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What’s the Matter with America? Part II

In the late Seventies, Jerry Falwell brought us the “Moral Majority.” Before then, of course, we were all immoral hedonists, Hell bent on finding pleasure at every turn. Well, at least I was. Damn, I still am.

So, what is the “Moral Majority?”  Well, this was their platform:

Outlawing abortion in all cases.

Opposition to recognition and acceptance of homosexual acts.

Opposition to the ERA amendment and to SALT.

Enforcement of traditional view of family life.

Censorship of media that promote “anti-family” agenda.

Well, let’s check this out in a little more depth. Did they take a position on taxes? No. Business regulation? Zip. Import/export ratio? Nada. Employment. Zilch. Energy policy? Not a chance. Illegal immigration? Why bother. Economic conditions? Hell, no!

Military? SALT? Well, damn! We can’t reduce the number of nukes, can we? We gotta be able to kill mass quantities of Ruskies!

So, here we are, America. We are all tangled up in a web of self-defeating positions on issues that truly matter little, in real life. The “Moral Majority” position are as relevant to the average American as whether or not Lindsay gets out of jail, Levi has boinked another girl or if Brittany wears panties.

In other words, not a damned thing.

We are a better people that this. Truly. We have always been a better people than this.

Well, maybe not, but we should be.

Outlaw all abortions? Tell that to a fourteen year old that has been raped.

Homosexual acts? Ah, all of the same are practiced by heterosexuals.

Equal rights for women? It should be a given.

Reduce nukes? We have enough to destroy the Earth many times over.

Traditional family life? What did Ozzie actually do all day?

Censorship? What about the First Amendment?

These are the issues that that should be important to the average American? Healthcare, jobs, tax rates and equal rights are unimportant, but these topics are the ones we should be focused on?

What ever happened to the idealism of the Sixties?

(Part III tomorrow)

William Stephenson Clark


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Wednesday, 8/11/10, Public Square

On this date in 1984, during a radio voice test, President Reagan joked he “signed legislation that would outlaw Russia forever. We begin bombing in 5 minutes.”

With the speed words travel today, what consequences could have been?


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