Tobacco being an expense and not having gotten any unemployment for the last five weeks.

This morning I was reduced to digging out a relic, my dad’s pipe and a bag of tobacco.

Fortunate for me my son-in-law has better taste in pipe tobacco then dad did and the bag was left by my son-in-law.

The pipe really is a relic, twenty years ago my dad had broken his pipe and I was smoking a pipe then.

So I had given him one of mine, since I had about ten different pipes I was really into smoking a pipe!

Well this morning I load the pipe and started to light it when I noticed I was having trouble.

The bowl seemed out of line and turning away from me.

I finally took it from my mouth and looked it over, dad had done his remodel on it!

He liked straight stem and I like to have a downward bend, he had done some craving and then taped it to suit him. The problem was he was right handed and I am left handed.

Being in my right mind often sets me at the mirror image of how everyone else does things.

Left justified instead of right justified, once I moved the pipe to the other side of my mouth everything seem to line up just fine.

Does that ever happen to you, something that once belonged to a parent and it was passed down.

But it brings out a difference between you and them?


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  1. 6176746f6c6c65

    You are most correct. BTW, if you are going back to a pipe (I’ve at least 24 in various conditions) try the tobacco shop at 29th & Rock. They’ve some wonderful custom tobacco blends; I’m trying out a cased aromatic with the name of Vanilla Cupcake, which is quite popular with some female acquaintances….

  2. 6176746f6c6c65

    Anyone remember the Flying Dutchman Playboy ads from the late 1960s? Full page, black background, full color picture of an open tin of Flying Dutchman centered on the page, tag line “Lead women around by the nose”. Wholly inappropriate, granted; but I’ve always wondered how successful the ad campaign was. It didn’t affect me; I was already a customer before I saw the ads.

  3. tosmarttobegop

    I was getting my tobacco from the Tinder box in Town East, Wiltshire by Lowes out of Great Britain.
    A light Cavendish with a French Vanilla taste and aroma. Several times when smoking was still allowed in the malls. I would be stopped by women who would say that their husbands smoked a pipe and they wanted to know where and what kind of tobacco I was smoking.

    The tobacco my son-in-law left was top value Vanilla kind of a bite to it and a moderate Cavendish.
    Better then dad’s dark Cavendish he would smoke which bit like a pit bull!