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Fighting Themselves

Infighting could hurt Republican chances in midterms, RNC members say

Republican National Committee members urged each other to put aside their squabbles and focus on winning big in this fall’s midterm elections at a closed-door meeting this week. After November, and only after November, “if we want to have a convention to argue among ourselves, we can do that,” said former New Hampshire Governor John Sununu, chair of his state party. Sununu later said that infighting is a luxury a party can indulge in only with a super majority. Republicans, eying the president’s slip in the polls, are confident they can win the 40 seats needed to retake the House, and some are optimistic about winning the Senate. But little leaks have become distractions, like a letter saying the RNC is deeper in debt than reported, and an email to foreign ambassadors offering meetings with Chairman Michael Steele. The Nevada Republican Party chair told members, “Forget this fighting—just send us money,” as she tries to help Sharron Angle unseat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.  Read more here.


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