I love my dog!

Ouch! Dang, get your claws outta me! That hurts, Alice! Get off me, Morgan! Ginger, don’t do it! Okay, I love all my cats, too!

I have a collection of rescue animals. Rufus, my golden Retriever, was a beat up hobo when he came to me. Skinny, half starved, wounded and scared, I directed him to my backyard to protect him from traffic. I cleaned him up, fed and watered him and he has been with me now for almost three years. No one claimed him, so I now I am his.

The world-famous Cocker, Cookie, was given to us because she had been abused and couldn’t get along with others.

Morgan, my Tabby Cat, was left on our porch by her feral mother, along with a brother and sister. She adopted me.

Alice and Ginger, my goofy twin kitties, were given to us by some folks that couldn’t care for them. Now, they call me “Daddy.”

I also have four tiny little ones. Being the procrastinator that I am, I waited too long to get Ginger and Alice fixed. About ten weeks ago, there was a break-in at my house. Two neighborhood thugs broke into my house through a screen. I woke up in the morning to find two alley cats in my house.

And Alice got pregnant.

Cookie follows me around, always afraid that I will leave her. Ginger likes to lay upside down in the window, soaking up the sun. Morgan likes to lick my nose, for whatever reason. Alice generally sleeps on the pillow next to me, while Rufus hogs half of my bed.

Truthfully, I wouldn’t change a thing. My goofy collection of degenerate rescue animals gives me great pleasure. They love me, unconditionally, and I love them the same way.

Pets are our connection to our better sides. It’s difficult to discuss politics with furry little animals that only care to love and be loved. There is no racial prejudice or partisan hatred in our pets.

Our pets are better people than most people.

Tell us all about your pets – where did they come from and what stories to you have to share?

William Stephenson Clark


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12 responses to “I love my dog!

  1. WSClark

    My cats “help” me write my columns for Pop Blog. If they are not walking across the keyboard, giving me one of these – bo,sy549+sgasgi237 – then they are laying on the keys.

    My desk sits in a corner of my office, and I have a window within arm’s reach on both sides. The window on the right belongs to Ginger – for now – and the one on the left belongs to Morgan. Cookie gets the space just in front of my feet. I have a long, low table for my printers. Rufus sleeps on the shelf underneath.

    For now, Alice is in the box with her kitties, but she comes by periodically to “help” me with my typing.

    Goofballs – all of us.

  2. “Pets are our connection to our better sides.”

    What a nice sentiment! Great way to hang words together.

    I have three — Ginger who is dog, Tigger and Pita who are cats. All three are rescue animals. Both Tigger and Pita came to me as kittens and I know Tigger is 10 and Pita 9 years old now. Their Moms were feral and I took them home when they were actually too young to wean, but they were also young enough to catch and tame. Pita’s name is an acronym for “Pain In The Ass,” and she lives up to her name. Tigger is the alpha male and keeps Pita, Ginger, me and Griffin ‘in line.’ He lets us know if we take good enough care of him we may live in his house!

    When Ginger came four years ago the vet guessed her to be five or six. She had never been spayed and I think lived off her cunning. All that is ‘fixed’ now! She is smart as a whip and she knows living here is a good gig. Griffin and I think we are blessed because she lives here so it’s a mutual admiration society! Ginger keeps me active! There is nothing she likes better than taking me to the park.

  3. indypendent

    We had a great dog – a Dalmatian named Kasey. She was 13 yrs old when we had to make the agonizing decision to put her to sleep.

    Kasey was such a loving dog. Oh mind you, she was a spoiled little Diva Dog, but she was just one of those great family dogs. She was very protective and quite the barker.

    We found Kasey at a pet shop. There was another family there at the time and they were looking at a German Shepherd and the father made the comment to the his son – why do you want some sissy-looking spotted Dalmatian – they will never be a good guard dog.

    Let me tell you – Kasey would bark at the drop of a dime and even though she never even attempted to bite anyone – when she growled and showed her teeth – nobody stuck around to see if she would bite!

    That is what Kasey did to the POS boyfriend our teenage daughter brought home the first time. Kasey sized this POS up and immediately started barking and showing her teeth. We finally had to put her in her carrier and we could still hear her barking.

    But you know what – Kasey was right. That boy was a POS.

    I think animals have a very good sense of detecting which people are good and which are just plain bad.

    Our beloved Kasey now has a place of honor in our backyard. We did not choose to bury our beloved family member. We had her cremated and she has a memorial rock with her picture on it and the words ‘Always in Our Hearts’.

    Our grand-daughter still remembers Kasey. The ironic part is – it was our grand-daughter’s birthday when he had to make the decision to let our beloved family member go. We knew it was time and both our grown kids dropped everything and ran to say their last goodbye to a wonderful family member and friend.

    I think pets are a gift from God. Maybe they are to make up for all those rotten people that seem to be everywhere in our society?

    • indypendent

      Now that we have moved to the new house and are finally getting settled, we are thinking of getting a new dog.

      But no dog will ever replace Kasey in our hearts.

      It’s a good thing that our hearts can expand to allow other pets to come into our lives and bring us joy.

      My grand-daughter is always wanting to go to the Wichita Humane Society’s website and look at the dogs.

      My husband just told me that a coworker has two St. Bernard puppies that need a good home.

      My – just how much does a St. Bernard eat?


  4. WSClark

    My thought is that if you can’t spoil your pets, why have them?

    Sure you try to train them, at least the dogs, and the cats train you, but in the end, they just need to be spoiled.

  5. indypendent

    6176 – LMAO

  6. indypendent

    WSClark – It has been known for a long time that pets can bring alot of benefits to their owners.

    I think just having a pet gets a person to think outside of themselves and into the process of giving.

    In nursing homes, there are groups that bring in dogs and/or cats to interact with the residents. This is always a big hit with both residents and staff. The residents’ eyes just light up when they see the dog come towards them. You can just watch as their brain begins to bring back memories of their own pets during their lifetimes.

    Of course, not every person is a pet lover and we must be mindful of that fact. But in general, everyone seems to enjoy this activity.

    It certainly brings out the residents willing to talk about their past pets and that, in turn, helps the entire group to once again connect with others.

    And isn’t that connection to other people or animals what every human being needs to feel alive and validated?

    • When I was awaiting parole from Our Lady of Lourdes, n/k/a Via Christi Rehabilitation Hospital, we (inmates) were visited at least twice by “therapy dogs”. Great time, but a problem presented itself when the canines (who, as a general rule, all consider me to be a brother of theirs) didn’t want to leave my room to visit others. BTW, has anyone else while being seated in a wheelchair had a full grown lab try to jump in their lap ? As I said, great time, and one which I truly enjoyed.

  7. I just finished reading a book I would recommend to anyone who would enjoy a light dose of philosophy as only a dog could tell it! My sister sent me the book with the instructions that I should pass it along when I finished. Let me know if you’d like to read it.



  8. Taylor Smith

    I have two little critters that are in constant competition for my full attention – that, or they are either sleeping!

    These cats have been more family to me – and I to them – than anyone could ask for.

  9. You are indeed doing good things in life. I am supporting some animal rescue organizations and feeding street cats meals and water everyday. I am looking for some other things to help them. Let’s keep our good work!