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When Steven died, I volunteered, in the absence of any other offers, to write five columns per week for Pop Blog.  I have lived up to that commitment.

Now, I need a vacation.

I have written and scheduled all of my columns for next week, and will write and schedule my columns for the following week tomorrow. After that, I will be taking two weeks off. Beginning the weeks of August 23rd and August 30th, someone else needs to step up.

It is not easy trying to develop, research, write and publish five columns a week, with an eye to maintaining and increasing participation and improving the viability and continued relevance of Pop Blog. Try it – it is humiliating when your “work” is virtually ignored – then do it five times a week.

I will be brutally honest. I have asked a number of times what the participants at Pop Blog want – column ideas, threads, suggestions, anything. I have solicited your input, but I have never received a reply. That is very frustrating for someone that is just trying to keep a good thing  going.

While I am “away” I will continue with my other duties as co-administrator such as monitoring posts, approving new posts, etc..  I just won’t be writing.

This is not MY blog – it is yours – you need to decide what you want and how you want to get there.

In the short time since I have been an administer at Pop Blog, I have endeavored to work within the framework that was established by Steven Davis. What I do here has been my feeble attempt to maintain his vision.

Now, I need a vacation.

William Stephenson Clark


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Do you know what I don’t care about?

Well, I don’t care that Alex Rodriguez just hit his 600th career home run. I don’t care that Lady Gaga just was nominated for a thousand awards. I could care less about Bristol and Levi. And who, other than Shaq, cares that Shaquille O’Neal just sign with the Boston Celtics?

I do care that the Republican side of the aisle is trashing the President and the Democrats, with little resistance from our side. The pace of distorted “facts,” outright lies and conveniently ignored data has quickened as we move through primary season and into the fall mid-term elections. Could someone please tell me why Democrats don’t “fight fire with fire?”

I don’t care about the Maxine Waters and Charlie Rangel ethics issues. As far as I am concerned, they should resign now. I don’t care what Todd Tiahrt is going to do now that he has lost his primary race to Jerry Moran.

I do care about the ruling of the Federal Judge in California regarding gay marriage. I do care that that Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe, two Republicans, did the right thing and voted for the Senate jobs bill. The rest of the Republicans voted against, despite the fact that it is deficit neutral.

I don’t care that someone has come up with a new sitcom entitled “Shit My Dad Says!” I also don’t care that the Parents Television Council wants advertisers to boycott the show. Hell, I don’t watch television other than sports, so why would I care about any of it? Besides, what’s a “Snooki?”

I do care that on January 20, 2009, Republicans suddenly became anti-war and fiscal conservatives. I do care that Bradley Manning may have betrayed our soldiers and allies in Afghanistan. I do care, that while about 90% of Democrats support President Obama, we seem to be gun-shy about saying it. I do care that the Con/Republicans seem to want to ignore the facts that they caused the Great Recession and the Democrats, led by President Obama, have brought us to a slow but steady recovery.

I don’t care that Albert Haynesworth can’t pass his conditioning test and Mike Gloic can.

(Haynesworth is a $120 million defensive lineman for the Washington Redskins. Mike Golic was also a defensive lineman – he retired sixteen years ago and now is a sportscaster. Haynesworth has failed his test three times. Golic, to prove a point, ran the same test and completed it within the allotted time.)

There are many things I do care about and a whole bunch that I don’t care about.

How about you?

William Stephenson Clark


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Monday, 8/9/10, Public Square

Interesting combination of numbers in today’s date.  I guess we’ll see 08:09:10 on the clock a couple of times today too.  Anyone else notice when the date or time has consecutive numbers, or numbers that are multiples of another number or…?  I have too much time on my hands, don’t I?


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