Look who is in bed together

RNC Chairman Michael Steele and conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart

The Republican National Committee has invited Andrew Breitbart, who was just caught last week disseminating the highly misleading footage of Shirley Sherrod that cost her her job, to a fundraising event in August. He’s not just any old guest, either: He and RNC Chairman Michael Steele are co-hosting the welcoming reception on August 12. The RNC confirmed to Talking Points Memo that the event is going on, but refused to comment on the guest list.

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2 responses to “Look who is in bed together

  1. indypendent

    Birds of a feather flock together.

    But what got me about all that ruckus last week was this well-known right-wing activist was trying to prove Obama was racist by firing a black woman?

    If Obama truly hated whites – like Tea Partiers and Republicans claim – then why would he be firing the black USDA employee? Seems to me, if he was truly racist against whites – he would have sent her a big box of candy and some flowers.

    But call me silly.

    I do wish the entire story would have been how this well-known right-winger activist doctored a videotape and then Fox News aired it repeatedly.

    And then when the truth came out when the white farmer and his wife took the side of the USDA black employee – that should have made Breitbart and Fox News look stupid.

    But even then – I saw where some Republicans were claiming the white man’s wife was a plant for the Democrats.

    Unfrickin believable.