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  1. 6176746f6c6c65

    See from cnn.com that George Steinbrenner has died, apparently from “a massive heart attack”. Love him or hate him, a very influential person in modern MLB.

  2. tosmarttobegop

    I have to admit there is something that has been building for weeks within me and I have put off for the same time. I finally have started on a letter to both senators and will be submitted to the editor.
    On unemployment and the stance of the Republicans.

    It is something that needs far more thought then simply using “Fooking idiots!”.
    So far I seem to keep coming back to that and know it will not do.

    Kyle’s statement about there are jobs out there but the unemployed would rather collect the welfare i.e. unemployment benefits) then take those jobs.

    That is clueless at best of the reality, I at 52 am in contention with from the 18 y.o. to the 64 and a half for jobs that are normally those of the high school drop-out. Otherwise the demand for anything else even if I am qualified there is a ready supply of other who just lost that job right there.

    Kyle’s primus being that somewhere in the mist of distance and time is ONE job therefore there is no problem in finding a job.

    Brownback and Roberts both have stated that their objection is that it will put a hardship on the children and grandchild in the future. So their logic is that of “Why wait? put that hardship on the children and grandchildren today! Kind of like being worried of not being able to feed your children in six months so you do not feed them today.

  3. There have been several statements made recently by Republicans that make me wonder how anyone can support them.

    Senator Jon Kyl —

    • Of course, it shows everyone who has a brain and is capable of rational thought how the political games are played. And we know Republicans can’t have it both ways — they can’t be worried about deficits some times and expect us to believe they are serious. But they’ve been worshiping at the alter of tax cuts so long, maybe they don’t know how ridiculous they are. Then there’s the fact that they only need to say they support tax cuts to fool their supporters.

  4. Jean Schodorf says (on her Facebook page): Big announcement coming at 3pm today!

    What do you think? Maybe that either or both Pompeo or Hartman acknowledge more than the two of them are running for the 4th congressional seat?

    • indypendent

      I suspect she will probably announce she is dropping out and hoping to throw her support behind one of them.

      Unfortunately, fnord, the race is shaping up between the lesser of two evils.

      That is what we were discussing last week (?). I just wish that candidates of Jean Schodor’s caliber are more media driven to garner the attention of the voting base.

      Sad to say, the worthy candidates are usually the ones the voters say they want but in reality never seem to get behind them and support them.

  5. tosmarttobegop

    Hartman’s campaign has been calling me almost everyday. I am not sure if they are wishing they had not or they just want to hear what I have to say?

    They listen in silence then will reply with Wink is like that. Then I explain how he is not.

    Generally they confess he is not but that he really wishes he could be?

  6. tosmarttobegop

    Well since I have went through the help wanted ads and wasted the cool now is time to go out and do those things I should have done in the morning.


  7. itolduso


    Entered into his rest July 4, 2010

    Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

    Thanks JImmy, for your service, and for being who you were. Rest in Peace

    Thanks also to the Patriot Guard, and the American Legion riders. Your service then, and today, is appreciated.

    • Although I understand the thanks every person who serves deserves, I remember that recently you shared that close relatives were in harm’s way, so I hope this isn’t someone you know well.

      • itolduso

        This was not a family member, but someone who I knew fairly well, though much younger than I. He only graduated HS last year.

      • itolduso

        But thanks for the thought

      • I didn’t mean that any death has less meaning than another, but it’s true that some hurt in a deeper way. I’m sorry about the loss of your friend. So young.

  8. indypendent

    What I find interesting in these Republicans claiming to be so worried about the federal spending is this:

    When they get back into power (and that is going to happen at some time because politics swings back and forth), how will Republicans justify all that federal spending they will be doing?

    I suspect they will be spending so much money so fast that it will make everyone’s head spin.

    But of course, I am sure that they will be spending it for all the ‘right’ reasons. You know – war, war and more war with a dash of deeper tax cuts so the wealthy can create those jobs – overseas!

    • They seem to have very convenient memories. Besides, deficits don’t matter until Republicans say they do. See upthread Sen. Jon Kyl.

      Take today’s challenges — the world began on January 20, 2009, when President Obama was inaugurated.

      • indypendent

        Never mind the fact that Cheney boasted that Reagan proved deficits don’t matter.

        They can do it but nobody else can do it.

        They are right and we wrong.

        They are perfect and we are nowhere near perfect.

        Got it.


  9. itolduso

    “I didn’t mean that any death has less meaning than another, but it’s true that some hurt in a deeper way”

    I know. Not a problem.

    Not much for the “discussion” that goes on here and elsewhere today. You all take care.

  10. indypendent

    fnord – have you heard anything about Jean Schodorf’s big announcement?

    I went to her Facebook page just now and she mentioned this announcement yesterday and said that she was in the race to win.

    Seriously – I hope you’re right and a vote for Jean would be a great thing to do.

    I guess it comes down to if voters are turned off by Pompeo and Hartman – will they actually go looking for someone else or will they hold their nose and vote for the lesser of the two evils.

    Maybe I will change my mind and vote for Jean now that I am a ‘real’ Republican.

    One consolation – if Pompeo does get in, it will only be for a short time and if Democrats retain their power in Congress – how much damage can he do?

    But didn’t I hear where Pompeo was a Washington lawyer for several years? Just how does running as an outsider work if you were in their shark tank?

    • I haven’t heard anything, and in fact, just returned from taking my Mother to another doctor’s appointment so have been gone a couple of hours. Thanks for jogging my memory — I’ll go look to see what might be found.

    • Here it is —

      Nancy Kassebaum endorses! One of the most respected and popular figures ever to serve Kansas in Congress has endorsed Congressional candidate Jean Kurtis Schodorf. Nancy Kassebaum Baker, who served as a U.S. Senator from 1978 to 1997, said she had decided not to become involved in politics this election, but changed he…r mind after becoming concerned about the tone of the campaign for Fourth District Congress.

      I always respected Nancy, and I respect Jean. It’s difficult to muster respect for either Pompeo or Hartman.

      • indypendent

        Like I said sometime ago – I was thinking of voting for Hartman just because I don’t want to see Pompeo in there.

        But if Jean can use the next 3 weeks and get a groundswell of support – I would vote for her.

        In fact, I would probably even vote for Jean in the general election. I’ve never heard anything that was really that crazy or bizarre about Jean. And I don’t know that much about the Democrat – Raj Goyle.

      • tosmarttobegop

        Ah have you not heard Nancy is a RINO! She was a couple of years ago one of notable Republicans that came out concerned about where the party was going.

        They tried to gain power to influence the party. But failed to gain any foot hold.

  11. Freebird1971

    Still a go for Thurs?

  12. indypendent

    fnord – I just read where Nancy Kassebaum endorsed Jean Schodorf. Of course, you can imagine all the Conservatives on the WE website are all aflutter and spewing their mantra of Kassebaum is a RINO and other nonsense.

    I just wonder if all the Republican women showed up to vote for Jean Schodorf and the Democrats and Independents would register as Republicans (is that still even possible?) and vote for Jean – would that bring her over the top to beat Pompeo and Hartman?

    Maybe this is the time for women to flex their political muscle and tell these two males where the exit door is?

    • indypendent

      As my daughter finally said to her POS boyfriend – it’s time I kicked the trash to the curb.

      Maybe Jean will need two really big Hefty bags?

    • itolduso

      Only major problem I had with Kassebaum, as I recall at least 😦 is that she headed a committee about congressional gridlock and ways to make things happen. The committee recommendation, which she endorsed, was to move to a Parliamentary style goverment. Besides having to change the Constitution, It is a system that I reject.

      • indypendent

        And yet we have gridlock today and all Republicans are happy about that.

        I’m tired of wasting tax dollars on a bunch of people that cannot even seem to sit in the same room and be cordial to one another.

        Even when Republicans had total control of White House and Congress – what did they do? They lockstepped over everyone else and did not listen to the other side.

        And Republicans were happy about that.

        That is a better way to go? Maybe for Republicans that only want to bully someone else.

      • Although the Republicans have taken “NO” to a newer level of absurdity, I think they want Americans to see gridlock because if they actually saw what President Obama and the Democratic majorities have accomplished in less than 17 months it will put them in a worse light.

        Think about what has been accomplished! It’s quite amazing, whether you agree or disagree with what has passed the mere fact that so much has been accomplished is worthy of note.

        Did you see this — where Rachel Maddow compared Obama’s legislative record to FDR? You see, the Republican Party has no such list of passing legislation — good or bad — so it seems they prefer people thinking there is gridlock to what reality is.

  13. tosmarttobegop

    I am curious about what will happen, heard that Moran is a head in the polls.
    but Tiahrt is such a scumbag, he could rig the election.
    I would love to see the senate election go to a more moderate and what a shock nationally if a Democrat would get it! True Red/ give no thought to it Kansas electing a Democrat for senate or congress.

  14. Everyone says Jean Schodorf doesn’t have a chance of winning. I still plan to vote FOR her. I would vote for her no matter who was running in opposition as I think she is a fair, trustworthy person to represent Kansans. She understands compromise, she understands win-win. But since a vote FOR her is also a vote against both Pompeo and Hartman it will be extra good.

    Yes, you may still register to vote and/or change party affiliation — the deadline is this next Monday, July 19th.

  15. I predict Moran will win the primary by at least as many votes as Goyle will receive in the general.

    Although I recently heard that some are voting for Tiahrt in the primary because they feel Goyle could beat him more easily in the general.

    I don’t know enough about Goyle and don’t plan to worry about that until the primary is finished — can’t vote in the Democratic primary anyway since I am a card-carrying registered Republican. I’ve pretty much decided to remain a registered Republican. If a contested democratic race comes up I would have ample time to re-register, otherwise Republican is where the choices are that depend on party affiliation in this state.

  16. Monkeyhawk posted this yesterday at WEBlog. I think it describes the Republican Party to a “T.”

    From Bill in Portland, Maine –

    On the next edition of Antiques Roadshow…

    Archibald Thornburg III, antiques appraiser: Where did this machine come from, Mrs. Higginbotham?

    Gladys Higginbotham: I don’t know. It’s been around since the mid-1800s, I think, and it’s gotten so ugly and obstructive we don’t know what to do with it. Maybe you can help?

    Archibald: Well, let’s take a look and see what we have here. It’s quite a monstrosity, if I may say so—sturdy and ornate at one point, I’d say, but its best days are clearly behind it. You can see that someone has tried to whitewash it several times to make it seem like it’s shiny and new. But it’s cheap whitewash so you can see right through it.

    Gladys: White on white on white!

    Archibald: It also looks like the original planks that held the main platform in place had their nails removed and now it’s held together with an odd assortment of wingnuts.

    Gladys: Strange.

    Archibald: Now, look here—there are instructions on the bottom: “To turn on machine, throw bundles of money inside, then step aside and shut up. Even if this machine does nothing but whine and overheat, do not switch to the competitor’s machine or you will DIE.” Let’s open ‘er up, shall we?

    Gladys: Okay.


    Archibald: Whew—pungent. Something is rotten in here. I can see that the mechanism that made this piece operate seems to have stopped…almost like it’s frozen in time. I would estimate sometime around 1980, perhaps, or maybe as early as 1968 or even 1964. It’s amazingly well-oiled, though. In fact, I can’t remember the last antique I appraised that was this covered in oil. And isn’t this odd: when I try to turn it on… [clickety clackety cough wheeze whirrrr] …it only goes backwards. Fascinating.

    Gladys: Indeed.

    Archibald: I want to check one more thing in the back to confirm my suspicions. [squeaky squeak] Yep, just as I thought. Look here…

    Gladys: What is that?

    Archibald: That, Mrs. Higginbotham, is a tiny little closet designed to hold certain parts of the machine that help it run, but which the builder doesn’t want people to know about. The closet is so poorly constructed, however, that they’re not fooling anyone. But nice try!

    Gladys: So what is this thing?

    Archibald: What you have here, Mrs. Higginbotham, is a very dilapidated Republican machine. A shell of its former self—unstable and dangerous—and I’m afraid it’s not worth very much these days.

    Gladys: Does it have any value at all?

    Archibald: Well…it holds a lot of teabags.