Monday, 7/5/10, Public Square


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3 responses to “Monday, 7/5/10, Public Square

  1. davika

    On the Fox News page, in a daily list of activities:

    “At the White House: President Obama played golf at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland in the morning. He was set to make Fourth of July remarks at the White House in the evening.’

    No mention of the major event of the day, which was a bbq, concert and reception for 1,200 military troops and their families.

    Their alibi for this distortion: “…based on a review of White House schedules, news releases and news coverage and do not cover every activity in the Gulf or in Washington”

    • wicked

      It was his daughter’s birthday, too. I’m sure he spent some time with her and the family. After all, it was a National Holiday. And since it was a Sunday, maybe he should play a little golf today, too.

      Or take a trip to Crawford for a few weeks.

  2. indypendent

    No matter what President Obama does, it will never be the ‘right’ thing to do according to these Obama haters.