Hypocrisy of the right-leaning media

David Frum makes a smart observation: When Dan Rather fell for a hoax about Bush’s war record in 2004, CBS kicked him to the curb. Now that Andrew Breitbart has published doctored videos that make a Department of Agriculture employee appear racist—and cost her her job—will he have to do the same? “Breitbart is the conservative Dan Rather,” Frum writes, “but there will be no discredit, no resignation for him.” Indeed, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and other conservatives are actually blaming President Obama and the NAACP for the whole brouhaha while neglecting to mention that Breitbart is the one who disseminated the video in the first place. Frum draws a connection to the right’s fury over leaked emails from Journolist, an email list-serve for several liberal journalists, that showed a few journalists expressing a wish to quash stories about Jeremiah Wright during the 2008 election. “Only, of course, the Wright story was not quashed—unlike the story of Breitbart’s role in Sherrod’s firing, which has been, at least among conservatives.”

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  1. GMC70

    Hmmmm –

    And even the longer video, while more sympathetic, makes a telling point. The point is to smear Republicans as racist, and any opposition to the Obama agenda as racist. Have we seen that before?


    Repeatedly. It’s the playbook.

    Note the non-existant epithets outside Congress during the health care debate. Lots of video, but none if it supported the chosen narrative. No matter, the narrative became the story. No actual evidence, but it fit the narrative. It was “truthy,” so it was OK. (BTW – there’s $100,000 if you can find any actual evidence of said epithets. Good luck).

    Is it right? Perhaps not. But the left has made it clear that all’s fair in love and war – and politics. I perhaps should feel sorry for the left – but I don’t. Karma’s a bitch.

    And Journolist’s gonna be much more than that. It confirms what many of us have recognized for years – the “unbiased” MSM are often anything but. Shocking (not).

    • indypendent

      Alot of those on the right see racism in evertything because perhaps it is their own reflection they are seeing in their own mirror?

      This entire Breitbart staged stunt goes along with the past few weeks of Fox News and talk radio entertainers’ agenda of ‘reverse racism’.

      So who’s the biased one here?

      If you want to believe Fox News and talk radio is non-biased – go for it and you have every right.

      But do not expect the entire world to think like you do.

      And don’t kill the messenger because you don’t like the message.

      Are there racists in all groups – yes. So, what’s your point?

      • indypendent

        Perhaps those who see racism in everything need to go to a real church and get their hearts right with God.

  2. indypendent

    BTW – there’s $100,000 if you can find any actual evidence of said epithets. Good luck).

    I understand there is still the reward for Bin laden available.

    I don’t understand why some loyal patriotic Republican would not want to go and get that reward money – if not just for the pure love of money but for their love for their country.

    But why bother doing that when the Republicans’ own president Bush does not even think about Bin laden anymore.

  3. indypendent

    Hmmmm –

    And even the longer video, while more sympathetic, makes a telling point.

    Yes it tells the point of a black woman who did her job and helped the white man save his farm because it was her job.

    That is what racial non-discrimination is all about – to not let race interfere with what is the right thing to do.

    I bet the Republicans/Teabaggers/Fox News/Talk radio entertainers are all mad because the white man and his wife told the truth and came out in support of this black woman that did her job.

    Why these people might be so mad as they are now spreading the rumor that the white farmer’s wife is a plant to make Republicans look bad.

    No, she is not a plant. Republicans make themselves look bad – they do not need any help with that endeavor.

  4. Difference is Dan was an employee. Andrew is the owner. Don’t think he will fire himself.

    • tosmarttobegop

      Yeah but he can sure go fu… oh never mind!

    • indypendent

      Think you missed the point entirely. Dan Rather was booted out of the entire media industry (peers) but yet Andrew Breitbart is still getting high-fives from his right-wing media industry (peers).

      That is the difference – not the fact as to who gets fired and who does not get fired.

      Breitbart is a well-known right-wing activist and anything he does is okay by his peers just so long as the end justifies the means.

      That is where the hypocrisy comes into the picture.

      Now do you get it?

      • I got his point initially. I just felt it was a bad analogy.

        Rather wasn’t abandoned by his peers. He was fired by his employer. The other two networks weren’t going to hire him b/c he was already in third place. If NBC was in last place in the news, they would have snatched Rather up quick.

    • True, Bearman. However, from here on out everyone capable of thinking knows Andrew Breitbart is a liar. Everything he says from this point forward should be seen as suspect now that he has proven who and what he is.

      “The first time someone shows you who they are, believe them.”
      — Maya Angelou

      • indypendent

        Breitbart is a hero to the right-wingers – no matter how many times he keeps slithering up from that sewer.

  5. tosmarttobegop

    It is something I have touched on before but here it goes again in more detail.
    There are two accusations that seldom demand any real proof one is child molestation and the other is racism.

    The simple hint or implication is all the evidence it takes to convict the accused.
    It was so in this case even with our first Black President and his administration.

    We are so excited to believe and accept it that in this case a black woman suffered from even those who should have been on her side until it was proven. Damned her and pushed her under the bus.

    What a shock that it was a Conservative that made the false accusation first time that has happened!
    It must be since there is no track record of it happening several time in the past so there should not have been a moment taken to consider it truthfulness?

    It not like the taking the time to view the entire Wright videos where the damning part were taken from revealed that it was taken out of context. Not ever criticism of President Obama is based on his race.

    It is a part of resolving the issue of race, we have to be realistic about what is true racism and not just bring up the race of someone. Not taking any complain or issue brought against someone as simply the person is being a racist. Or dismissing those complains or issues because they are about some one of any color.

    I can relate to Shirley and her story, when ever I get into the issue of race relations and my own experiences.
    I start it out that from my first experience I had every reason to hate Blacks finding them loud and obnoxious. Thieves and belittling of anyone who is white.

    But then like her, I had an experience that taught me that it was not about race it was about people.

    Only twice have I ever said the “N” word in sincerity and anger though I have said it more times then I can count.

  6. indypendent

    Just give this Breitbart staged-stunt some time and it will come back to bite them in the butt. We have already seen some of that starting to happen.

    People are tired of the Party of No being spoiled bratty kids. And frankly, I am tired of seeing our tax dollars being used to pay these fools for their nonsense.

    The Party of No has proudly boasted that they intend to vote NO on everything Obama and Democrats want, so let’s just close down their Congressional offices and have them all phone in their votes of No.

    That alone should save the taxpayers a bunch of money. Perhaps even enough money to pay for those Bush tax cuts to the wealthy to not expire?

    Maybe that should be the deal given to the Party of NO. If they want to continue the Bush tax cuts to the wealthy – then the Republicans have to slash their Congressional budget – sounds fair to me.

    I wonder how many of them will go for that?

    I suspect not many.

  7. Oh so true, Indy!

    I can find any three-year-old who will pound his/her fists on the ground, hold their breath until they turn blue, and say NO, NO, NO.

  8. What Fox used in their so-called news was doctored. It had to be doctored to show their skewed view. Real news with facts and truth wouldn’t support their agenda. When any news account is doctored it proves there is an agenda different than truth.

    • indypendent

      Has Fox ever not doctored their so-called news?

      I am being serious here – I just want to know when they were ever 100% truthful?

    • They definitely have an agenda. And it works! They have fervent fans who hang on their every word as truth. In my opinion, it’s one of the biggest reasons our country is so divisive. Fox creates and encourages the division, Rupert Murdoch is one evil man with an even more evil agenda!

      • indypendent

        I read somewhere this morning that Fox News has a more balanced audience – something like 39% Republicans and 33% Democrats.

        Their point was that MSNBC and CNN are more heavily biased as to Democrats being the majority of their audience.

        I question that 33% of Democrats watching Fox News on a regular basis.

        Maybe 33% are tuning in at various times to see what is going on at the crazy zoo today?