Friday, 8/20/10, Public Square

Did you have eggs for breakfast?  Has anyone figured out how we determine whether or not the eggs we have in our fridge our OK?  With the exception of PrairiePond, we’ve all purchased those eggs somewhere and discovering where our source obtained those eggs doesn’t seem easy!  All this hysterical news does no one any favor!


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11 responses to “Friday, 8/20/10, Public Square

  1. tosmarttobegop

    As a matter of fact I did have an egg for breakfast? Did not even think about it though.

    I still remember the running joke about how a science and consumer research group has founded that life is hazardous to your health!

    The longer you live the more likely you will die…..

  2. Griffin

    According to the Do Da news last night, (if you can believe them)the eggs in Kansas are just fine. Just don’t eat eggs in Neb. Mo. Ok. or Co.

  3. While I guess I welcomed the brief shower at my place this morning, the resulting steam bath effect was definitely unappreciated.

    • The west side didn’t get the morning shower! Ginger and I were at the park very early this morning as she had an appointment at 8:15 for her annual exam with grooming immediately after. I wanted her to have the opportunity to run and do her business before being confined. There was a nice breeze, but it was already steamy by 7:30.

      If outside is going to feel like an oven, then outside should smell like brownies.

  4. Laura Schleisinger says something she shouldn’t have, realizes it later and apologizes, then Palin defends her. Does anyone get the impression Palin has to be increasingly and spectacularly stupid to garner attention?

    • Having read about “Dr. Laura’s” faux pas and former Gov. Palin’s defense of her, I’ve one question for both: What governmental action was being taken against the former adulteress that infringed upon her First Amendment rights?

      • They do both seem to have an unusual understanding of the First Amendment.

      • paulasayles

        “What governmental action was being taken against the former adulteress that infringed upon her First Amendment rights?”

        They don’t seem to know the difference between government oppression and societal condemnation for borish behavior. They are not alone. The very basic understanding of societal mores and the consequences of transgressing against them began to slip away when someone coined the phrase “Politically Incorrect.”

        As in, it’s politically incorrect to call your Down Syndrome baby a retard. No, it’s not politically incorrect, it’s ignorant and hurtful.