A Project…………………………………

For a few years now, I have been considering a project. First person research, in depth, for a new book. Something that may be shocking, but in keeping with my seriously demented personality.

My first book “Whitelines and Antidepressants” was considered and then rejected by some publishers. Truthfully, it was the wrong time to write such a book – I finished it barely a month before 9/11.

Now, I want one last swing at a book before time catches up with me and makes me behave myself. I am rapidly approaching Sixty and there is little time for the kind of research I have in mind.

Well, I will be taking two weeks off from Pop Blog. When I return, I’ll discuss the “Project” in more detail.



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  1. wicked

    Wow, a research trip!

    Keep trying publishers. There are several legitimate e-publishers. I’ve considered that for books I know won’t sell to bigger publishing houses. And, yes, timing is often important, just as knowing the market is.

    Have fun and happy researching!!!

  2. paulasayles

    I LOVE research! (I’m such a nerd.)

    When I was a stay at home mom, I was so bored I thought my head might explode. When I found a free moment, I used to just go into the library and walk over to the card catalog (how I loved the card catalog!!) and pick a subject and start looking for materials. I would make a list, grab a few books, copy some periodicals and take the stuff home for a couple of weeks.

    If I could get paid to do research, that might just be my dream job.

    • wicked

      People do get paid for doing research for writers. I know someone who’s doing that. But doing research is half the fun of writing.

      • paulasayles

        Where do I sign up???

        I know someone who is a research assistant to a doctor at a teaching hospital. Even THAT would interest me greatly!

      • wicked

        I have no idea, Paula. That friend lives in Alabama, and I think she kind of fell into the job for some guy who’s writing some paper for I forget what. LOL

        I’ve noticed people advertising to do editing and some research on craigslist. Like any other job, you’d have to decide on a lot of things, then advertise. After that, it’s word of mouth.

  3. I am reading a book right now that I swear could have been written by you, Will! I know your voice and this author and you share so many similarities. I’m going to find a few of the places where I had to shake my head and look again at the book’s cover to double check the author’s name. I’ll do that later today and share some here. I will be interested if anyone hears Will’s voice.

  4. paulasayles

    Will, when does this two week period begin? And, since I didn’t say so before, BEAUTIFUL picture.

    • WSClark

      A week from today. My columns for next week are scheduled, then I will cease writing for that two week period – then return – renewed and invigorated!

      Or, something like that…………………

  5. Let me set the scene here – Gil (who is human and has FOUR dogs) has just discovered Jimmy (the only one he raised from a pup) can talk! Yeah, just like you and me.

    This was a happy period in my life. I was grateful to be working on the Bremmer’s summerhouse in Malibu, where I’d lived rent-free for three years in exchange for doing the kind of work that I actually enjoy. It was what I called “puttering” and it consisted of things I’d do even if no one was paying me, like replacing and repairing broken stuff, figuring out what part of something was keeping it from working.

    “When I peered in an open side door, I got quite a surprise. An unusually large gathering of dogs were seated in a big group, panting and staring, apparently spellbound by something. As my eyes grew accustomed to the dimness, I realized that Jimmy was standing in front of them.

    That I could understand Jimmy as he lectured to the other dogs didn’t surprise me nearly as much as it would have before I started hanging out with Sara. She was constantly going on about teaching people to turn on their inner light by talking to their animals. That’s what she did for a living; Sara was an animal communicator. Yeah, yeah, I know. To be honest, I never allowed myself to really explore the idea that Sara might be nuts. Though sometimes I wondered who she’d have been if she’d been born in Ohio. Sara and I had a pretty good relationship. I thought she was hot in that very specific way that I have seen only in crazy women. In my experience, crazy girls really put out more than their better balanced sisters because they seemed to be under the impression that love could make them sane.

    When I first heard Jimmy talking, I thought I was catching Sara’s pathology by osmosis the way I thought I was a Buddhist for a minute when I was married to Eden. When I live with someone, I tend to pick up their beliefs. Lucky for em I’ve never been hot for a crack whore.

    “Usually Jimmy sat beside me while I worked. …he has an inscrutable way of staring that always made me feel like he found me fascinating. Though he was still as a piece of statuary, every so often he would spring to his feet, run over, and lick my face like I was a delicious frozen dessert. At moments like these, when he would appear happier to see me than I have ever been to see anyone, even though he’d been sitting there for hours on end and had seen me and seen me and seen me and seen me some more, I would be reminded how much I liked his company. Jimmy was the only guy I knew who could change my mood for the better just by showing up.

    “I’ve been told repeatedly that I’m a very good boy,” Jimmy was saying to the others. “As far as I can tell, it’s in the genes.”

    “Is it okay if I ask a Question? I’m sorry,” I heard Fruity, my golden retriever mix, ask nervously, “but is that how you got him to let you sleep next to him on the bed?”

    “Nah. Anyone can do it. It takes a month from the beginning to end,” Jimmy counseled.

    “No way that would ever work at my house,” said Samson, the rottweiler mix from down the street.

    “Absolutely it would,” said Jimmy. “First, spend a couple a weeks circling the bed from the floor. Then start phase two: going up to the edge of the bed and staring mournfully.”

    Excuse me for interrupting,” said Fruity, “but what does ‘mournfully’ mean?”

    “Like you feel when they are eating and they offer you nothing,” said Jimmy.

    “Once you master this, your next step is to place your head on the bed,” Jimmy continued, “preferably as close to some part of their body as possible. Staring, always staring.”

    “But remember every situation has some options. For instance, if someone throws something, you don’t have to bring it back. You can just stand there with a blank stare, holding it in your mouth.”

    What? Why wouldn’t you bring a thing back?” said Cheney. “Are you out of your mind?”

    “It figures you would say that,” said Jimmy. “I see how they have you running back and forth. Haven’t you noticed that every time you bring a thing back, they throw it again? That’s abusive. If they really wanted it, they’d go get it themselves.”

    “That’s not abusive, That’s the point of being alive,” said Cheney.

    Jimmy shook his head and laughed. “Whatever. Different needs for different breeds.”

    2010 Villard Books Trade Paperback Edition
    Copyright 2008 by Merrill Markoe
    All rights reserved

    (wicked, is this enough? Are there other words I need to add to ensure against copyright infringement?)