Steele lied. There is no VA manual encouraging veterans to commit suicide,” said Paul Sullivan, the executive director of VCS, a non-profit based in Washington, DC providing advocacy for veterans, especially veterans with mental health conditions.

  2. Our friend The Friggin Loon says today is election day ‘down under,’ and shares this Aussie Election Song. I think it could pertain to our elections too. 😉

    Warning!: Contains language which may be offensive (although I think politicians are pretty offensive too).

  3. tosmarttobegop

    I was at the local hardware store earlier today when the first eye Doctor who saw me and referred me to the specialist recognized me. Immediately he asked how I was doing and how is the eye doing?

    After I told him what the Doppler showed, he explained what the internal artery does and knew exactly what was wrong by the name. And it was important to get the full flow of blood going back to the eye.

    After I got back home and finished the reason I was at the hardware store in the first place.
    It occurred to me, several times I have encountered my Medical Doctor out of his office.
    Not once has he ever asked me about how I was doing or anything he had treated me for!

    Even when I have been in his office and he is seeing me about something I had called for an appointment to be seen for. If I mention anything that is not directly associated with the reason I am there.
    He just tells me I will need to set another appointment to discuss it, as if the money he will be getting is only good for one topic at a time.

    I have heard that complain from other people who are not seeing the same Doctor as I am.
    I do miss the days of our family Doctor when I was a kid, you always felt like they actually cared about what was wrong and your well-being.

    You never got to leave the office until they were 100 percent sure what was wrong and if there was anything else possibly wrong while you were there.

    What was wrong was not the sole focus it was you, they did not get any more money for doing that.
    And it did not cost you any more for them to look into something that you were not there for in the first place!.

    My wife stepped in when it was said I would need to make an appointment for the Doctor to just tell me what the last test found. Even though that test was for him to decide to send me to a different Doctor.
    Who will charge me another fee to tell me what the test results were.

    Sadly, my auto mechanic is better about if there is anything else wrong with the car about looking into it and some times fix it without charging any more then he was getting for fixing what the car was in his shop for to begin with.

    There have been times I have just mentioned something odd and he looked at it and fixed it for free!
    My car seems to get better concern then I do.

    I guess I just was feeling like ranting, it has been a while and with other Doctors too that I have the feeling that a human life is not as important as the damn car!

  4. tosmarttobegop

    Sorry my intent was more to say that the eye Doctor had said that the internal artery main job is to provide blood to the eyes. It does send some blood to the brain and other parts of the head, but its blockage is not one that will normally effect the brain which was my concern.

    It is serious enough as it is, I could lose all sight in my eye if not corrected.
    But it was good my wife was with me to hear what I heard, she has been on pins and needles worrying I am about to have a stoke. Though I will admit that her extra attention is not only appreciated by enjoyed!

    For the most part I am a big boy and do not need or demand much attention or care.
    I hate my slippers so requiring her to bring them to me while I set on my butt does not happen.
    I more often get something to eat out of the fridge rather then wait for her to fix me something to eat.
    Though that trait might have something to do with the blockage since my grab tends to be either a hot dog or a baloney sandwich. Ahh hot dogs the other white meat!

  5. tosmarttobegop

    I suddenly remembered this song.
    I am a Dr. Hook fan and the first time my wife heard this one she turned to me and said “Guess what I do not truly love you in that case!”

  6. tosmarttobegop

    “Back story not included”

  7. tosmarttobegop

    A man when the storm comes will face it and do his best to remain standing.

    When the world seems to be so against him that he footing faulter and he legs give out.

    Then is when he needs his wife the most. He will not strave without her.

    He will not go naked or cold in that storm.

    He will need to be reminded that no matter what there she will be when everyone else has fallen away.

  8. tosmarttobegop

    Outside that door is the world.
    It throws so much at you that it feels like it is crusting all over your entire body.

    And I know on this side of that door is has not been all perfect and sunlight.
    This has broken and the kids have been such a demand!
    The phone does not seem to quit ringing and the caller is demanding far more then what will be in the bank for months to come.

    You have been the only one who is here to deal with all there has been that is crusting to you too.
    When you cry I am here for you and what I need when I walk through that door is for you to take a few moments to sing my a rainbow.

    Neither one of us are alone at these moments and later it might be just what we both needed to wash the crusting off.

    • tstbg!!! I LOVE Dr HOOK! I first heard him at Henry Levitt Arena sometime in the ’70s. He was a lead in band for Alice Cooper, I think. I bought Medicine show on cassette and then wore it out listening to it. On Jan. 23, 1998 he was at the Cotillion and my bff & her husband, I and my husband attended. My husband hadn’t partied in a while and had been working long hours that week before. The lead in band seemed to play on and on and my husband proceeded to get wasted. By the time Dr Hook climbed onto the stage he was totally out of it. After the show my bff and took our tickets to be signed while her hubby took mine to the car. Here’s how my dh’s ticket was signed, “(his name), You got stoned and you missed it! Dr. Hook” What a night. Oh, and the crowd in attendance ranged from the very old to the very young. All LOVE Dr. Hook!

      Why has this page loaded weird? It’s to big for the browser box that it usually fits in. There’s white space on the right side beyond the scroll bar and I can’t ever access the top of the page where the name of the page is in the header.

  9. tosmarttobegop

    LOL see what happens when you leave me to play by myself I think too much and start to feel too much.

    A deep thinker can get like they are so deep beneath the waves that they gasp for air and know the fear of drowning.

    It is truly funny how music can bring you back to the surface.

    Oh the water is still deep and the waves still crash over the head it seems.

    You can forget where the surface is and not hear the voices that scream to you to take a breath of air before it becomes too late.

    I started out just reminded of one song, then suddenly remembering all that once was true and dear.

    Some of the meanings of life, what should be that which is more important then who is winning this or losing that.

    The Oceans of thought are so wide and deep that you can lose sight of the life preserver that is beside of you.

    Be it a friend or a spouse, someone that may know who you are and know you better then yourself.

    Least you forget you are someone else’s life preserver too and they may now be drowning in their own sea of thoughts.

  10. tosmarttobegop

    It was right after a manager at the store told me I was my worst enemy.

    That I first heard this song and thought yeah that pretty much sums me up!

    My reply to that manager, “Yeah but I am also my best ally.

  11. tosmarttobegop

    Having met a few of you, that song also reminds me of you.

    Some that come to mind is the grumpy ole men’s breakfast meet-ups.

    Wicked and Fnord included, we all are more or less come as we are and either understand me or don’t!

    I am going to be me….