Saturday, 7/24/10, Public Square


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  1. My 14 year old grand daughter is playing in a softball tournament. First game is this morning at 9:45, which I’m thinking will be the coolest most comfortable time to be there. I just checked and BOTH the temp and humidity are 79 so if I set up my lawn chair and sit quietly it might be OK.

    Do you have your fingers crossed for that potential rain? We sure could use it, even if it makes the humidity worse.

  2. wicked

    Late yesterday afternoon when the temp was 99 and the heat index 105, my AC quit. Of course it was Friday, with the weekend to look forward to. My son-in-law came over, and we checked the thermostat wires running to the unit in the backyard, replaced the two fuses in the fuse box, checked the breaker multiple times and found nothing. Something similar happened six years ago, when the AC ran almost non-stop and the house never cooled. After over a month, we shut it off. The landlord finally had someone look at it a year later. This time, we’ve had the almost non-stop, but then it quit working.

    We’ll drag the window unit we bought at that time out of the storage shed and use it until everything is fixed. I suspect it’s the thermostat again. 😦

    • Oh no! Sure glad to hear there is a window unit in the shed! If it’s the same unit as six years ago it would be lucky if its only the thermostat again.

      A year later?

    • WSClark

      Thermostats can be purchased for prices ranging from about $10 to $50+ and are easy to install, especially if you get the same type you currently have and don’t have to remount one.

      Check the breaker that is outside in the box that feeds the AC unit first. Since it is running non-stop (probably a unit too small to handle the load) it may be overheating and causing a break.

      When a AC unit suddenly cuts off, it is usually an electrical problem.

      My advice would be to double check all the breakers and connections, then replace the thermostat.

      • WSClark

        If you are checking connections MAKE SURE YOU SHUT OFF THE POWER FIRST!

        If you don’t, you’ll never need to curl your hair again.

      • wicked

        I hustled down to Sutherlands and bought two new fuses for the AC “breaker box” outside. Son-in-law brought his voltage meter and checked it and every connection in the AC unit. At first I thought I’d cut a wire while trying to clear some weeds away from the unit. Of the six or so wires in the bundle, only two hook up in the unit, and they’re working fine.

        I’ll do some research on what type thermostat I have and see where it might be available here.

        Never fear. The FIRST thing I always do is flip the breaker when messing with anything electrical. I was once zapped when putting in a new light fixture in a closet. 🙂

      • WSClark

        Even the most experienced sometimes make the mistake of not cutting off the power. I know a guy that zapped himself twice in five minutes with 110w while rewiring a furnace. There was a separate breaker next to the unit in the furnace closet.

        I can’t tell you his name, but his initials are William Stephenson Clark.

  3. WSClark

    Rick Reilly is my favorite sports columnist. He has the chops, having been name Sportswriter of the Year eleven times.

    Reilly is funny as Hell. No matter your thoughts on the “Running of the Bulls,” Rick’s first person take here is hilarious.

    “Welcome to Tramplona”

  4. I think it’s gonna rain! 😉 I think we should all go outside and play in the rain!

    • WSClark

      Probably not – lightning is coming with the rain.

      Unless, of course, you are feeling lucky!

      Your odds of winning the lottery are less than that of being hit by lightning!

      That sucks – the least they could do is even up the odds!