Saturday, 7/17/10, Public Square


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  1. Taking time to think about “who loved you into being who you are.”

    • indypendent

      Mr. Rogers was my son’s favorite television show when he was little.

      If I remember correctly, Mr Rogers was an ordained clergy, wasn’t he?

      Now there was a man that truly lived his faith and quietly went about his life’s work to educate children. More imporant than just the education, he treated them with respect and he taught them how to give respect and how to live peacefully among the world.

      We need more men like Mr Rogers.

      • wicked

        From what I saw on a comment on FB, Fred Rogers was a Presbyterian minister.

        I had Captain Kangaroo. My kids had Mr. Rogers, and even I watched him.

  2. tosmarttobegop

    Such a beautiful day yet so hot out! I keep thinking of all I need and want to do while the sun is shining.
    But boy ole boy spend much time outside and it has the same effect on your body and clothes as jumping in to a swimming pool.

    I come in and cool off then set and think of what I could be getting done and soon I am back out in the heat.
    LOL I suspected she would and yesterday she went and did it!

    With me borrowing her Ranger and it leaving her without a car to drive for herself.
    I have been predicting that mom would go out and buy her a different car.
    She did just that and by herself, I guess she figured if she asked me to go with her I would talk her out of it!

    I had recently told her that in town she seem to do OK, but after following her to Wichita and back I told her on the highway she is a danger to herself and to others. Oddly, going toward Wichita she would drift over on to the shoulder.

    But coming back she would drift across the dividing line and into the inside lane?
    Going West is was to the right and going East was to the left?
    Go figure! Driving in town it is straight as an arrow…. Ahh Parents what ya going to do?

    • indypendent

      I remember the day my brother came by our house all flustered and as white as a ghost.

      It seemed he was driving home (he lived 5 blocks away from our house) and had the right of way. This white Plymouth ran their stop sign, went speeding through the intersection and the driver seemed to be oblivious to what had just happened.

      He said this car was going about 50 (way too fast for the residential streets) and he missed hitting this car by a hair’s breath.

      That was scary in itself but the scariest part was – it was our grandmother! She lived one block away from our house and had decided she needed some milk – so off she went to the store.

      After my brother calmed down, he continued his drive to his own house. Later that night, our father (it was his mother that breezed through that intersection) went over to her house and asked her what happened. And you know what she said – what car, what intersection.

      It was at that point my father started hiding her car keys from her.

  3. wicked

    Well, I feel really dumb. I never knew the group Kansas got together in Topeka. I always thought they chose the band’s name for some other obscure reason, and they weren’t directly related to the state.

    Thanks to Pandora, I’m a little wiser than I was fifteen minutes ago. 🙂

    • You knew before I did and I appreciate you teaching me!

      • wicked

        I’m always happy to help. Too bad I have to feel dumb about it. LOL

      • WSClark

        I am SERIOUSLY gonna have to get after you guys! Really!

        We are gonna have to have a LLOOOONNNGGG sit down so I can teach you folks some Rock ‘n’ Roll history.

        Let’s start with………………………………….

        “Kansas” is from Kansas.

        “Chicago” is from Chicago.

        “Boston” is from Boston.

        “Motown” was born in Detroit.

        Repeat after me:

        “Alan Freed is credited with coining the term ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll’ as a Cleveland disc jockey.”

        (That is why the R ‘n’ R HOF is in Cleveland.)

      • wicked

        Oh, Will, don’t get after us. There are those who get all the info on groups, then there are those who just enjoy the music. Fnord and I are obviously the latter.

        But I do know that “Chicago” was originally “Chicago Transit Authority.” Does that help? And of course Motown was born in Detroit, for “motor city”. I was just a kid when Alan Freed coined the term “Rock and Roll”, but the next door neighbor kids were 5-8 years older than me and I watched American Bandstand with them. I remember when Elvis burst onto the scene. I just wasn’t interested in all the details.

        My oldest daughter can tell you all the names of band members back to the 80’s bands (she was born in 1980, so go figure) and who they’ve played with.

      • WSClark

        ” There are those who get all the info on groups, then there are those who just enjoy the music.”

        My problem, Wicked One, is that I hear the details and (sob) IT JUST STICKS IN MY BRAIN!

        I can’t help myself.

        It’s a birth defect.

      • wicked

        Don’t feel bad, Will. I’m the same way about other things. Music and bands just isn’t one of them. At one time, movies were, but these days, there isn’t a whole lot that sticks in my brain. And some of that old stuff seems to be lost in there somewhere, especially after 8 p.m..

        Getting old(er) is the pits.

  4. Freebird1971

    And Black Oak Arkansas is from Black Oak Arkansas

  5. Freebird1971

    Why be sorry? I’m sure there are some artists you like that my reaction would be Yuk! Pretty boring world if everyone liked and believed the same things.