Well, now it is time.

A little more than two months ago, I wrote about the struggles of Cookie, my eight year old Cocker Spaniel. The article was entitled “When is it Time?” I received a lot of positive encouragement from a lot of people, from around the world.

Well, now it is time.

Cookie has been doing pretty well these past two months. Just a few seizures and no episodes of losing control or focus. The meds were doing their job and she was enjoying life with me, Rufus and our cats.

We can never know how an illness with play out and when, or even if, it will reach out and bring the end all that much closer. That is just the nature of life, and death.

Cookie had two severe seizures this past Friday, about eighteen hours apart. She had another on Saturday afternoon. This one, however, was accompanied with blood being spit up and a prolonged period of violent shaking, followed by a lengthy episode of disorientation and a little aggressiveness.

Well, now it is time.

It is never easy to let go of a beloved pet, especially when they are so loving to their master and so happy the majority of the time. You have never truly known the love of a pet until you open your eyes in the morning and have a Cocker Spaniel lick your nose in anticipation of a new day. It is heartbreaking to let go – even if you know it is the right thing to do.

But, now it is time.

The cynics say that our pets have no souls. They are wrong. To this day, I still feel the presence of Maxwell, Duke and Rocky as they watch over me. And I know, that along with the two Little Grey Guys we lost recently, they will be waiting for me one day.

One day, on the other side of that Rainbow Bridge.

Today, Cookie will join them on the other side. Along with them, she will wait for me to join her, where all of our pets are whole and happy once more, where we can play in fields of green in the bright sunshine.

One day, on the other side of that Rainbow Bridge.

Today, it is time.

William Stephenson Clark


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15 responses to “Well, now it is time.

  1. paulasayles

    It’s never easy, but it is a kindness to assist when life becomes more misery than joy. It is still difficult and painful, but it helps to know you are doing right by your family member. Sorry for your loss.

  2. prairie pond

    Will, I’m so sorry for you all, but Cookie can wait at the bridge without suffering. And share a laugh with the others waiting for you about all your stupid human tricks 🙂

    I wish Cookie an easy passage.

  3. itolduso

    Man, I am sorry.

  4. prairie pond

    Will, one of my rescue pals sent me this on Friday. I’ll insert your name where she had mine.

    “There is an old story that goes like this:
    When a human being dies, there is a bridge they must cross over to get to heaven’s gate. At the start of that bridge, there is a gathering of every animal the human has ever had contact with on this earth. Based on what the animals know of that person, they get to decide if you cross the bridge.

    My dear Will, the animals greeting you will carry you over that bridge on their shoulders!!”

  5. Zippy

    I don’t know if anyone has a soul, but dogs have personalities, intelligence and communication skills that are way underrated.

    I think a lot of us have been where you are now. It’s never easy.

    Take care.

  6. I’m thinking about you and admiring the strength and love it takes to do the right thing for Cookie.

  7. wicked

    Thinking of you, Will, and Cookie, too. May she wait in peace with animal friends from her past, until the time comes to be reunited with you.

  8. Freebird1971

    Damn Will I’m sorry to hear that.

  9. indypendent

    So sorry to hear this – Will. Keeping you in my thoughts.

  10. tosmarttobegop

    When my dad’s dog Big Boy had gotten so far down he was only suffering.
    I loaded him in my car and took him to the Vet’s dad did not ask me to.
    But I knew that he would have such a hard time taking his best buddy to what was a foregone conclusion.

    After it was conformed that there was no hope so it was done what was best for him.
    I bought Big Boy home to his final resting place,
    (Damn starting to get hard to type) I with out a word dug the hole and laid him carefully in it.

    After he was finally at rest I came in the house, there was dad setting staring at the wall.
    In a voice so soft I barely heard him say, “Thank you son I am not sure I would have had the strength.”.
    The strength comes more from the love then the knowing it is the right thing to do for them.

    It is that love that makes it the hardest thing to do, that makes it the needed thing to do.

  11. Will.

    This has been at the front of my mind all day. The second toughest thing I’ve ever had to do was to take this action for my dog some 45 years ago; I knew it was best, but….

    Hang in there, and if appropriate, have a drink (or whatever) on me.

  12. WSClark

    Well, she was, and now she is gone.

    RIP, Cookie, I love you and I will miss you.

    May God watch over you until we meet again.

  13. It seems fitting, in a way, to note that the National Weather Service predicts a 100 per cent chance of rain for tomorrow….