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  1. I mentioned this contest and this car a few weeks ago. It’s the one my brother-in-law is working on. They are doing well in the contest. I have been saying all along (to my sister) that this deserves attention.! They have now gotten the media’s attention.

  2. The Automotive X Prize Competition has been going on for a few months and lots of innovative ideas have been brought to the table. This is so exciting and everyone should know these technologies are being studied, being tested and we have such great chances for decreasing our reliance on oil.

    My sister told me one of the teams is comprised of young college students from Washington state. They won a grant to build their car. They entered this competition (there are several categories and she didn’t tell me which their car is entered in) but had to travel to Michigan to a race track for parts of the contest. The second time they made the trip and they were still in the competition at the conclusion of that round, they admitted they wouldn’t have the money to be able to come back for the final on track tests in a few weeks. The other teams put their heads together, found a go-kart operation that was closed and near the test track in Michigan, got permission for the kids to use the garage at that facility to continue working on their car for that final phase, found them a place to stay and even found some of them some temporary jobs. All the teams are super excited about the ideas and innovations being worked on.

  3. Here’s some more on The Very Light Car

    In this video are the key guys on the team. My brother-in-law is last in the 4 1/2 minute video, his name is Leroy White.

  4. Here’s information all Republicans will run FROM! It would damage all their made-up shit. Look at all these graphs!

    The economy and the 2010 election (with graphs!)

  5. Freebird1971

    Just want to share this very cool video my son posted

    • Thanks for sharing. Amazing, touching!

    • tosmarttobegop

      It brought back a memory, it was three days after 9-11 and I was in the local Family Dollar.
      Suddenly over the speaker came “I am Proud to be an American”.
      I broke down in tears, in the middle of that store I broke down.
      We were one person not millions of different people.

      All one American with millions of voices all in one pitch.

  6. tosmarttobegop

    Watching the Congress on unemployment extension, though it is referring to both the Congress and the Senate when saying “the people’s house”. The Congress is more the people’s house by definition.
    Ahh if that is the case then the people are not all that bright!

    “The unemployed are needing jobs and as long as they are unemployed there will be no jobs!

    They can not find a job as long as they are unemployed so they need to stop being unemployed so there will be jobs!”.

    Frankly, the Democratic is using the unemployed in this as much as the Conservatives are.

    About like two guys gang raping the same woman, but one excusing it as;

    “Hey she was here and I was horny!”.

    The other excusing it by saying “it is because I love her!”

    • indypendent

      But it really does not help when one side labels the unemployed as lazy and not wanting to work.

      And at the same time they say this – they support giving government subsidies to corporations outsourcing American jobs.

      To be fair – both sides of the aisle are for big business – no doubt about that.

      But in the big picture of our choices, I would prefer the Democrats to Republicans on the issue of unemployment.

      I think we should freeze every elected official’s salary and cap all their benefits/perks until this unemployment rate comes down.

      And I think we should go back to those Wall Street banks and companies that were bailed out and are now sitting on that money not hiring. If they don’t hire – then they forfeit the taxpayers money.

      But that would take cajones to get the job done – and cajones is something in short supply on both sides of the aisle.

  7. Do you think the fact that Republicans stalled help for Americans has anything to do with this?

    Democrats Jump Into Six-Point Lead on Generic Ballot

    These are drastic times and demand drastic measures of help. It’s not just an ordinary recession.

    • tosmarttobegop

      I would say of course, it got them noticed and for a bad reason.

      To those who are not political aware and even those who normally are partisan in a blind way.

      Will notice it and not consider the reasoning or the issues other than that it is causing suffering.

      More people will be left in a lurch, seeing it not as a matter of paying for it or borrowing money to pay for it.

      But rather that of who is wanting to help those needing some hand up or those wanting to make the situation worse for them.

      Independents, Moderate Republicans and even the more conservative Democrats will take notice.

      I keep bring it up and it is a valid point in the end, if the accreditation for a party is having voted against children, the elderly, the ill and the average American worker who through no fault of their own are unemployed and suffering.

      Who in their right mind would want that party in power?

      • indypendent

        Maybe you hit the key phrase there – ‘right mind’.

        Don’t kid yourself, there are alot of people who will gladly vote for that party – as long as they have their stable job and comfortable homes, cars, RV’s, boats, etc.

        There are people who truly believe people are unemployed because they don’t want to work.

        While there are always that population that falls into that category – today’s average unemployed American is NOT lazy and they lost their jobs while the fat cats still got their butts bailed out and then some of those fat cats came back for more taxpayer money and got it!

        But my theory is – let the Republicans speak loud and often as to their defense of giving tax cuts to the wealthy while not paying for it in the budget. Let the Republicans continue to defend BP oil company while the clean up of their massive oil spill continues to have consequences,.

        Let them speak loud and often -but the Democrats need to be there each and every time with a videotape of these Republicans and all their moments of defending the indefensible.

  8. itolduso

    “US President Barack Obama warned Thursday that America could not keep spending as though deficits did not matter, as he signed a new law cutting waste and fraud and targeted 50 billion dollars in savings.
    Obama warned that wasteful red-tape, bureaucratic overlap and errors were throwing precious taxpayer dollars away, and said the government should emulate hardworking Americans by trimming its budget.”

    I don’t have a lot of information on this, but why is it needed? Isn’t already illegal to commit “fraud” and doesn’t the government already have as a mission cutting wasteful red-tape and eliminating errors?


    • Good questions!

      I can’t come up with a time fraud would be legal, and they talk all the time about cutting wasteful spending although I haven’t seen actions taken to actually accomplish these cuts.

      Will be interesting to find out more details.

    • Well, I found this —

      The new law is called, “Improper Payments Elimination and Recovery Act”

      Inefficiencies in government over the past three years have seen the government pay out more than 180 million dollars in benefits to Americans who had died and more than 230 million to ineligible fugitives or convicts.

    • indypendent

      Some of that bureacratic overlap might be things like the CIA not sharing with the FBI not sharing with the Pentagon and so on, and so on.

      Why are we paying bloated government agencies to simply be redundant?

      As for Medicare – I know about that – there are payments made all the time that is fraud. But it is so easy to set yourself up as a healthcare provider and bill Medicare for millions without any questioning you until you get audited.

      The people that have gotten caught committing Medicare fraud are those that stayed at the trough for too long – they got greedy.

      I know of a few nursing home corporations that keep changing their name, changing their CEO and key management people when they think they are close to being audited for Medicare fraud.

      As a side note here – the health care reform bill is actually poised to clamp down harder on Medicare fraud in a big way.

      One of the biggest scams in the Medicare program is physical therapy, motorized scooters, occupational therapy, speech therapy. Those therapies can run into thousands of dollars for one single Medicare nursing home patient and all it requires is the signature of a doctor. And what doctor is going to refuse giving someone PT, OT or Speech therapy – especially when the nursing home corporation just happens to have their own therapy corporation in the same building?

      Medicare needs a very big magnifying glass and alot of very greedy people need to be exposed for what they really are – con men.

      • indypendent

        Perhaps this is the real reason no one in Washington wants to get rid of Medicare?

        Too many big businesses getting cut off from the trough?

        That, and the fact the elderly never fail to vote.

  9. tosmarttobegop

    The president and tom Coeburn are actually friends, if he needs a list of the real wasteful spending he has it with one call. Coeburn’s list is not made up solely on Democratic spending it include wasteful spending on his own side too.

    • indypendent

      At least we have a president who does not think it is a sin against God to talk to a person on the other side of the aisle.

      I have a suspicion Obama has already seen Tom Coburn’s list and probably has added a few of his own.

      At least we can hope, huh?

  10. tosmarttobegop

    If there is not already a saying to the effect, I will try to make one:
    “A lie has a thousand parents while the truth may only have one!”

    The subject is the dropping of the charges against the new Black Panthers.
    Oberman state that the charges were dropped during the Bush administration but the story that is going around the Con blogs and Fox News is it was during the Obama administration.

    a search came up with several hundred links to stories about Holder dropping the charges and other then a couple of Liberal blog and media matters talking about it and countering the claim with no it was the Bush DOJ that dropped them.

    None of them have the date the decision was made to drop charges.
    A lot of spit and mud thrown back and forth but not one place where the date is stated!
    Each having the same level of facts and claims and none with any real proof.

    Kind of concerning this is not the first time I have tried to check out some I heard from Oberman and could not find any second source to back it up?