A man who isn’t afraid to speak

James Baldwin, an American novelist, essayist, playwright and poet

What an interesting man James Baldwin is!

A television interviewer once asked Baldwin to describe the challenges he faced starting his career as “a black, impoverished homosexual,” to which Baldwin laughed and replied: “I thought I’d hit the jackpot.”

This article at NPR tells us some about this fascinating, talented man and gives us a peek into his newest book, ‘The Cross of Redemption,’ which is a collection of several of Baldwin’s essays, speeches and articles.

He’s a man who has much to teach us on the subjects of race, homosexuality, tolerance, communication and observing so we can advance knowledge and reduce hate and fear.

“You give me this advantage,” Baldwin once wrote to his white audience. “Whereas you never had to look at me — because you’ve sealed me away along with sin and hell and death — my life was in your hands and I had to look at you. I know more about you than you know about me.”

Have any of you read him?  If so, do you have a favorite to recommend?  I haven’t yet read him, but I WILL!



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2 responses to “A man who isn’t afraid to speak

  1. tosmarttobegop

    I have not read his book and I should really broaden my reading interest.

    The problem is one like a lot of people’s, it sounds like it would be informative and enlightening.
    But it would only find a limited readership, you would more then likely have to already have an interest.
    Those who might benefit from the book will not have the interest to read it.

  2. fnord, I have read only Go Tell It on the Mountain, assigned for Freshman English long ago. Thus, this is the only one I’m able to recommend.