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“Her Thighness, Hillary Clinton!”

(Future President of the United States?)

Why is it that female politicians are frequently described by their looks and not by their positions and actions? If looks were the only criteria, Halle Berry would be President of the United States  and Sarah Palin would be……………………… Sarah Palin.

“I quit! Give me a million bucks!”

What is it about America and female politicians? Barbara Boxer hears that her hair is so “Eighties?” Does that mean that Carly “I screwed HP out of millions” Fiorina is a better candidate because her “hair is perfect?”

(Homage to Warren Zevon.)

Give me a freakin’ break! Golda Meir was far, far from being pretty. Did she do a good job as Prime Minister of Israel? Margret Thatcher would have gone home alone, even at closing time, at her local pub. Hell, she would have gone home alone at closing time in the House of Lords.

Benazir Bhutto was an attractive woman. They killed her. They killed  Anna Politkovskaya in Chechnya, too.  Indira Gandhi was also assassinated in India in 1984.

Why is Palin considered to be “hot” and Hillary is not?

Well, if attractiveness is the criteria, then Sarah is a little higher on the scale than Hillary. After all, she is about twenty years younger and has had a “boob job.”

If brains are the criteria, then Hillary is way ahead and Sarah is somewhere around ………………………… dead last.

Would Farrah Fawcett have made a good president?

Would Jayne Mansfield been a good president – she had great boobs.

Should we have voted for Beyonce Knowles?

Hillary Clinton is smart, dedicated, analytical, understanding and a great asset to the Obama administration. If it were not for the “Clinton baggage” I would have supported her for the 2008 Democratic nomination for President.

But time has taken a toll on her body. The boobs have sagged a bit and the thighs are a bit larger now.

Will America vote based on cup size or will America vote based on who is the best candidate for the job?

Lately, I am thinking that America is more concerned about boobs than results.

And yes, there are many jokes in that last statement.

William Stephenson Clark


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