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  1. WSClark

    So LeBron is going to bolt for Miami? BFD. He “owned” Ohio and now he going to be a pariah.

    He could have stayed and help bring a title to Cleveland. Instead, he is leaving, he says, for an opportunity to win a title.

    Well, LeBron, for two years running, your Cavaliers had the best regular season record in the NBA – why didn’t you win a title then?

    Now, it will be LeBron, D-Wade, Bosh and Mario Chalmers in Miami. That all the players they have – not even enough to man a starting five.

    I used to respect LeBron.

    No more.

    • Don’t want to turn this into a sports discussion forum, but as a “don’t care about the NBA” sports fan, I’ve a few observations:

      1) There are regular season teams, then there are playoff teams. The Cavs are (were?) the former, the Celtics (recently) an example of the latter.

      2) There is something that sticks in my mind about the Cavs, free agency, and salary cap issues even if LeBron stayed, hindering further development/improvement.

      3) I never respected LeBron (while recognizing his great talent); but then again, there are not many NBA players who have earned my respect.

      4) I’ve become even more disenchanted with ESPN and its colleagues in the sports media over the coverage of this entire thing (way overblown, IMHO), recognizing that this may be prelude to the coverage of another chapter in the never-ending drama of whether Bret Favre will (or will not) retire before the (insert year here) NFL season.

      • WSClark

        I’m not an NBA fan. I like college basketball, but rarely watch the pros. Being a sports nut, I had a mild interest in how this “super summer of free agency” would play out.

        To me, the LeBron brand just dropped considerably. He was a hometown hero. The Cavs ownership bent over backwards for him and LeBron slapped them in the face with his televised “decision.”

  2. I hope karma comes into play and Ohio benefits. 😉 Why do we put so much emotion into athletes? Guess that’s why we’re called ‘fans,’ huh? Fanatical all the way!

    • wicked

      Emotion? What about money?

      One of my daughters mentioned this on the phone last night. With the poor economy and so many people unemployed and losing their homes and other things, why don’t we hear how players (name your sport) are feeling the pinch with smaller contracts? They just keep rolling in the dough. Is it because they’re heroes? Hardly. Frankly, it’s obscene. These guys don’t play for their love of the sport, they play for the money and idolatry.

      As we said back in the day, sick, sick, sick.

  3. indypendent

    I am not into professional sports the way some fans are, but the entire day yesterday was like waiting to see some worldwide event unfold.

    I just don’t get it.

    We have a country in trouble, in current wars and then a drumbeat on the Right Side calling for bomb, bomb, bomb Iran – and the main news story of the day is where some basketball player is going to play?

    WHO CARES>>>>

    I just shook my head with each network doing their coverage thing about Lebron James and all their speculating…

    And thinking to myself – no wonder our country is in so much trouble. If the majority of Americans are so wrapped up in some basketball players’s next move but really do not care as to what is going on politically in our country – then do we deserve what we get?

    My daughter-in-law said it best the other night. When most Americans are more worried about who is going to win American Idol or when they can go stand in line to buy the next I-phone, then our country is already doomed.

    • Indy, I think this entire approach to “things” by the general populace is escape from the dreary realities of their meager existence. FWIW.

      • indypendent

        I know you’re right but it still makes me cringe.

        Remember when Jay Leno used to ask questions on the street and the majority of people did not know even the basics like who the first president of the US was?

        It was a funny bit, but when we think about it – that is sad.

    • WSClark

      Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…………. Don’t preempt my column for Monday!

  4. David B

    hey, back off on the iPhone bashing! Apple represents the best of American technology and 1970s drug culture inspired philosophy.

    • indypendent

      I am not talking about the iPhone products – I am referring to those people who wait for days in line to be able to purchase the latest model.

      These folks also tend to be those that wait in every line to get the latest new thing.

      I like the iPhone myself and I agree with you about Apple.

  5. A couple of stories I found interesting in this morning’s local paper —

    Who knew how much info our phone number could provide? Kinda scary! Seems this number should be protected as much as our social security numbers!

    And, “Judge: Gay marriage ban unfair to states”

    Does everyone agree this issue is coming perhaps sooner (rather than later) to our nation’s highest court? And, I predict this judge who ruled yesterday is correct, but I don’t know how “the Roberts Court” would rule. If they rule the way they want to instead of sticking to the Constitution (which we already know they have done in the past) they will find that some citizens are more worthy of rights than other citizens.

    • indypendent

      I heard this on the Rachel Maddow show last night (although Rachel was enroute coming back from Afghanistan, so some guy was filling in for her – Chris Hayes (??)

      I have seen this guy on her show before and he is okay but no one can replace Rachel in my opinion.

      I have not really done any other reading on this issue; so I really do not have any comment at this time.

      Except one – why is it so difficult for each person to simply ‘live and let live’? This is not even a moral issue but yet some people have made it a divisive religious issue.

      As we have all seen in the past – religious and moral do not necessarily mean the same thing.

      • In this context, however, it is a legal issue. As such, there are several issues in play, to be spun however the spinner wishes.

        Court-wise, SCOTUS has, for my adult lifetime, decided the outcome desired and the justices then spend a good deal of time justifying or decrying the decision. Yes, SCOTUS will get this case (and some companion cases) sooner rather than later.

        PERSONALLY, I believe DOMA to be a legal abomination, no different than the state laws prohibiting racially mixed marriages in that regard. The fact it is a federal law gives another sword to its opponents (states’ rights, anyone?) and another shield to its defenders (federal government has the right to define terms as used in its laws and regulations) in the argument.

        There will be those who will find these arguments uncomfortable to make, given the proponents of the respective arguments above will normally be perceived to be on the opposite side of this question from a societal perspective. Make them they will, and (as I have oft said) I’m not going to try to predict the ultimate outcome.

  6. Will, Free, 6176, Jammer, Wicked, and anyone else who may help —

    When you think of an instrumental tune from around the 60s that features a steel guitar, what would be the names of some pieces you would immediately think of?

    Griffin has lost it! Don’t know where or when but know it’s gone. Seems like yesterday he could give me the name of any and all tunes..

  7. Found it! Song is now identified! 😉

    • WSClark

      Damn, Fnord! I haven’t heard that song in 47 (?) years – long time, old memories.

      But now you are gonna make me look up who was playing the pedal steel on that piece.

      Crap, this could take a while!

    • wicked

      Oh, wow!!! I never knew the title. LOL

  8. Griffin is transferring a bunch of tunes from the computer to his iPod — many of them Jammer loaded onto the computer. Anyway, as he’s doing this he is also going through and naming the tunes and listing the musicians. For the most part he knows all this info, just knows. This one stumped him. And, nothing was gonna happen until the mystery was solved! He almost starved me! He had plans to grill some chops and I thought that would never happen. Now we know the name of the tune and my tummy is full. 😉

    But, Will has a dilemma — and I’m no more help with this one then I was with the other one…

  9. Griffin

    Sleepwalk – Lead Nokie Edwards

  10. tosmarttobegop

    “Sleep walk” originally put out by the due of Santos and Johnny, they put out two versions one with lyrics and then one that was just the instrumental. The first one with the lyrics more or less flopped then it was suggested they do the instrumental which was a hit.

    Though they liked the one with lyrics better they finally stopped doing it.
    Sleep walk is one of those guitar instrumentals that many player learn and play present company included.
    At least the weaker version, I had heard it played several times but had no idea what it was called?
    Finally I asked and then searched for the tablature.

    The Ventures took many other artists songs and put their own spin on them.
    Ghost riders in the sky is one, I have their hits CD. They did Hawaii Five O too.

  11. tosmarttobegop

    And here is one to jog a few tired old brain cells!

  12. tosmarttobegop

    There is your steel guitar.
    Santos and Johnny 1959.

  13. tosmarttobegop

    LOL not sleep walk or the Ventures but damn I love Eric Clapton’s version of Classic Gas!