Wichita in the news

What makes it more special?  We’re not being made fun of!

If you spend a couple of days exploring Wichita, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll run into the Berlin Wall.

As I prepared for a short stay there, I learned that at least two substantial slabs of the Cold War relic are prominently displayed in and near the city.

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3 responses to “Wichita in the news

  1. wicked

    Excellent article! And a FABULOUS photo! There’s nothing like a Kansas sunset.

    A bit to add: The salt mines are (or at least were) home to hundreds of thousands of Wichita Clinic X-rays.

    I wonder who the local writer was who took the author of the article to Hutchinson.

  2. tosmarttobegop

    In many respects it is like your home, no matter how nice it is seeing someone else’s seem to be better then yours because you live there. Having grown up in Wichita, I seldom notice things I have been exposed to most of my life.

    Never truly appreciate what is there and to be seen or experienced, it is just the same ole place I have always known. I fell in love with North Carolina and upon coming back it seemed that Kansas was so bland and lacking color.

    But after spending a week in Oklahoma coming back I noticed how beautiful that Kansas seem to me.

    I often think of getting one of those truism travel guilds of Kansas, to see what I never knew was here.
    It can be surprising sometimes, the first time I passed through Oxford Ks. I was impressed.

    A beautiful and rustic town just a short drive away and I had no idea it was there!

  3. david B

    My heart swelled up with civic pride.. I mean really!
    I smiled