Friday, 7/30/10, Public Square

Think the people in this household agree on who to vote for in next week's primary?


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  1. Will,

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  4. wicked

    Hey, that’s my car in that driveway!

    Oh, wait. Mine isn’t that clean. 😦

    I didn’t know there was more than one car left like that.

    Seriously now, when I was married, he was a registered R, and I was a registered D. The reason for that was so we could vote both parties in the primary. Or that’s what he believed. 😉

    • My other thought on the pic is maybe there is only one person in that household, an efficient person, and they’ve prepared for both the primary and the general elections?

      Really, I just thought it was fun and ‘borrowed’ it from a friend’s Facebook page. 😉

  5. indypendent

    When I voted yesterday (1st day of advance voting) there was a woman who was Unaffiliated and when asked which ballot she wanted, she answered Republican.

    The woman at the table advised her that the Democrats have a open primary while the Republicans have a closed primary – so in order for her to get a Republican ballot, she would have to sign a paper of declaration of the GOP – which she did begrudgingly. She asked if she could change back to unaffiliated and seemed relieved when told ‘yes’ because for the general election – no one is asked to choose which ballot.

    This woman made the comment that she does not like labels, that is why she is unaffiliated but she wanted to have her say in who does not get past the primary level.

    I think there are alot of people in that same boat. I was unaffiliated for years and never really cared about the primary elections – until this time around.

    The 4 top male Republicans have turned off alot of people and the proof was in the scene I witnessed yesterday when this unaffiliated voter said she has had enough of this nonsense.

    BTW – fnord – that woman nodded her in head agreement when I told my husband on the way out to the parking lot that it felt so good to vote against Tiarht and to vote for Jean Schodorf because Hartman and Pompeo are like two bullies in the play yard trying and they both need to be told to sit down and shut up.

    We may get that laugh yet if and when Jean wins next week. And if there are any other unaffiliated women and moderates out there – there is a good chance it might just happen.

    • Was the ballot she cast a ‘provisional’ ballot because she had not registered Republican by the deadline? And, exactly what does ‘provisional ballot’ mean?

      • indypendent

        Good question – I’m not sure about that – but I do know they let her vote.

        But she had her card as being unaffiliated with her and it must have matched with their records – so it was not like she was a brand new voter coming in and wanting to vote.

        I don’t know if that would be a factor in the determination?

  6. Jon nails it again! He always seems to cut through the crap.

  7. tosmarttobegop

    it was back in the 2004 elections, I knew by then that I was not voting for Bush.
    And that on the other side the one I liked was Edwards so I changed to Democratic so I could vote for Edwards in the Primary.

    Kerry won that one and once again it was either Kerry or Bush so I voted for Kerry.
    well time passed and things move to the forward of my mind.

    It was not until the 2008 elections that I suddenly was made aware I was a registered Democrat!
    So back to the R to vote for Dr. Paul in the primary, for four years I was one of those lowlife, commie, Liberal Democrats! Oh the filthy does not wash off no matter how many baths I take!


    • indypendent

      I have never been registered in any party until this year.

      I have always been unaffiliated because I never really cared about getting involved in all that party partisan crap. And I figured one person was as good as another – so why bother?

      But this time around – I have had my fill of these male Republicans all trying to out-conservative, out-prolife, out-Christian their opponent that I decided to put in my 2 cents worth and at least have the pleasure of voting against these jerks.

      In the case of Tiarht and Moran – it is clear that one of these two will be the next Kansas Senator – so I held my nose and voted for Moran.

      Because I really want to see Tiarht cry on Tuesday night.

  8. tosmarttobegop

    I would imagine it got kind of confusing for some neighbors for a while there was a Ron Paul yard sign then suddenly a home made Obama yard sign took its place.

    • indypendent

      In our old neighborhood, alot of Obama signs were stolen.

      But surely someone from the Party of God would not stoop to stealing – would they?

  9. indypendent

    Did anyone else notice a comment in the Opinion Line on the WE website today about how the two candidates who were claiming to be such good Christians have no trouble breaking the 9th Commandment – lying – that it makes you wonder how many other commandments they disregard.

    Now that comment got me to chuckle.