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  1. david B

    Ahhhhh, Operation Kansas Chaos…

  2. Congratulations, Kansans! We got rid of Tiahrt! If it takes them taking one another out I will accept that as the gift it is, and help in any way I can. 😉

    Now, we should all do whatever is possible to help Raj Goyle in his bid against Pompeo. Koch’s billions bought them a cnadidate and they have deep pockets in their wish to buy themselves a representative. It will be an uphill battle that seems very unlikely.

    Oh well, right now, let’s savor the sweetness of Tiahrt being gone!

  3. Happy 49th birthday President Obama!

    Happy birthday to yooouuuu♪♫•*¨*•♥*¨*•♫♪ Happy birthday to you♪♫¨*•♥•*¨♫♪Happy birthday ♪♫•*♫♪Deeeeaaaarrr Barack♫♪ Happy birthday♪♫•♥*¨*•♫♪♪♫•*¨*♥¨*•♫♪!

    • indypendent

      I read yesterday that Rush Limbaugh did not waste the opportunity to throw meat to his ‘birther’ base yesterday when he mentioned today was President Obama’s birthday.

      Of course Rush had to add that we’ve not seen proof of that.

      Rush – the ultimate entertainer.

  4. indypendent

    The WE website stated that Moran squeaked out a victory against Tiarht.

    Since when is 5% squeaking?

  5. Schodorf received 18,938 votes

    Goyle received 16,969 votes

    That totals 35, 907

    Now, I understand what a long shot this is, but I think the moderates, and the unaffiliated went to Schodorf , while the democrats went to Goyle. I think some of the moderates (ME!) who voted for Schodorf won’t cast a vote for Pompeo.

    Pompeo received 30,696 votes

    It gives me hope! 😉

    • I do, of course, understand the Hartman supporters will likely vote for Pompeo.

      Hartman received 18,124 votes, and if you add the votes the other candidates received you get a bunch of possibles going to Pompeo.

      It’s a very steep uphill climb!

      • indypendent

        It will all come down to voter turnout – IMHO.

        Wasn’t it a record turnout for this primary? And most of that turnout was on the Republican side.

        Someone on the WE Opinion Line was already questioning how people will react to Pompeo when he does not bring home the earmarks like Tiartht did.

  6. indypendent

    Speaking of entertainers – did anyone else hear the news about Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston?

    Seems the wedding is off.

    On CBS Early Show, they were saying that Levi and Bristol were shopping a reality television show and were offered 1.9 million and they turned it down.

    That magazine photo spread announcing their engagement was also a paid deal.

    So now the gist of what I got from the news this morning, is that it is all Levi’s fault.

    You know what angers me the most? There are people who are raising their families on a lot less money and are faced daily with losing their jobs.

    And all we get from a major network is some soap opera about two kids who think 1.9 million is not enough money?

    • indypendent

      Maybe the real reason the wedding is off is because Chelsea Clinton just got married and stole their thunder?

    • tosmarttobegop

      It got the fifteen minutes of fame.

      • indypendent

        But at least with the Clinton wedding – those 15 minutes are up.

        Seems with Palin and Levi – they keep stretching their 15 minutes into hours and still counting.

    • wicked

      Apparently, not only did Levi possibly father another child (the mother said he’s not the father), but he told Bristol he was going to a hunting show in L.A., but instead was making a movie (or mini movie?) that makes fun of the Palins. I guess Bristol was upset because he wasn’t at a hunting show. Now that made me laugh.

      But what always has me in stitches is that after little Tripp was born, Bristol went around earning money by shouting the virtues of abstinence. Like she would know.

      • indypendent

        I had to laugh when I read on another blog when a blogger put all this soap opera into perspective.

        We would not be subjected to all this nonsense if the boy would just learn how to cap the darn thing.

      • wicked

        Some people should not be allowed to reproduce.

  7. tosmarttobegop

    There is often a difference between primary voters and general voters.

    In the general the over all voters come out while the primary is the die hards and the partisans.

    • indypendent

      And usually the general election is all about moving more towards the center.

      I don’t know that much about Goyle but I do know Pompeo is as far-right as one can get and will probably not be seen as moving towards the center.

      Now that may play in here Kansas – I don’t know.

  8. Since we learned the Republican primary in Kansas is not nearly as “closed” as they say it is — remember, we took them at their word and followed the registration deadline they said must be met — I think Moran benefited from the votes of Unaffiliated voters along with those of us who actually followed their rules and became Republicans in advance.

    And, it should be noted that the Republican Party in Kansas was lying when they said if you don’t meet this deadline you won’t vote in our primary!

    • indypendent

      I know I certainly learned something new when I heard that poll worker talking to that lady about the process.

  9. On a completely different topic, the GOP seems to be adopting the hue and cry to change the 14th Amendment to the Constitution which grants citizenship to any baby born in this country. They are angry because they say women are coming here and purposely “dropping (their) babies” in a bid for citizenship for themselves. Check out this story from Alternet:

    Now, I MIGHT be willing to go along with them on this amendment, IF and only IF they make it retroactive to the founding of our nation. If all these drooling morons and their political allies can PROVE that every single one of their ancestors were legal–going back to the very first one, whenever that was–then it might be fair.

    • itolduso

      As a conservative and a Republican, I find the illegal immigration problem abhorrent, and needs to be resolved, without amnesty or citizenship for those here illegally . I am also aware, due to many contacts in the southwest United States, that there have been women come into the United States for the purpose of having their baby in the United States. Partially as a way to remain in the US, and partially in hopes of giving their baby a better life. . How big a percentage, I have no idea. However,
      The Constitution guarantees citizenship to all those born on US Soil. So it is, so it should be. Leave the 14th Amendment alone. It is fine the way it is.

      • itolduso,

        Agreed. The problem is abhorrent! And it IS a huge problem.

        As is so often the case, it was caused mainly by bad trade policy combined with corporate greed. So, the bad policy needs to be addressed and the corporate greed needs to be addressed. Instead, we get this ridiculous solution of amending the Constitution in such a way as to make the problem worse instead of better. Jobs are here; people will come. It won’t matter if their babies are citizens.

        Many of the illegal workers came here because they lost their jobs and farms in Mexico. They lost the ability to feed their families due to trade policies with the US that flooded their country with grain and food so cheap that the local farmers could not compete. With the collapse of farming, small communities were destroyed.

        People in those communities read ads in their local newspapers which advertised jobs in the US working in fields, the meat packing industry, etc. Those people were displaced from their livlihoods by policies over which they had no control and then lured here to work for low wages, thus driving down the already-stagnant wages in this country. We should take note of this strategy, because many of us have been displaced from our livlihoods and unemployment benefits won’t be extended for infinity.

        Let’s hunt down the companies that placed those ads. Let’s punish the greedy companies that lured people here for slave wages and to purposely drive down the wage in certain industries (construction, landscaping being two). There is an answer, but our legislators are afraid to implement it.

        A three-strikes bill in Kansas to fine and shut down companies caught employing illegals was voted down because our lawmakers in Topeka feared that businesses would pack up and leave and that new businesses would refuse to operate here. With this action, our lawmakers have inferred the following:

        The majority of businesses in the state are illegally employing illegal immigrants;
        Those businesses would move to another state rather than stop employing illegal immigrants;
        Businesses from outside the state would never relocate here because they refuse to stop employing illegal immigrants; AND
        No new businesses would start here if they could not employ illegal immigrants.

        As I have tried to teach my children, we should teach our businesses–choices have consequences and those consequences can be very harsh indeed.

  10. indypendent

    My husband was transferred to Yuma, Arizona and we saw firsthand what was happening. Since we were only a few miles from the Mexican border, these illegals would drive across the border while their women (some very young girls) were in active labor, drop them off at the front door of the hospital and then drive back across the border.

    So what was the hospital going to do – let a woman in active labor go without medical care?

    And this was in 1986 – Reagan was in the White House.

    This problem is not something that just happened recently.

    I suspect this whole showdown about illegal immigration is about political grandstanding by the GOP to whip their base into a frenzy. And with the current unemployment rate being so high – it is the perfect to stir the hatred pot.

    I didn’t like what was happening in 1986 with illegals dropping their women off at the hospital door and I don’t like it now. But I call that ‘gaming the system’.

    And if we want to punish all those that ‘game the system’, let’s go after everybody that games the system – including those corporations/wealthy Americans that take tax dollars on the premise that that are creating jobs when they only outsource good-paying American jobs to exploit the cheap labor elsewhere.

  11. indypendent

    Paula nails it on the head with corporations hiring illegals as the source of the problem.

    I remember when corporations used to strive to be good American citizens.

    Now it seems they only care about their bottom line profit – and whatever country with the highest profit will suit them just fine.

    But these same corporations sure don’t mind taking the American tax dollars though – do they?

    They love those American tax cuts and subsidies but they sure don’t act like Americans when they sell their fellow Americans up the river for a damn extra dime.

    • indypendent

      As an added bonus – Republicans see nothing wrong with adding to the deficit to provide those tax cuts and those subsidies to these corporations.

      Seems the Party of NO is okay with saying YES to certain ‘right’ people.

  12. indypendent

    This is retroactive to yesterday’s news – but have you heard how much money Moran and Tiahrt spent through mid-July on their primary campaign?

    7 million dollars. And that is not counting the last few weeks.

    Imagine – all that money on one single race and the primary!

    How many people could have been put back to work if all those campaign funds worth millions would have been put to work instead of going up in television ad smoke?

  13. G-STIR

    “7 million dollars”

    Let’s see, if they were putting in their 2 cents worth, that means they collectively ran 350,000,000 commercials. Yup, that sound about right. I lost 1 tv and 2 remotes during that adventure!

    • indypendent

      Just wait until the general election in November.

      And then right around the corner is the start of 2012 election cycle.

      It’s enough to make anyone go stark-raving mad.

      But I find it interesting that people say they are tired of all the mudslinging – but I guess they don’t mind the mud being slung by their favored dog in the race.

  14. Woo — Hoo !!

    Prop 8 overturned!

    Yeah! Like everyone who knew the definition of ‘equal’ understood THAT was unconstitutional!

    Maybe I’ll live to see it go through the highest Court and ALL people will be given what they deserve — the dignity of being treated as people? I hope so.

  15. david B

    Pompeo will play the negative attack card and Raj Goyle says he is ready to turn those attacks around.

    • It won’t be just Pompeo! It will be Koch’s group, and the one out of Ohio, and who knows how many more. It will get ugly, and the only chance Raj has is to stick to the issues, repudiate calmly and quickly with facts, stress his qualifications and goals — tell us why he wants us to hire him for the job.

      • indypendent

        I got an email from Raj Goyle’s campaign – I must still be on their list before my ‘conversion’ to the Grand Old Party.

        In that email, Raj was ecstatic that Pompeo won because he is the one who is the most opposite of what Raj and the Democrats stand for.

        And from the issues that were listed in this one email alone, it sounds like Pompeo will have his hands full because Raj will not be backing down.

        I had to chuckle on the other site – the Pompeo supporters were all demonizing Goyle’s wife for being a Washington DC lawyer.

        When I pointed out Pompeo was Washington DC lawyer, their comeback was – but he was a trial lawyer not a corporate lobbyist lawyer. And Pompeo does not like lobbyists.

        WTF? And I suppose the Koch lobbyist group is just a bunch of Girl Scouts out selling cookies?

      • “…ecstatic that Pompeo won because he is the one who is the most opposite of what Raj and the Democrats stand for.”

        True. In fact, Pompeo is different than everyone except those who are far far to the right. That’s why I think those who were looking for ‘moderate,’ and voted for Schodorf won’t vote for Pompeo.

      • indypendent

        Do you think the moderate Republicans will cross over and vote for Raj Goyle or simply sit this one out?

  16. WSClark

    Yeah! California!!!!!!!

  17. indypendent

    I still think the Grand Old Party is at a crossroads with themselves. Either the traditional moderate Republicans regain the power within their party or they let the far right-wingers continue to drive their car off the cliff.

    The choice is up to them – as I see it.

    With Moran winning by 5% of the votes (and I don’t call that a squeaked out victory) – perhaps the start of the retaking of power within the GOP by moderates has started?

    I just want to see these Evanelical Right-wingers smug faces pushed back because they are nothing but bullies and punks.

  18. indypendent

    fnord – did you get that same email from Goyle?

    If not, I can send it to you. let me know if you want it.