Tuesday, 7/6/10, Public Square


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  1. An interesting op-ed piece —

    Are Profits Hurting Capitalism?


  2. tosmarttobegop

    LOL My oldest flew in last Wednesday, said he was coming back to escape the rainy days of Washington State. Leaves today to go back to work and Washington States…. Sorry son I have no control over the weather!

    More then once I heard that he is going to quit trying, every time he comes back it rains.

    Oh the other hand the farmers said they would like to make his travel schedule for him!

    In everyone’s life a little rain must fall, some of us though it fall where ever we go.

    • wicked

      I have a friend who lived in Florida for many years. He said he’d become sick of the all-the-time sunshine. He now lives in Washington and loves the rainy weather.

    • I have a friend who lives in San Diego and she says every day is 72 and partly cloudy, most of the time she enjoys it, but other times she goes home to Canada, or plans a ski trip to the mountains so she can have change.

      Good thing we all have different preferences so the population doesn’t all congregate in one place.

      I know from the periods of dreary cloudy days we have here I wouldn’t do well in any place that lacks sun.

  3. David B

    So wearing… casting pearls before swine.

  4. tosmarttobegop

    Unbelievable, he got a cheaper flight.
    First fly to Atlanta Ga. then fly to Seattle WS!

    Fly to one corner of the country to fly to the other corner of the country?
    That is cheaper?

    • Just like moving freight. You pick up from a region and take it all to the warehouse where you load a full truck headed to _____. Not enough people leaving Wichita headed to Seattle to fill a plane so have to take them to the warehouse where the ‘freight’ can be consolidated.

  5. davika

    Rachel Maddow reporting live in Kandahar!
    Good journalism!