Mixing Politics and Religion

It seems that God has been speaking mostly to Republicans when it comes to the call to serve in public office.  Sharron Angle who hopes to unseat Harry Reid in Nevada joins other Republicans who say God called them to serve.  She says, “I believe that God has been in this from the beginning and because of that, when he has a plan and purpose for your life and you fit into that what he calls you to, he’s always equipped people.

God, if you believe His messengers, also spoke to Sarah Palin, George Bush and Norm Coleman, calling them to public office.  Why God let Al Franken win Coleman’s seat is another matter.

What other politicians or leaders have you seen claim divine endorsement?  Is God a Republican after all?  In the past when we mixed politics and religion, people got burned at the stake.  Is that where this will lead?



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  1. Heh, well this is different but similar. Elizabeth Dole was our worthless senator one term. When Kay Hagen challenged her, Dole put out that Hagen had met with a group called the Godless Americans. Dole conveniently chose to ignore the fact that Hagan was a Sunday school teacher. I think besides her being utterly worthless, one reason Hagen beat Liddie was some folks don’t much cotton to liars.

    • indypendent

      I had such a good laugh on election night when Liddie Dole lost. Could not have happened to a more deserving person.

  2. wicked

    Gee, Lisa, you got the She and we got the He, only we had him for eternity. Or at least it seemed so. He’d probably still be in office if he hadn’t run for president.

    My original comment was going to be: I don’t think God has time for playing politics. Too many people praying to win the lottery, ya know. 😉

    • indypendent

      I remember when Bob Dole stated that if he lost the election, he would go back home. Has anyone seen Bobby in Russell lately?

      Last I heard, Bobby was a Washington lobbyist for some Muslims. Wasn’t Bobby involved in that ruckus about our port security being sold to some Saudia Arabian company and Bobby came to their defense.

      Does anyone remember that?

  3. I don’t much cotton to politicians using God!

  4. indypendent

    What a hot button issue to be bringing up – again.

    I remember recently posting about George W. Bush claiming that God had chosen him to be president and that even got an over-the-fence-peeker to comment about how ridiculous that statement was.

    And here we are again – do I dare even say what I want to say about this issue?

    I do find it humorous that Republican candidates can claim to be on God’s mission and make other ridiculous statements – but when Democrats simply repeat what these Republicans have said – somehow that makes us the bad guys.

    Republicans really do need to realize once and for all – we are in the 21st century and there is recorded evidence of what was said by whom.

    As for other politicians claiming divine endorsement – I think all of the usual suspects are on the Right side of the aisle. Well, you know, the Democrats are godless heathens – (according to some CONS) – LOL

    But someone claiming to be God’s favorite really is a claim that could never be proven or disproven – now can it? So why even bring it up?

    Political theatre is one thing but when Republicans start using God and religion as the basis for a holy war – that needs to stop.

  5. wicked

    These Republicans really need to find some new talking points.

    I keep hearing and reading that Moran is using the “Republican insider” accusations against Tiarht, then today, while sunning at Santa Fe Lake, I heard a Harman ad saying the same about Pompeo, almost word for word. Same old, same old.

  6. If Sharron Angle is elected after all the outrageous beliefs she’s expressed, my opinion of Nevada voters will be real low.

    She opposes abortion in all cases, including rape and incest, and explains her opinion by saying, “Two wrongs don’t make a right,” and young girls who sought alternatives to abortion “made what was really a lemon situation into lemonade.”

    She wants to phase out social security. During the Republican primary Angle did say that she wanted to “phase out” Social Security, and said that “getting out” of Social Security and Medicare was “not up for grabs” — that the only room for debate with her was the proper implementation and timeline for doing so. Since then — after she won the primary — Angle has shifted her position to wanting to allow people to use the Social Security system as we know it, while also giving a choice of using a system of private accounts.

    In an interview that Angle gave with a conservative talk radio host back in January she said, “You know, our Founding Fathers, they put that Second Amendment in there for a good reason, and that was for the people to protect themselves against a tyrannical government. And in fact Thomas Jefferson said, it’s good for a country to have a revolution every 20 years,” Angle said. “I hope that’s not where we’re going, but, you know, if this Congress keeps going the way it is, people are really looking toward those Second Amendment remedies and saying, my goodness, what can we do to turn this country around? I’ll tell you, the first thing we need to do is take Harry Reid out.”

    • indypendent

      Sharron Angle was on the CBN (Christian Broadcasting Network – Pat Robertson group) being interviewed . The interviewer brought up the issue that some people are saying she is afraid to go on mainstream media outlets.

      Sharron Angle said this in return – these people would not allow me to put up my website and ask for money. (I am paraphrasing here so it is not a quote).

      so – the gist of the reason she is not talking to mainstream media is because she could not beg for money?

      Chris Matthews of MSNBC ran this story and he came on at the end and told Sharron Angle if she came on Hardball that she could put her website up but that she would also be asked some serious questions.

      I wonder if Sharron Angle will respond to Chris’ invitation?

      • indypendent

        Interesting note: Of course the CBN guy did not flinch at Angle’s reason for not going on mainstream media due to not being able to beg for money.

        After all, Pat Robertson is a master of the weekly telethons to beg for all that money that ‘God’ needs.

        Isn’t it interesting though that God must live at Pat Robertson’s address because that is the place all that money is going.

  7. Angle was a member of Nevada’s Independent American Party, a Christian conservative-cum-libertarian third party, for at least six years while she was getting her feet wet in politics in the 1990s. Independent American Party members told us that Angle switched to be a Republican in 1997 out of political expediency as she was preparing to make a run for state-level office.

    The far-right third party that Nevada GOP Senate candidate Sharron Angle called home in the 1990s supported abolishing “the debt money system” and ran a vitriolic anti-gay insert in state newspapers that portrays LGBT people — or, as Angle’s party called them, “sodomites” — as child-molesting, HIV-carrying, Hell-bound freaks, according to documents obtained by TPM.

    • wicked

      People like this scare the hell out of me.

    • Me too, wicked.

      She is possessed of her ideas and blames them on God. Pure evil.

      I honestly thought it was time for Harry Reid to stay home. Then the Tea Party got involved and this is who is his opposition. I know it’s Nevada but could affect us all.

      It’s scary and we don’t even get a vote.

  8. Religious barriers are alive and well and for many Republicans, ideology doesn’t just mean lower taxation and higher military spending. It also means Christianity (or at least Judeo-Christianity).

    I abhore this putting of politics on the back of God! I’m reminded of PP’s frequent comment, which is the Bible’s shortest verse — Jesus wept (John 11:35).

    • indypendent

      Maybe it’s time Jesus got mad and cleared the temple of those money vendors again?

      That was the only time in the Bible that Jesus showed his temper.

  9. Elected members of our secular government arguing the biblical stance on immigration —


    — snip –

    Iowa GOP Rep. Steve King, however, complained that for many reform advocates the only “biblically acceptable option … seems to be open borders.”

    “I didn’t realize that the Bible barred the enforcement of immigration laws and neither did I realize that it erased borders, demanded pathways to citizenship for illegal immigrants, or … forbid the leaders of a nation from caring most about the well-being of its own citizens.”

    King noted approvingly that “in the land of the Bible the leaders of today’s Israel (have) built border fences to protect their citizens from terrorists or illegal job seekers alike.”

    There is a “greater and more immediate” moral obligation to take care of U.S. citizens first, he said.

    • indypendent

      Republicans have used God and their religion to justify declaring war on all Muslims. Didn’t John McCain let the cat out of the bag when he sang his bomb, bomb, bomb Iran song?

      And that drumbeat has not stopped yet.

  10. I will fight to protect America from becoming a theocracy — me, the pacifist, finds this fight worthy. Now, don’t get me wrong and think I’m talking about being armed or violent in this fight. Information, facts, diplomacy, shining light in dark corners are all methods that should be employed in protecting our Constitutional freedoms.

  11. wicked

    If the Founding Fathers had wanted these united states to be a Christian nation, they’d have set up the Constitution to say so. They also would not have unanimously approved the Treaty of Tripoli, which stated that the U.S. is not a Christian nation.

    I really think what’s driving these theocratists (is that a word? it is no!) is unadulterated FEAR.

    And I’m with you, fnord. If it takes a fight, I’m in. I do not want to be the Christian version of any Muslim or other theocracy. But let’s do it with knowledge and peace, if at all possible.

    • “with knowledge and peace”


      And isn’t most fear due to the unknown? Once the bogeyman is identified the planning to defeat him proceeds and the fear lessens.

  12. Do you think Jesus being a dark-skinned middle-eastern man would make him so different that he couldn’t be elected by the Republicans? Or, would they accept his skin color if he denounced all religions except Christianity?

    Kinda like Bobby Jindal and Nikki Haley, or Michael Steele?

    In my opinion anyone who isn’t Obama would be accepted. All this other noise is just their public face. In other words they’ll use anything, including Jesus and God, to score political points.

    • Yes, in response to your first question. Isn’t it interesting how the “religious” paintings over the centuries have (as they were primarily European in origin) portrayed Jesus. There are those even today that bristle at the suggestion that Jesus may well have physically resembled Yaser Arafat more closely than Pope Benedict.

      • indypendent

        I watched a documentary on the History Channel a few months ago on what Jesus looked like.

        I’m sure alot of Religious Right Conservatives would be shocked to see the result.

        It was exactly like 6176 described. The face they came up with based on historical facts was definitely not the picture of Jesus I always saw when I went to my Anglo-Saxan Baptist Church in America.

        I suspect he also wore the common man’s clothes and sandals of his time – none of these finen linens for him.

        He was, after all, a carpenter. But try telling that to these mega preachers in their Gucci suits and driving their new cars.

  13. The right has almost accepted racial diversity and women’s rights. We can drag them along to our new century which includes gay rights and religious diversity.

    • indypendent

      While we are dragging them into the new century – can we please get it through their thick skulls that we now have recorded evidence such as videotapes that prove what was said by whom?

      It’s rather comical to see Republicans come out with something as being so detrimental to our very souls but yet a videotape of themselves advocating for that very thing just a few short years prior are becoming quite embarrassing. Or you would think so, wouldn’t you?

      I think that is what they mean when Republicans claim to want to go back to the good old days. You know, those days before the missing minutes of the Nixon tapes?