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  1. WSClark

    “Iranian widow faces being stoned to death in days”

    “Ashtiani could be buried up to her breasts and stoned to death as early as this coming weekend.”

    There is not much that can be said, how cruel can a theocracy be? What sort of society sees this action as being just, especially given that there is no proof of her “crime.”

    • indypendent

      You hit the nail on its head – a theocracy.

      And we have people in the USA that want our country to turn into a theocracy. Of course, I’m sure these fine folks would say their God is loving and would never allow such treatment.

      But then I look at the activities of these fine Christian folks who are advocating a theocracy here in the US and for their own sake – they should take that punishment for adultery out of there. That might just hit too close to home.

      I would like to know what the punishment is if it is a male who has found to be an adulterer?

      Or is this just something reserved for those evil women that entice the innocent men?

      heavy sarcasm//

      • wicked

        Keep in mind that all these ‘Holy Books’ were written by men. Before they came along, women were valued and considered equals.

  2. tosmarttobegop

    I woke up today thinking I was not going to get on the computer.
    I was going to do something that was constructive and not spend time setting at the computer.

    That decision stood even as I set drinking my coffee and trying to get my head to fire on all cylinders.

    Had the TV. on and was not really listening or watching.
    Then the report come that Palin supporters were wanting her to take over the RNC chair!

    Replacing Michael Steele and they had on a reporter from the National review who talked of her power and wisdom.

    I sat in bewilderment, Steele is in trouble for saying things that were ridicules and they want to replace him with Sarah Palin?

    First I looked out the window to see if the sky in this world was still blue?
    Then wondered if there was something in the water that her followers drink.
    It is true that the Republican party is lacking a solid leader or one central voice for the party.

    That might be leading to grasping for a face and voice but Palin is more desperation then sound thinking.

    • indypendent

      Hey, I’m all for it. Go Sarah Go.

      Since Michael Steele has not managed to implode the GOP, maybe this genius move will do the trick?

      There are many establishment and moderate Republicans who are all too willing to use Sarah to draw the crowds but when it comes to actual leadership role – I suspect she is the last one they will allow to be in that chair.

      • indypendent

        I wonder if Sarah gets in as RNC Chairman, does this mean the next sex club party is going to be called off?

        Surely a god-fearing and moral woman like Sarah would never allow the RNC to pay for such lewd behavior.

  3. tosmarttobegop

    It would depend on her cut of the profits indy.

  4. tosmarttobegop

    Well I need to get back to the plan for the day…. later.

  5. tosmarttobegop

    I often live an example of the old saying: “Necessary is a mother!” generally it is something that is not working or actually broken and I do not have the money to have someone else fix it.

    This time it is a Play station 2, I have had three including the first one that was a birthday gift.
    The first two came and crapped so out with the trash and went the money was there got a new one.

    This one has taken to reading CD and a couple of games but I get a error message of Disk read error with the rest of the games. There are videos on youtube that show how to fix it, most are simply the same advise and doing the exact same things just different people.

    Some are what such a problem not being fixed after the effort may cause the owner to do.
    Like “PS2 V Shotgun” I like one that was titled “quick fix for disk reading error“.
    After going through detailed and different procedures finally at the end of the video he said “call wife and ask her to bring a new PS2 home with her tonight!”.

    There is no one that fixes game systems you have to ship them back to the manufacturer and often the difference between the cost of a repair and the cost of a new one is little difference.
    So that is why Play station is one of the fastest selling systems out there.
    YOU keep buy a new one ever six months to a year!