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  1. wicked

    I hope I make it through another week of heat. Yesterday my AC ran all day. Yes, all day without shutting off until nearly midnight. The thermostat is set at 75. The thermometer read 80 at 7 p.m., and the AC was pumping away. It was after midnight before it quit. At 7:30 this a.m., all was quiet, but it’s 30 minutes later, and the AC has come on again.

    I’ve adjusted the thermostat to 78. At this point, I’d rather be a little less cool, even to the point of warm, than to pay outrageous electric bills.

  2. tosmarttobegop

    Well one good thing about the heat, I am very slow to get around to doing anything in the heat.
    So I spend more time setting here in front of the fan and expressing my opinion.

    Darn you I said it is a good thing!

  3. indypendent

    Another new week and I wonder what crisis we will hear about next?

    I watch CBS News in the morning and at 9am, Pat Robertson comes on. I usually make it a point to turn the channel 5 minutes before 9am but I didn’t get it to this morning.

    This morning, though, it was Pat’s son – I don’t know his name and I really don’t care to know it.

    Anyway, he was sitting there talking about how the Obama Administration is so terrible because of this oil spill in the Gulf. It seems there is a panel of people doing a study and this guy claims this panel is made up of all environmentalists – not one single oil industry person is on that panel.

    Excuse me, but the oil industry people are the ones that CAUSED this oil spill disaster. If they had any idea as to how to fix this problem or to have not caused the problem in the first place – then why did they not do their magic act before this current spill happened?

    Of course, the accompanying video was of those good Christian people in Louisiana who are out of work because Obama is so mean and wants to know our Gulf is safe before more drilling is allowed.

    I was expecting Junior Robertson to apologize to BP right there on the spot and beg them for forgiveness.


  4. tosmarttobegop

    Are they out of their minds? one in a while I hear of an important piece of legislation that is without a question important enough to stand alone and needs to be passed without delay.
    Only to have one party or the other add on to it something that is a guarantee to cause a delay and conflict when there would not have been.

    What brought this up is a little banner on the bottom of the screen while watching the CSPAN coverage of the senate. Right after the swearing in the new senator for W.V. they will take a new vote on the unemployment extension.

    But the plan is also adding onto the bill the renewing of the inheritance tax that expire this year.
    I will never grant the Conservatives the intelligence to know when they are shooting themselves in the foot.
    But there is that chance and they might actually vote for the extension so it passes with out delay.

    But adding on the renew which itself is important enough to stand alone and does deserve debate.
    I have never been a big fan of double taxation, but to bog the extension down when so many people are hurting is playing Politics on the part of the Democratic and no different then what the Cons have been doing with the extension. With the pawns in the game being working Americans who through no fault of their own get caught in the big boys game of stealing the economy.

  5. Woo Hoo! Wouldn’t it be a great day if both Pompeo and Hartman went down?!


    Schodorf for Congress – Polling of Republican voters in the Fourth Congressional District now shows Jean Schodorf in a statistical tie with Wink Hartman and Mike Pompeo

    Schodorf catches up to Hartman and Pompeo
    The Schodorf for Congress Campaign said today that their polling of Republican voters in the Fourth Congressional District now shows Jean Schodorf in a statistical tie with Wink Hartman and Mike Pompeo in the Republican primary for Fourth District Congress.
    Those surveyed were asked, “If the election for congress were today, would you be voting for Jean Schodorf, Jim Anderson, Mike Pompeo, or Wink Hartman?” The names were rotated among callers.
    The results:
    Hartman 19%
    Schodorf 18%
    Pompeo 16%
    Anderson 9%
    Not sure 39%

    The poll was conducted by Jayhawk Consulting Services on July 15, two days after Jean Schodorf was endorsed by former U.S. Senator Nancy Kassebaum Baker. Jean Schodorf said, “I’m very pleased with where we are at this point. Although Mr. Hartman and Mr. Pompeo have been advertising heavily, we have managed to close the gap with old-fashioned person to person campaigning.

    more at —

  6. I just heard a Jean Schodorf advertisement on television. She talked about her self, her record, her goals. Damn! She obviously doesn’t know how to campaign in Kansas — all the other candidates never mention any of that stuff and hardly even say anything about themselves, it’s all about the opposition!

    • indypendent

      Nothing about how more pro-life, more pro-gun, more pro-smaller government she is than her opponents?

      She not trying to ‘out-conservative’ the other guys?

      She must be a RINO (wink-wink)

  7. National Guard troops will head to the U.S.-Mexican border Aug. 1 for a yearlong deployment to keep a lookout for illegal border crossers and smugglers and help in criminal investigations, federal officials said Monday.

    The troops will be armed but can use their weapons only to protect themselves, Gen. Craig McKinley, chief of the National Guard Bureau, told a Pentagon news conference. The troops will undergo initial training and be fully deployed along the nearly 2,000-mile southern border by September.

    The announcement provides details on how the government will implement President Barack Obama’s May decision to bolster border security.

    The 1,200 troops will be distributed among four border states, with Arizona getting 524; Texas, 250; California, 224 and New Mexico, 72. Another 130 would be assigned to a national liaison office.

    Bersin also said the Homeland Security Department will provide six more aircraft, including helicopters, to the border effort. He said at least 300 Customs and Border Protection agents and inspection officers would be sent to the Tucson, Arizona, area, along with mobile surveillance vans and additional technology.

    McKinley said even though the four border states are contributing 54,000 troops to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, they still have a sizable number available for other deployments or disaster response. More can be deployed at state cost if governors wish, but the 1,200 are being paid for by the federal government, he said.