Run Sarah Run, See Sarah Run

This newly released SarahPAC video has already had almost 400,000 views.  As of June 30, SarahPAC had more than $1 million cash on hand.  It all hints that Palin plans to run for POTUS in 2012.

She stands a good chance of winning the nomination of the GOP.  Can she win the general election?  If she decides to run and doesn’t win the nomination, will her fervent fans support another nominee?  If Palin runs, wins the nomination and then loses the general election, she could leave the Republican brand in pieces.

If Palin is smarter than she is ambitious, she will not run in 2012 — she has fame, fortune, and multiple platforms to leverage for years to come.  Who wants to speculate on whether she is more ambitious than smart?



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25 responses to “Run Sarah Run, See Sarah Run

  1. checktothepower

    I smell a liberal.Liberals should close the window when the use the bathroom outside.

  2. Not ONE minority woman in that video!

    • wicked

      In their world–the one where everyone is white and women keep their mouths shut and their legs open and do what they’re told–everything is perfect. They win every war they start, and they’ve taken over the world. They believe that’s heaven.

      If Jesus were to return, they wouldn’t accept him. He isn’t white like them.

  3. wicked

    I wonder. If Sarah does throw her hat in the ring, is the Republican party desperate enough to allow her to win the nomination? I think the white men in power are very aware that she is a person who, unlike Dubya, can’t be controlled. Make that won’t. It was proven during her run with McCain. Frankly, I wouldn’t want her finger (or that of a man like her) on anything.

    Since the birth of this country, men have loudly proclaimed that a woman would not be a good president because females’ hormones can’t be trusted. Considering that when the going got rough in the Governorship of Alaska, Sarah Palin chose to quit, what would she do if she were sitting in the White House and things didn’t go her way? Or is it possible that her abandonment of Juneau might have been caused by postpartum depression? After all, not many months before that, she’d given birthand lost the chance to be VP.

    Sarah Palin is popular, but so were the Three Stooges, Laurel & Hardy, and Charlie Manson.

  4. We can’t under estimate the Republicans — bush the lesser served TWO terms. I thought rock bottom was bush, if Palin is elected it would prove me wrong.

    Think about it. She has —

    the evangelicals;

    the tea partiers;

    those who “hate everything about that black man.”


    Palin could easily kill the GOP because they courted the religious right and took over the tea party to use as political tools. Those tools may have become uncontrollable.


    Speaking of karma, if Palin were to become POTUS it will be karmic justice for not putting emphasis on education. The brain rot will have come to fruition.

    Get busy tea party!

    Palin 2012
    Go Sarah Go

    • wicked

      One plus? It’s cooler in Canada, and I always liked Quebec. Besides, I could visit my editor in Toronto. 🙂 I guess that’s two.

  5. tosmarttobegop

    There is one thing that Liberals and Palin supporters have in common both think it would be a dream come true if Palin ran for President. The only group that thinks it would be a nightmare is the everyday Republican.

    The claim that she is representative of everyday Americans is more an insult to everyday Americans or simply we are becoming living examples of “too stupid to live!”.
    Moving toward the coming true of the movie “Idiocracy”.

  6. wicked

    What’s really sad is that the women who think Sarah is their savior are going to be terribly disappointed. Yes, I’m all for strong women, but intelligence must be a part of it.

    In the video, Sarah talked about common sense. Was it common sense for her to fly 10 hours in a plane when she knew she’d gone into labor…with an at-risk baby? Did she really care about that baby? Does she really care about this country? Or does she care more about being cool?

  7. She may be the catalyst necessary to create a new party. Wonder what it would be called?

    The far right-wing appeal doesn’t go much further than the audience that is afraid of all things beyond their living rooms.

    Again, the Republican Party perfected using fear as their political tool and they’re stuck with that too.

  8. tosmarttobegop

    She is not a woman in my eyes, the only time where gender really counts to me is concerning sex.
    So anyone claiming that they favor her simply because she sets to pee is simple minded and lacking the common sense that Palin shouts to be proud of.

    The claim that any dislike or opposition to Palin is because she is a she and based on sexism is a straw-man argument because they can not defend her based on reality.

    • wicked

      OMG I just thought of something. Sarah is a master at butchering the English language. So is Dubya.

      Fnord, I think you’re right about level of education in this country. Not just the lack of intelligent discourse from the above two, but the fact that there are far too many people hanging on every mutilated word and apparently understanding!

      Maybe instead of swearing on a Bible, we should be having them swearing on a Dictionary.

  9. WSClark

    The GOP is just using Palin as an attack dog right now. She’s out and about, zapping Obama and the Democrats, saying things that the average GOP office holder would not say.

    (Other than Steele, who is another loose cannon.)

    But Palin won’t be the Republican nominee for President.

    Even the most ardent supporter has to know, whether they admit it or not, but Palin would be eaten alive in a debate with Barack Obama. Whatever illusion of competency that may be developed for her would instantly be ripped aside in a side-by-side comparison with President Obama.

    • wicked

      And you think her ardent followers care if she lost in a live debate with anyone? She mouths the right words, even though they don’t make sense in the context of a sentence.

      It’s like reading. We don’t read every word. The mind tends to skip over words like the, a, and others. When dialogue is used, the mind skips over ‘dialogue tags’ such as said.

      She knows the right words to use:
      common sense
      common sense solution
      our country
      ‘mom awakening’

      Her words appeal to women, especially conservative women who aren’t accustomed to thinking for themselves. They believe Palin is ‘on their side,’ when in fact, she’s on her side. That’s the only side for Sarah.

      • WSClark

        You may be right, Wicked, but I think most voters, Republicans, too, would be absolutely horrified to watch her (non) debate performance.

        The response would be much like that to her interview with Katie.

        “WTF is she talking ’bout!”

    • If an admission she lost a debate had to be made, it would be the fault of someone or something else. Blame would never fall on Palin herself.

      • WSClark

        Like she blamed Couric for that horrible interview.

        “Mean old Katie asked me questions!”

  10. wicked

    Will, think about it. Do you remember the debates between Dubya and Kerry? Did Republicans care that Kerry won them hands down, while Dubya came off looking as pitiful as usual? Got wood?

    Or let’s go in another direction. How about the Kennedy/Nixon debate? Even words didn’t matter. The fact that Nixon was ill and sweating like a pig was the deciding factor in that debate. (BTW, pigs don’t sweat.)

    Keep dreaming, but be prepared

  11. There is something to be said about her negatives increasing the more times you are exposed to her speaking.

    But, that’s for people who are capable of listening, really listening, and her fervent admirers aren’t, as wicked points out. Then there are those who truly only care that it is someone other than Barack Obama in the White House. They aren’t rational and they can’t be accused of listening.

    Add those who see absolutely nothing but the little “R” and you’ve tallied up quite a number of fools.

  12. The kind of Republican who is capable of compromise isn’t popular today among the GOP, they’re referred to as RINOs, among other less-complimentary terms. They seem to appreciate those who behave as three-year olds pounding their fists, screaming No! No! No! That behavior is praised.

    So what I’m seeing is at least a faction of the Republican Party incapable of rational thought. Are their numbers large enough to overcome those who are capable of thinking? We shall see.

    • wicked

      Miracles do happen. One of my best friends who lives in Illinois has a son who was a tried and true Republican. She used to shake her head over his conservativism, because she’s a liberal, and so was her hubby. This son is a very intelligent and educated young man.

      A few years ago he moved to Seattle, following the best paying jobs. He now works for Microsoft. I now understand what the word chortle means, because I’ve been doing a lot of it while reading his posts on FB. They led me to ask his mom if he’d changed politics. She said that living in that area has made him rethink a lot of things. He’s seen what liberal thinking and living can do for a city and area, and he’s definitely in favor of it.

      So I chuckled again the other day when I saw a link to Huffington Post that he’d posted on FB. Wow, he really is a liberal!

  13. Have you heard or read of Republicans looking for people with ideas or solutions? What I’ve seen are those who seem to believe the Republicans do have ideas and solutions. When you ask what they are, they point you to websites — official websites — and there is nothing but talking points and outlines at those websites. Yet, these Republicans seem fooled by that lack of anything. I have no reason to think Republicans will recognize their party has been reduced to three-year-olds throwing tantrums because they lost, and aren’t getting what they want. They are so much like three year olds they can’t even tell you what it is they do want! Maybe giving them a cookie will calm them. Is Palin their cookie?

  14. WSClark

    Interest video – she didn’t say a damned thing.

    “Bumper Sticker” slogans.

    Mamma Grizzlies………………………………………..

    and Pink Elephants.

    Watch for the bumper stickers at your nearest Tea Bagger Party.