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  1. wicked

    You know it’s going to be a scorcher when the temp is 80 degrees at 7:30 a.m.

    Funny, but I don’t hear any GW deniers scoffing lately.

    • indypendent

      There was a comment in the Opinion Line today that God created this planet and it can handle anything man can throw at it.

      Sometimes you just cannot fix stupid.

    • My two granddaughters and I went to the zoo this morning, arriving just after 8 a.m. We didn’t make it too long. After an hour and a half we headed home. We went to see the tigers as one granddaughter hadn’t seen them yet, were close to the gorillas so had to stop there. Strolled past the hippos, rhinos, giraffes, baboons. That was enough zoo experience for one very hot day!

      I must say the zoo does an excellent job of addressing the heat — misters along the paths and shade, but this hot is hard to make feel cool enough! Even the animals are lethargic.

      My best days at the zoo are when the temps are in the 40s and 50s, a jacket is necessary and the animals are sooooo active!

      • wicked

        We’ve been visiting parks lately. Usually it’s a morning walk to Leon Robinson park on south Washington. We went to Riverside a couple of weeks ago, where they played in the interactive fountains. We managed O.J. Watson earlier and will go again in the next couple of weeks. We’ve been to Herman Hill twice and had a neat experience inside the water building. Several things in there for kids to do. We even spent an afternoon at Santa Fe Lake, where I’d never been, and they’ve been begging to go back. Maybe later this week or next, and then school starts!!!!

        The first thing I told the grandkids when they walked in this morning was that we were staying inside today. Don’t even ask to go to the park. I bought Percy Jackson and the Olympians on DVD this morning, and they’re now content watching it.

      • wicked

        I enjoy going to the zoo, but it’s gotten a bit too steep in price. I’ve thought about a getting a family pass (or grandparent), but it doesn’t cover our needs. The last time we went was some special thing, and we ended up standing in line forever, then leaving.

        You’re right, fnord. A day almost bordering on cold when there aren’t a lot of people is the best time.

      • We buy a “Grandparents Plus One” annual pass. It gets both Griffin and I, one other adult, and all grandchildren 18 and under in for a year. Not when it’s this hot, but in cooler times, Griffin and I may go just to visit Marbles (the zoo’s chimp) or just to see the Amphibians, or the gorillas, to catch a glimpse when a baby is born into the zoo family… We’ve always felt it was a bargain even tho the price has increased annually. We live nearby and this way we never wear ourselves out in order to get our money’s worth out of a visit.

      • wicked

        I’d have to do the plus one, although it’s not really fair, since there’s only 1 grandparent and an aunt in the household. Then again, after taking the troop to Walmart this a.m., a trip to the zoo would only be so I could leave them there. 😉

      • I remember times I thought, “S**t, if I left them someone would just recognize them and bring them home.” 🙂 That was kids, not grandkids. I get to spend just about the right amount of time with the grandkids — by the time I’m ready to pull my hair out their parents return.

        This 4-day weekend was unusual — my daughter and her hubby went away all by themselves. They earned it!

  2. Having voted “in advance” Friday, it was with great pleasure and a bit of amusement that I responded to two (2) telephone “surveys”over the weekend; one, obviously sponsored by the Pompeo camp; the other, hard to tell from the name of the group but clearly not directly affiliated with a particular campaign. The earlier was conducted “live”; the other, totally automated.

    The young person conducting the first had great difficulty understanding that I’d already cast my vote, my statements that I had notwithstanding. I got a few digs in about both Pompeo and Hartman before the abrupt end of the ‘survey’.

    With the robot, I couldn’t have any fun; but I made sure my opinions were delivered.

    Things are indeed heating up in the Fourth District GOP congressional primary; a lot of money is being spent as the end nears. Should be interesting Tuesday evening to see the results.

    • I propose that we all fight very hard to make it a law that elections are only valid when a certain percentage of eligible voters actually cast a ballot. Then, I suggest a very strong campaign for everyone to stay home.

      What would the politicians do if their term was up and there was nobody to fill the spot? Maybe that might wake some people up.

      Or maybe it’s a selfish daydream that would be prove tremendously bad if it became reality.

      • indypendent

        I just wish we had some sense of sanity in our elected officials.

        Politics is going to be partisan but governing should be a different endeavor.

        If and when the winner (whichever party wins) gets to the Congress – then they need to be at least willing to listen to all arguments and then compromise for the betterman of all Americans.

        But when the GOP stated from day one that they intend to Just Say NO to everything Obama – then why even have them in office?

        There is no compromise when one party takes their ball and goes home.

  3. indypendent

    I received this ‘forwarded call’ on my cell phone and it was a tape recorded message about the evil Jean Schodorf. It was from the Americans for Prosperity group.

    I noticed at the very end when it states this group is not endorsed or paid for by any one candidate.

    Isn’t Americans for Prosperity a Koch group? And isn’t Koch pushing Pompeo?

    BTW – that call came through as a forwarded call. I did not understand that because I don’t have any other landline phone from which incoming calls would be forwarded due to my end of the phone line.

    So why was this showing up as a forwarded call – does anyone know?

    Oh – I had already for Jean on Thursday. Too bad there wasn’t a live person on the other end to tell them the good news.

  4. Indy,

    Just asking; do you have any calls forwarded from your work phone?

    • indypendent

      No, that is what has me wondering why this showed up as a forwarded call.

      Could it have been a number that was forwarded to the phone number it used to call me?

      It was really quite strange.

      • I think I know why. When I participated in phone banks for Barack Obama and Dennis Moore, I didn’t have my own cell phone, so I was handed one to use, but they were all hooked up through some central system that did all the dialing. I think the call is actually forwarded from that cell phone through this automated system and that is why it shows up as a forwarded call.

      • indypendent

        Thanks for the info about the calling process. I figured it was something like that but it did strike me as rather odd when I saw it pop up on my cell phone.

        I usually don’t pick calls up like that if I don’t know the person. But I was thinking it might be my husband or one of my kids calling.

        But, no, it was Americans for Prosperity.

        Yeah, sure, that group should be more aptly named Certain Americans for Their Own Prosperity.

  5. indypendent

    This is an interesting article about the apparent Republican strategy to handle the illegal immigration problem.

    I wonder – if Republicans successfully repeal the 14th Amendment, would they go after other amendments these chosen people don’t like?

  6. One of the funniest calls I’ve had to date was a recorded voice telling me the call was from “Common Sense Kansas,” which is the anti-abortion group who have been running radio, television and print ads against both Schodorf and Hartman. The recorded voice went on to say it was a 30 second informative message, but first they’d like to ask me just one question. The voice asks, “Do you want to repeal the Obama Pelosi agenda?” I said “No.” The voice then says, “Thank you for your time.”


    I would have thought that information they promised would have been more needed by those who obviously don’t agree with them. Guess I was wrong.

    • indypendent

      I guess they did not want to waste any of their millions already spent on their campaign if you were not apparently ‘one of them’.

  7. Let it be noted Pompeo is tripping all over himself to say these messages aren’t from HIS campaign. And although they don’t directly support him they definitely denigrate his opponents.

    I would like nothing more than to see the Koch money spent on Pompeo and the Hartman money spent on himself do nothing more than contribute to our economy. It would be sweet justice if they were unable to buy a candidate with their BIG bucks and influence.

    • fnord, the candidate is “bought”, the issue is whether the election will be. I’ve a feeling that there are more dollars available if Pompeo wins the primary.

      Although not in my district, there is a primary race for the Kansas House that smacks of some of the same dollars; the 83rd. I might be wrong, but the responses of Kyle Amos to some of the questions posed sound as if they were copied and pasted from the same play book. Trying to find certain information on him has been somewhat fruitless, given his age, etc. I note that he did not (at least earlier) disclose any employment information.

      Disclaimer: I know the young man; his mother was the counselor at The Independent Lower and Middle School for a number of years. While certain of his responses jibe, some do not; thus, my research.

      • wicked

        The sign at Weigand Motors on south Hydraulic has 3 “vote for’s” listed. I keep thinking Kyle Amos is one, but I could be wrong. I know Robert Tillman is and is a Dem, running against Raj Goyle, I believe. Jim Skelton is the third.

        The sign prior to this one said in essence, “Get ride of repeat offenders. Vote out incumbents.”

  8. indypendent

    Where is the 83rd district?

    • 6176746f6c6c65

      83rd District is roughly centered around the Rockwood area, which is between Douglas and Central, Woodlawn and Rock. Mrs. Pottorf is the incumbent House member (GOP), deemed too “moderate” by the current RINOs leading the Sedgwick County GOP establishment.

  9. indypendent

    ‘The sign prior to this one said in essence, “Get ride of repeat offenders. Vote out incumbents’

    I guess the definition of incumbents has been changed since the Tea Party also advocates to vote out incumbents but yet they have several Republican incumbents on their stages as featured speakers.

  10. wicked

    Hey, Will, you’re the movie-goer of the group. Did you see Percy Jackson & the Olympians? I bought the DVD this a.m. for the grandkids and I was the one who watched the majority of it. I passed up Clash of the Titans. I have the original with Harry Hamlin on VHS. When the new one gets to the $13 rack or maybe the $7.50, I might buy it. Percy Jackson was a much better buy. 🙂

  11. WSClark

    “Hey, Will, you’re the movie-goer of the group. Did you see Percy Jackson & the Olympians?”

    I am a movie WATCHER! I haven’t been in a theater in many years at least ten.

    I am extremely claustrophobic (to the point where I take medicine) so I never put myself in a position where I might feel panicky.

    It has been getting worse over the past 5-7 years, by the therapist says I am too nutty to do anything about anything, anyway.