The surprise I got for my wife was a scooter, we had seen it at a garage sale and she loved it.

But I also knew she would not get it for herself, one thing that many men would love to be able to say about their wives. Mine is not prone to spending money or wanting things that are expensive that is just for being able to say they have it.  For years she has denied herself many things she wanted but would not get because of it cost money.  When it comes to spending money she makes me look like a Bush conservative.

So after going to the bank to discuss the matter with our loan officer which seems that height of arrogant considering the situation we are in. I was able to add to the existing loan with no increase in what we were already paying a month.

She loves the scooter riding it to work everyday and taking to just going for a ride to enjoy the day.

Gee sounds kind of familiar somehow?

Well she told me after I got back of an incident that happened, one that is so familiar that I myself have lost count as to how many times it has happened to me! I have a couple of pieces of advise to those who decided to ride a motor cycle on the streets. You ride like you are invisible because that is exactly the way it is.  There is a reason that it is a old saying and one that came about since motor cycles became common place.

“Honestly Officer…. I did not see the motor cycle!”.

Another is simple logic and can save your life, what is the first thing on the car setting at a stop you should be watching? It’s the wheels, if the car is going to move the first thing that will move is the wheels.  If the wheels start to roll the car is going to pull out in front of you!

She told me it happened that she was approaching a side street where a car was waiting to pull into traffic, suddenly the car pulled out right in front of her! The woman driver seem to have been watching the traffic and waiting but then just pulled out.  I replied, “And she seem to be looking you right in the eyes didn’t she?”.  My wife said, “Yes she seem to be!”.  Again this kind of thing has happened to me so many times I can not tell you how many times.

She said my advise which I had given her just before I had left gave her the time to be prepared and stop in time. As she approached the corner she started watching the wheels and when they started moving she was ready.

My wife is now officially a motor cyclist, all that is left is to dump the scooter either through hitting loose sand or because of not noticing a bump or pot hole in the road. Then the test will be does she get back up and on or say this is not worth it! Of course to my thinking it is worth it and she is getting to that point.

I wonder how long it will be before she starts talking about wanting something bigger?


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  1. I’ve wondered about the surprise several times, but knew you would tell us the secret that wasn’t a secret when it was time.

    Really cool! Bet it saves travel costs!

  2. Sounds fun but I’d be too afraid. Plus motorcycles, bikes, pedestrians all freak me our on the road.

  3. tosmarttobegop

    something like 98 miles to the gallon.
    LOL she even figured out how to carry a route 44 on it!

    She had wanted a scooter for years.

  4. WSClark

    God damn it, Too Smart, are you gonna tell us what kind of scooter it is, or are you gonna make us do our own research?

  5. tosmarttobegop

    It a Vento 125 cc very low mileage and a 98 the owner thought she would like a scooter to ride to the swimming pool rode it around four times. Then decided she wanted to carry more things.
    So it set in their garage for the last 10 years, once in awhile their daughter rode it.

    So finally they got tired of moving it to and from their winder home in Texas and wanted to sell it.
    Was a great buy and the right price!

  6. WSClark

    “Vento 125 cc”

    Pretty cool! Now if the wife starts checking out black leather jackets and tattoo parlors, you may have a problem.

    Until then, it’s all good!

  7. tosmarttobegop

    I keep teasing her about needed chaps and a leather vest. She now wants a rain suit since it has been raining so much.

  8. indypendent

    Sounds cool. Tell her to have fun and be safe.

    That ‘be safe’ is just a given phrase coming from a mother and grandmother. I find myself saying that everyone now.

    God, I have turned into my own mother! LOL