Bush and Obama Tax Plans

So how are the Republicans going to sell their plan to keep those Bush tax cuts for the 2% who are wealthiest?  What kind of spin will they put on this one?  It would be entertaining if it weren’t so desperately serious.



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5 responses to “Bush and Obama Tax Plans

  1. Maybe the reason the Republicans will push to retain the Bush tax cuts for the nation’s wealthiest 2% is so when their guy/gal is elected in 2012 and solves all the world’s problems with even deeper tax cuts which miraculously eliminate our debt, makes everyone employed (wonder if those of us who prefer not to be employed will automatically be given a job?), and makes everything come up roses, the stewpid, evil libaruhls will finally get the message!?

  2. indypendent

    They will use the excuse they always use – the wealthy creates jobs.

    Maybe this time we should specify AMERICAN jobs.

  3. tosmarttobegop

    The term “tax cut “ is a dog whistle to the voters ears, even if they are not the dog being whistled for.

  4. Zippy

    As for the spin, we’re already seeing “tax increase.” Yes, for those who haven’t fallen into the economic gutter and are still making 250g a year, which is still more than the vast majority of Americans will ever earn.

    And the other one–“class warfare” and of course–“socialism.” If you actually look at the numbers, of course, a kind of class warfare is going on rather explicitly. And look who’s losing.

    Not just the poor. The ranks of demi-wealthy–new wealth–continue to dwindle, though the Wall Street trader mentality has a hard time getting that they’re being played–again.

    The scary truth: intelligence may lead to wealth–in the right conditions–but the opposite is not true (in that regard, nice to see Ben Quayle self-destructing so soon!).

    Some of the wealthiest titans of industry are single-talented manipulation machines. It’s all they know.