When Steven died, I volunteered, in the absence of any other offers, to write five columns per week for Pop Blog.  I have lived up to that commitment.

Now, I need a vacation.

I have written and scheduled all of my columns for next week, and will write and schedule my columns for the following week tomorrow. After that, I will be taking two weeks off. Beginning the weeks of August 23rd and August 30th, someone else needs to step up.

It is not easy trying to develop, research, write and publish five columns a week, with an eye to maintaining and increasing participation and improving the viability and continued relevance of Pop Blog. Try it – it is humiliating when your “work” is virtually ignored – then do it five times a week.

I will be brutally honest. I have asked a number of times what the participants at Pop Blog want – column ideas, threads, suggestions, anything. I have solicited your input, but I have never received a reply. That is very frustrating for someone that is just trying to keep a good thing  going.

While I am “away” I will continue with my other duties as co-administrator such as monitoring posts, approving new posts, etc..  I just won’t be writing.

This is not MY blog – it is yours – you need to decide what you want and how you want to get there.

In the short time since I have been an administer at Pop Blog, I have endeavored to work within the framework that was established by Steven Davis. What I do here has been my feeble attempt to maintain his vision.

Now, I need a vacation.

William Stephenson Clark


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28 responses to “Vacation

  1. I hope your vacation is restful, relaxing, peaceful and whatever would please you most!

  2. If you’ve prepared two weeks worth of thread headers, you’ll actually have almost four weeks off! That should help revitalize your engines. 😉

  3. itolduso

    Here’s to a knight of the thin blue smoke. Enjoy your vacation sir

  4. If I could offer an answer to your questioning “what the participants at Pop Blog want,” I would.

    What I do know is that blogging should be fun, informative, and enjoyable. If it’s not, why do it?

  5. Zippy

    Just chill, dude. Every forum makes a little difference, but it’s still not real life.

    My only suggestion: Give the people what they need, not necessarily what they “want.”

    I appreciate your efforts.

  6. Will,

    I hereby offer my services. Be warned, however, that I have a tendency to extreme wordiness. I have pretty much quit on my own blog because it takes me all day to write it and nobody ever reads it–at least partially due to my long-windedness.

    I can’t promise to fill every day, but if you have some openings, I will share them with someone else. I generally write my blogs in response to something I see in current events that weighs on my mind or really gets my goat. Because it takes me so long to get my thoughts in order, and I generally make notes all morning and put my blog together during my lunch hour, my blogs aren’t always as timely as they could be.

    I currently am working on two themes: the negative affects of fear on our society and the need for a strong manufacturing industry come-back in our country.

    • I’m not Will, but want to tell you thank you. If you set up a WordPress account it’s a done deal.

      When PPPs first began we had five or six who wrote thread headers and no one followed any schedule (well, I’ve always tried to get The Public Square up early on a daily basis). Surprisingly there were very few times when we conflicted in any way. I remember a couple of times Iggy and I wrote on the same subject, quickly discovered it and discussed whose ‘take’ should stay. There was even once when we left them both up. It didn’t seem to be a burden for anyone because we wrote when we were interested and moved to write, so it remained in the realm of what we wanted to do, not what we were expected to do. Attitude and perception truly is everything!

      Use the tool that allows only part of the thread header to appear on the front page with a click to continue and it saves scroll grease. Last I heard gstir still had an ample supply, but you just can’t ever tell when scroll grease will run out.

      I sometimes think when we ‘flesh it out’ too well we’ve covered all perspectives and answered all the questions, thus bloggers read and see it’s been covered really well. The blogger may think a great overall perspective was given, their take and thoughts were represented or acknowledged… On to read something else that may require or benefit from input.

      I just realized the above para makes it seem like I have an idea about what I’m doing, some insight. I don’t. I know I want this place to be here, whether it thrives or not, in a world where some days seem out of whack there are people here who respect one another whether they agree or not. 😉

      Adult behavior and respect seems rare in blogging. I’ve heard it said that anonymity allows people to behave as assholes, I can’t find the upside to that. When a blog allows anyone to strike out at another it seems to encourage the worst kinds of behavior and discourage any meaningful communication.

      • badbiker

        Well, I am Will…………………… using my Login nic.

        When I write, I try to put up just enough information and background to prompt a discussion. Sometimes I post my opinion, sometimes I allow my slant to express my opinion.

        I watch my word count and try to keep it between 300 and 400 words per column.

        Just my $0.02.

      • The anonymity thing is definitely not good. One reason I don’t have a nic.

        As Popeye always said, “I am what I am and that’s all what I am.”

      • paulasayles

        The WordPress account has been created. My nic is paulasayles. Shows my creativity. 🙂

      • Poke around. Are you familiar with WordPress?

      • paulasayles

        I’m not real familiar with WordPress. My blog is at blogspot and it was extremely easy to create and post in. I will read up a bit and try to familiarize myself with the way things work.

      • This is easy too! I can do some of it, it must be very simple.

        Do you see the new clicks — both at each of your posts and those at the top of the page? Click around, you can’t hurt anything.

      • At the drop down menu under “My Blog” click Dashboard and there’s where you find all the innards.

  7. prairie pond

    Will, you have done a GREAT job at a time when some of us were so overcome with grief we couldnt write. And I hope after your break you will continue doing posts when you feel like it. The number of comments per posts mean nothing. But reading your posts means a lot, to me, anyway.

    Paula, I’m looking forward to your posts. As the original “wordy biotch” I’d be glad to hand my crown to you 🙂 My wordy nature is one reason I dont do headers very often.

    The other reason is, everyone gets tired of anger after a while. Including me and my own! I’ll try to write when I’m not angry, but that is not very often these days…

  8. I’ll see whether I can contribute a bit as well. Warning: y’all haven’t seen wordy…

  9. Zippy

    Heh. Anger. I am so angry about so much right now. I need to channel it in useful ways.

    That’s what I’ve been trying to do in AZ lately, anyway. In the end, where I can make a difference–if any–has to take priority, but I still appreciate what’s done here.

    The problem: a lot of other people are angry too, but they’re angry about what they’ve been told to be angry about. Thomas Frank is looking more and more like a prophet.

    Good luck to all.

    • prairie pond

      Yeah Zippy. I have always thought Frank was a prophet. Too bad. If he was a crank, we could pretend we didn’t know. But once ya know, ya cant unknow.

      • Zippy

        Yeah, and by the way, while I generally reject the whole left/right pigeonholing (it’s become a divide-and-conquer game, and I prefer old-fashioned right and wrong), fuck Robert Gibbs anyway.

        The Rude Pundit speaks for me on this.

      • prairie pond

        Hee heee!

        the rude one speaks for me EVERY day!

        Does Gibbs really think Obama can win a second term without the left part of his base? Or left leaning independents?

        Would they rather hand the levers of power back to the repukes than listen to the left and make some course corrrections?

        They seem determined to drive off the cliff rather than admit mistakes and change course.

        Who does THAT sound like?

      • paulasayles

        Rude Pundit hits it out of the park on that one! Can I get an Amen?

      • prairie pond

        Amen, Sister! Amen!

  10. Zippy

    P.S. Paula: the Federalist Papers were written in anonymity, not because they were irresponsible or cowards, but because the dangerous implications of the things they were saying.

    Having said that, yes, the full-on fake anonymity of the Internet encourages off-the-cuff, vile, stupid, libelous etc. etc. etc. But it also allows a modern Publius to say things that might cause them issues under their own names.

    I think ultimately we all will need to stand up under our own names. I’ve already done that elsewhere. Anonymity is not an inherently bad thing, and I would strongly disagree with any suggestion that it is.

    • paulasayles

      If I implied that I thought anonymity was bad in general, I misrepresented myself. I was just agreeing that anonymity on the internet has had a negative effect on political discourse in the blogosphere. Anonymity has contributed to the degradation of civility and that has hamstringed debate. However, I do see that anonymity can also be positive in the very ways which you described.